Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 9

Air date: 09/14/2002


As Mantaro sits slumped in the corner, beaten badly, he asks Meat for some advice, but Meat is too busy cowering at the thought of Snigator being the grand father of Max Man (Pumpinator). Max Man throws a blow at Mantaro, who dodges it and uses the leverage to toss him high in the air. Max Man pays this no mind, as he inflates his vest for a soft landing. He then begins to beat the hell out of Mantaro with some vicious head butts. Mantaro want to give up and go home, but Max Man refuses him, and the episode begins a flashback of Suguru defeating Snigator to the angst of his son, who grows up with a bitter hatred swelling for the Kinniku family. He uses this hatred to push and refine his son Max Man to be the most refined member of the Snigator family ever. As Max Man recalls this, he blames everything on Mantaro and his lineage. Mantaro, again taking a beating by Max Man's shoe form (more so than Sieuchin did) huddles in the corner and wants to give up. He says he will do anything if Max Man will just let him give in. Max Man agrees if Mantaro will give him a spit shine. As Mantaro begins to start licking the Max Man shoe clean, the crown and everyone is disgusted at Mantaro's cowardice and begins to hurl stuff in the ring at him. Mantaro, about to lick, decides to find a cleaner spot. Making his way around the shoe, he stumbles over Sieuchin's headband, which he dropped after the last time he was toe jammed into the turnbuckle. He realizes what a coward he has been, and recalls Sieuchin's selflessness and this drives him into Ultimate Muscle rage. When Max Man realizes that he isn't going to get his spit shine, he begins to whine about being dirty, and that he has a photo shoot with a big shoe magazine later that afternoon. He then begins to polish himself vigorously and is mobbed by a bunch of shoe groupies, who he soon repels to continue cleaning himself. Mantaro realizes that he just found Max Man's weakness. He's a clean freak.

Mantaro feigns fatigue and falls to the matt. Max Man takes the opportunity to launch himself into the air and begins the same move that finished off Sieuchin. Mantaro lays still until the very last minute, and rolls out of the way, only to reveal that he left a pile of crap on the matt for Max Man to impale himself in. Max Man is completely grossed out and frantic about landing in the crap, and begins running around frantically. Much ado is made of this scene, that Terry the Kid recalls how, as a young boy, he lost a new pair of shoes to a misstep in a pile of dung. Mantaro then slams Max Man head first into the crap, and Max Man gets more frantic. Finally Mantaro decides to finish him. He launches into the air with Max Man still in shoe form on his shoulders, knowing that Max Man will think he is going to be slammed heel first into the pile of dung again, and will revert to human form. When Max Man reverts, Mantaro uses the opportunity to grapple him into a Kinniku-driver hold, and lands the move for a vicious finish on the canvas. Max Man is finished. Mantaro is victorious.

Next we see Kevin Mask step to the side of the ring. Terry and Gazelleman think he is going for Mantaro, and step in the way, but Kevin Mask reveals that he is quitting the DMP, for their lack of honor, and he removes his DMP shirt and rips it into shreds. Mantaro immediately pulls out one of his shirts and gives it to Kevin Mask, who let's it fall to the floor and laughs that he isn't joining the Hercules Factory. He reveals that he will go it alone, and as he turns to leave, tells Mantaro that he will see him in the ring someday.

Once Kevin is gone, the big screen in the arena lights up with an update from a Wrestling league elsewhere in Japan. It shows Sunshine, along with his two protégés standing victorious over the limp bodies of Gorgeous Man and the Barbarian. Meat.

End episode 9.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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