Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 18

Air date: 09/14/2002


At the Hercules Factory's main location, Ramen Man and Robin Mask are amazed at how fast the new recruits make mince meat of Rikishiman, Jesse Maybia, Buffalo Man and Geronimo. As they are graduating, Robin Mask explains that they will be reserve fighters, but Harabote interrupts and says he want them on Earth NOW, to take the place of his four lazy champions, Mantaro, Gazelleman, Terry and Sieuchin. Back on Earth, Mantaro skips out again on Meat as he prepares to start a day of training. He's off to go clubbing. As he attempts to hook up with a VERY hesitant female, Jade confronts him. He then attacks Mantaro, who grabs his legs and tosses Jade over a wall. Leaping over the wall to finish the confrontation, Jade grabs Mantaro and suplexes (Beefcake Hammer) him into the pavement. Meat shows up and Jade runs off.

Back at their house, Meat tends to Mantaro's injured leg, while Gazelleman, Terry and Sieuchin hang out. Then Rinko shows up. The focus then goes tot he TV where there is an important Hercules Factory press conference taking place. It shows the four new Hercules Factory recruits, and Harabote explains that there will be a tournament to decide if the four recruits will replace the four laziest current heroes. Mantaro and the guys wonder which four it will be, and Mantaro explains that it couldn't be him, as he defeated Tel Tel Boy (Dialbolic), Max Man (Pumpinator) and Checkmate already. Terry says he is in the clear too, as he was victorious over Rex King (Tyrranoclaw). Sieuchin says that if he hadn't fought Max Man first, Mantaro couldn't have beaten him, so he think he is in the clear also. This leaves Gazelleman without hope. Rinko reiterates that Harabote said the LAZIEST four. Harabote confirms this and says they four were chosen because of their lack of discipline and refusals to train.

The guys are in the process of training when they get in to a argument and begin throwing blows. Meat scolds them for being lax and undisciplined and they apologize and return to training. They get sidetracked again, and Meat chases them around and beats then down with a broom. That night, the guys are huddled in Mantaro's house, and Meat puts in the recording of the four recruits exploits against the trainers at the Hercules Factory. They are in awe at how easily they dispatched of the Hercules Factory trainers, especially Buffaloman. Kid tries to sneak out again, but Meat catches him and drags him back in. The next day, at the arena, Harabote introduces the four new recruits. They are Jade (Jaeger), Crione Man (Hydrozoa), Dead Signal (Road Rage) and Scar Face (Eskara).

Harabote allows the new recruits to select their opponents by pushing a colored button which will raise one of the four heroes from the floor. Jade chooses the yellow button and gets Gazelleman holding a lemon. Crione Man picks purple and get Sieuchin and some grapes. Scar Face picks red and gets Terry munching on an apple. Lastly, Dead Signal chooses green and gets Mantaro holding a watermelon. Mantaro looks majestic, until he is raised halfway and everyone notices that he is pissing himself (as usual). Dead Signal confronts Mantaro and Mantaro accidentally drops the watermelon on Dead Signal's head, making a mess. Harabote explains the tournament ladder. He explains that the final winner will get to stay on Earth with his three team mates while the other group will return to the Hercules Factory to prepare for their next assignment. The guys are worried, but the new recruits are confident. They boast that they will be the victors!


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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