Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 56

Air date: 09/14/2002


The show opens up with a birds eye view of the arena. The camera zooms in closer onto the ring where we see Ikemen with a few judges. They are discussing the current situation which is about Kevin Mask. He hasnt appeared to the match and is over two hours late. Outside the ring, Dik Dik Van Dik, Wally Tusket and Checkmate are arguing. Kid Muscle asks what all the commotion is about. Wally tells the kid that Dik Dik thinks he should take Kevin Masks spot in the tournament. Everyone thinks that Dik Dik is crazy to think he has a chance. Meat says specifically to Gazelleman that he knows the Buck wouldnt have a chance against the Korean dragon because Chijimi Man did a lot of work to get where he is. Dik Dik sarcastically replied that this so called work was the Potato Sack race, tiddlywinks, and play a vicious game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Which he could do too. Next everyone challenged Dik Dik to Rock Paper Scissors and he lost to every one of them even Doc Nakano.

The camera is back in the ring focused on Ikemen who is about to disqualify Kevin Mask. Before he finishes his sentence to disqualify him, Kevin Mask says WAIT! The camera zooms in on Kevin Mask and is held up by Lord Flash. Kevins mask has sweat drops on it and he looks extremely tired like he was beaten up on or he has over worked himself out to the point he cant move on. Despite his physical condition, he will not give up the fight. The Judges however turn to Ikemen and say that Kevin Mask is disqualified by the rules set within the rulebook. Ikemen retorted that he is in charge, he can make the rules and also has the ability to fire any one of them. In fear of unemployment, the judges quickly agree that Ikemens rule is just and they let Kevin Mask fight. We see Kevin Mask inching to the ring slowly, still assisted by Lord Flash but it seems more like he is being carried by him the way Kevin is leaning on his shoulder.

Ikemen tells himself that the reason why he is doing this is because Kevin Mask is the most idolized wrestler right now and that means he will generate the most revenue for the business, his business. He knows that all the other wrestlers fall far behind in popularity and he could not afford to take the risk on someone else. Roxanne, Trixie, and Kiki then start wondering how handsome Kevin Mask is because they heard that he is so gorgeous under the mask in one of those fan magazines. Kid Muscle gets extremely jealous because of the attention the female population devotes to Kevin and complains that Kevins tardiness is his desire for even more attention. Meat had a look of concern saying that something doesnt seem right about Kevin Mask, something different. The Kid snickers, he probably forgot to shave his nose hairs This caused a crowd of girls to pound on Kid Muscle in anger. Meat said that he feels that its in Kevin Masks eyes and said something to the effect of the intensity of an eagle spotting and swooping down on its prey has dissolved and all that is left is pain. Kid muscle says that the pain is all he can feel too but that is because a gang of girls just beat on him.

Kevin Mask is still struggling to get to the ring and suddenly, he falls down and the crowd is concerned of his well being. You can see that his mask has even more sweat than it had before. Lord Flash asked Kevin if he wanted to call it off but Kevin snapped back insisting that he knew what he was doing. When Kevin made it to the ring, Lord Flash tells Kevin to take a seat and conserve his energy if he is going to commit to this. Chijimi Man says, are you sure youre a muscle leaguer, and not a muscle loser and was saying how Kevin mask should be in good shape and not the terrible condition he is in. Someone runs to the side of the ring and whispers into Ikemen's ears that Kevin Mask fainted while in a sauna standing on one finger. Kevin Mask over hears this and tells Ikemen it is none of their business what he does and Ikemen tells the man who ran to the ring to not tell anyone.

The ring announcer introduces the two competitors. Kevin Mask takes off his coat and his shirtless body looks like nothing but skin and bones as Wally Tusket said in shock. Kid Muscle tells everyone to believe in Kevin Mask and trust that he can do it. The bell rings.

Chijimi Man charges in onto Kevin Mask ducks down throwing his palms up trying to hit Chijimi Man off guard with a surprise reversal. Chijimi Man steps back and flips on his head performing a break dance move spinning on his head. While spinning his feet are kicking out and he hits Kevin Mask with his foot once and follows it with a barrage of kicks. Next, Chijimi Man locks his legs around Kevin Masks head into a modified head lock and then jumps up and kicks Kevin Mask right in the mid section this devastating move is known as the Stone Pan breaker. The blow to Kevin Mask is knocks him across the ring into the turnbuckle and collapses after the blow from the post. The ref starts the ten count on Kevin.

Lord Flash yells at Kevin to get up. The announcers and the gang (kid muscles friends) stared saying how maybe because of the heel to face transformation Kevin Mask underwent, he is not as good as he used to be and will now start performing terribly. Kid Muscle then asks his friends weather or not if he became evil would make him a better wrestler or not. All the girls attacked Kid Muscle again yelling NOOOOOOO.

The referee continues his count while Ikemen is saying that he wants Kevin Mask to get up because if Kevin Mask loses, Ikemen would loose a ton of money. Jacqueline says that money isnt everything. While she says this, Chijimi Man receives massive crowd support and Ikemen doesnt care anymore who wins the match because the crowd is behind both of the participants now.

Lord Flash continues to tell Kevin Mask to get up and Kevin Mask does with a second to spare as nine is being said. Chijimi Man now pummels Kevin with a Dragon Tail Whip Kick followed with countless numbers of other kicks. Every time it looks as though Kevin Mask is going to fall down to hit the mat, Chijimi Man kicks him right back up on his feet. Meat questions why Lord Flash is so calm about the whole ordeal and why he doesnt have any emotions like he was a robot or he knows something that no one else does. Lord Flash thinks to himself that these kicks will soon hopefully knock some sense into Kevin else he wont have a chance. Chijimi Man gives Kevin a final kick toward the turnbuckle and runs ahead of him while grabbing his head and flips off the post to perform a silent tan flip. Kevin Mask is rolling off the ring but he ends up getting caught between the ring ropes. Lord Flash tells Kevin Mask to find his inner light. Chijimi Man makes a comment about how the only thing Kevin Mask has in common with his father Robin Mask is the bucket on his head. Chijimi Man runs at the parallel ropes so that he can pick up more speed and goes for a half turn flying elbow. He is a few inches away and Kevin Mask glows, finding his inner light! Kevin Mask again at the last second grabs Chijimi Man for a Royal Stretch which is a move very similar to WWEs Tarjiri specialty move, the tarantula. He then flips up Chijimi Man into the air and performs the almighty Big Ben BASH for the win!

Kevin Mask raises is arm in victory. Jacqueline says she wants Kevin mask to fall in love with her while Ikemen says to listen to the sounds he can make with his hands. Vance tells his son that the other hand Ikemen is holding is his and that he is a rich idiot. They both are extremely elated over the win and the crowds reaction to the win.

Lord Flash asks why did Kevin stand on one finger in the sauna until he fainted right before this important match. Kevin retorted that it was to test himself, to see if he could push himself to the next level and to give himself a challenge. All of which he did do.

Kid Muscle was wondering why Kevin Mask was shining and asks Meat if waxing hurts. Meat says that Kevin unleashed his inner light and when the situations get worse, the inner light is stronger and tries to make you overcome your obstacles even more than before. Although Meat is informing Kid Muscle on this, he knows that the Kid is not paying attention and even if he was, he wouldnt understand.

Ikemen is now in the ring and he announces that in three days, the second round of matches will occur. First will be Destruction vs. black #5, next Kevin Mask verses Black # 6, the third would be Ricardo Vs Red #6 and finally Kid Muscle vs. red #5.

Wally Tusket asks Checkmate who he thinks Kid Muscle would face. Checkmate things it could be Jaeger. Roxanne gets a bit worried about that and Terry Kenyon tells her to not worry about it, Kid Muscle could handle it. While this is going on, Kid muscle is in front of the skybox the McMadd family was in and asks Jacqueline for a date and if she would like to see his rice bowl collection. She declines the opportunity to view his rice bowl collection, but says she would proudly go on a date with him only if he were to win the tournament. Ikemen and Vance are sick to their stomach that the kid is hitting on her but Kid Muscle is still very happy about the possibility of a date.


Synopsis written by: MaxPowerz

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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