Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 72

Air date: 09/14/2002


The past Chojin Crowns are revisited in pictures, and the stadium is packed. McMadd and Ikemen giggle as they talk about Kid getting defeated. Ramen Man and Buffalo Man are introduced as a team for the warm-up match, as well as Terryman and King Muscle... who has dozed off. "Some things nevah change." lisps Ramen Man. "Th' Idiot" agrees Buffalo Man. Buffalo Man charges at Terryman right in the corner. Terryman jumps out of the way, then Calf Brands and Texas Twisters Buffalo Man, who then tags out to Ramen Man. Ramen Man kicks Terryman in the face with a Dragon Kick, and King Muscle asks Terry to tag him in. "Let me get a piece of that Kung Fool!" Ramen Man knocks down King Muscle with a sweep and then puts him into his finishing move, the Camel Clutch... "This may be an exhibition match, but I don't cut corners." states Ramen Man. "Then I won't cut corners, either," states King Muscle. "But I will cut the Cheese!" Ramen Man is confused. "No cheese here." King Muscle releases a gigantic fart. "Oooh! You Stink, Pigface!" Ramen Man exclaims, releasing his hold. "You should talk! You have black noodles sticking out of your nose!" responds King Muscle. Ramen Man and King Muscle get into a slap fest yelling 'Pigface! Pigface!' and 'Noodlenose! Noodlenose!' at each other, which is eventually abbreviated into 'Suuu-eee! Suuuu-eeeee!' and 'Noodlenoodlenoodlenoodle!' as Terryman and Buffalo Man attempt to quell their partners. "Is that a Mustache, or was your mother a Catfish!" "At least she wasn't a Skunk!" are the final insults we hear hurled as the scene fades away.

We return to the hallways of the stadium and hear Kevin Mask counting off his training. "9,994; 9,995; 9,996; 9,997; 9,998; 9,999; 10,000!" "Your stamina is impressive, Kevin" Lord Flash complements. "However, your pace may be slowing down. Let me get my stopwatch." In the halls, we see Buffalo Man and Ramen Man walking down the hall talking about King Muscle. As Lord Flash nears Ramen Man, he growls, and as he passes Ramen Man, he emits a shock from his eyes and strikes Ramen Man in the head. Ramen Man moans and clutches his head. "Ramen Man! What hyeppened!" Buffalo Man yells. "Pain... In My..Head." What do you think is causing the pain? "It was Him. When he passed us, I suddenly felt something sharp like hot steel jabbing into my brain." Ramen Man moans in response. "It was him." Buffalo Man looks at Lord Flash and replies, "That's just Kevin Mask's trainer!" "No... just... it.. it was him." Ramen Man moans slower as Buffalo Man exclaims "Look! Your Scar.. is reyopening! Isn't that the scar from that bloody Chojin Crown Smackdown where Warsman skewered your skull? Ramen Man! Speak to me! Speak to me, Raaamaaan Maaaan!!!"

Terryman and King Muscle's shadows appear on a section of floor. "That exhibition was a hoot and a holler, but the real reason we're here is to be unbiased witnesses for the finals, so no special favors for your son. You gotta remain completely neutral." King Muscle, clutching his seemingly full stomach, replies to Terryman, "Just call me Switzerland. Hey, isn't that your son Terry with a big bucket of Bar-b-Q?" King Muscle shouts as he furtively divests his full stomach in front of Kid's door, revealing a package, and knocks before wandering off towards his friend. "BBQ! Terry? Barbeque? That crazy colt knows that's my favorite!" Terryman yells as he runs down the hall. "Terry! Terry! Hey, King, which way did he go?" Replies King Muscle, "I don't know. I ought ta wear glasses, but they spoil my whole 'Macho' look." Kid Muscle opens the door and sees the package on the floor. Unwrapping it in hopes of Cow and Rice, he finds it to be his father's old Uniform!

In Kevin's room, Kevin stares down at his father's light-blue mask cradled in his hands and thinks back to an earlier time when he was training. Lord Flash tells Kevin to use the Tower Bridge on his opponent... but Kevin refuses, as it's his father's move. Kevin then explains his reasoning for getting away from his father and his general rebellion against what his father stands for. He explains to Lord Flash that his father's helmet represents failure, and that he keeps the cracked helm as a reminder of what not to become. Lord Flash enters the ring and backhands Kevin Mask, calling him an "Ungrateful Child." Kevin Mask swims back into focus without the heavy reverb. "If only I can win this match, father, maybe then you can forgive me."

The crowds in the arena are cheering vigorously. Meat and Jaeger watch the match from the hospital. "I wish I could be there personally, Kid, but I'm there in spirit." Meat says while laying in a body cast on a hospital bed.

Jacqueline introduces the judges around the ring and states her wish for a bloody match. "Poor Kid Muscle-- his coach was his brain. Without him, he doesn't stand a chance of winning!" Ikemen giggles to his father. "...and when that Muscle head loses, we'll be left with all the money and the control of the Muscle League!" McMadd replies, as both laugh. El-Nino walks out with Kid Muscle behind in the Battle Outfit of the Kinniku Family (as Meat clarifies from the hospital bed). Kid Muscle jumps over the ropes into the ring, and Jacqueline introduces Kevin Mask... who emerges with his father's mask polished to a dark blue like his own. The crowd assume that's from his training exercises. Meat realizes the mask is Robin Mask's mask, and exclaims so loudly at the T.V. in the hospital. "It is good to see you so calm, Kid." El-Nino tells Kid Muscle. "I'd feel even calmer if my knees would stop knocking" responds Kid Muscle, causing an argument between El-Nino and himself to ensue. Kevin Mask attempts to vault over the ropes like Kid Muscle, but falls to his knees as he lands. Lord Flash helps him up and puts on his armor... and Kid Muscle begins giggling, assuming that Kevin is too exhausted to actually stand, let alone fight. "You look good, Comrade." Lord Flash tells Kevin Mask. "Your father's mask suits you well. Does this mean you've overcome your hatred?" Kevin Mask responds "No. It just means I want to turn this mask of Defeat into a mask of Victory." El-Nino chides Kid Muscle to not get overconfident, as Kevin Mask is still a dangerous man, and that Lord Flash is a dangerous strategist, and they may prove to be an unbeatable combination. "O.K... I'm scared." Kid tells El-Nino. Jacqueline turns back on the microphone and says "Wrestlers, may the best man win, and may the loser get the stuffing beaten out of him... because THAT is what we really want to see!" "Are You Ready?" El-Nino asks the Kid. "BRING IT ON!" responds Kid Muscle, as he and Kevin stare each other down.

Synopsis written by: TheOrgg

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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