Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 67

Air date: 09/14/2002


Msr. Cheeks again updates those who have not seen the episode before, and remarks that he sympathizes with Ricardo's cracking up.

We see kid falling toward Electrolix. As Kid Muscle is shocked while everyone stares shocked at him, he remarks "My Feelings are Melting!" While McMadd and Ikemen cringe, Jacqueline remarks that Chojin Wrestling is Electric-- in more ways than one. The green-faced midget with Pashango's headdress states that the match must be stopped-- and Mac Metaphor and Doc remark on how awful Ricardo's face is. Meat remarks that Ricardo is a DMP raised as Muscle League, and is being more cruel than he was with Jaeger. Ricardo rips Kid off of Electrolix with a Rhino Flip slam. Kid stumbles up, as his leg is agonizing... so agonizing that Kid Muscle cannot stand up. "Bulging Biceps! This could be the end, not only of the Kid, but of the dreams of all those that ever believed in him!" Meat cries. We flash to Jaeger moaning "Kiiiid, Noooh!". The Nurse says his pulse is slowing, and the doctor asks if Jaeger can hear him. Roxanne flashes a belt that she and Jaeger used to run a three-legged race, and enrages Kid by, as Kid Muscle sees it, flaunting how everyone thought that she and Jaeger were a cute couple. Roxanne tells the Kid to shut up and listen to her while fastening the belt around Kid's ankle despite Kid's protests. She maintains that it'll act as a brace-- that it doesn't matter that Jaeger used it. Kid asks "Are you sure?" "Hey! It works" Kid exclaims as the belt lights up. "I'm Cured!" cries Kid Muscle. Ricardo quips "But not for long!" and charges the Kid. The kid takes his new ankle for a test drive, catapulting himself off of the ropes and clip kicking the legs out from under his opponent, and putting the DMP Baddie into a Reverse Spider Crank. The onlookers cheer. Ricardo hints of a weapon that inflicts more pain... and Ricardo's Cronies start to chant "Bring it out! Bring It Out!" Ricardo sends his Spike Shackle around Kid's ankle, tripping The Kid up and flipping him towards the sky, then wrapping Kid Muscle in an Amazon Sleeper hold. "No, this can't be the end!" exclaims Ricardo's green-faced Classmate. "Who cares about one good ankle when your whole body is shot... or should I say 'Shocked?'" asks Ricardo as he flips Kid Muscle back towards Electrolix once again for an Electrifying Assault. "Can't go on" moans Kid. "I'm not strong enough, even with Jaeger's belt." All in the crowd other tha Jacqueline sigh... and McMadd tells Ikemen to ring the bell... and Jacqueline says "Allow Me," knocking both McMadd and Son out of the arena with the bell "Oops, I think I missed."...and then she states that she wishes to see the carnage continue... Jaeger begins to manifest to Kid Muscle, who asks if he just wants to get his belt back. Jaeger tells Kid Muscle that together they are going to beat Ricardo. "You don't know when to quit, do you? I'll have to teach you!" Ricardo growls. "Ricardo is madder than ever!" says the former disciple of Master Pashango with an odd growth on his face. "Don't Give Up" hisses his little green faced classmate. Ricardo continues to bash kid, then Spike-shackles himself to Electrolix, pulling the 'licks up toward Kid Muscle as he falls. "You're Toast, Kid!" Ricardo shouts as he drops Electrolix back to the ring's surface, forcing Kid Muscle to fall once again upon Electrolix. Kid collapses a Charred, Scarred mess... and then slowly pushes off of the mat.

We see Jaeger yelling "Kid! Keep Fighting! I Believe In You!" Jaeger puts all of his strength into helping Kid Muscle win the match the Doctor says in a point blank fashion, as though he knew the Nurse needed an explanation. Ricardo realizes that Kid's unnerving strength is from Jaeger's help. Meat remarks that Kid talks to himself, but it's usually about food. Meat continues to soliloquize that it's like Kid has a guardian angel on his shoulder... or like he's using the Mythic Muscle League Bond of Might with Jaeger. "You two can do anything." Roxanne says to Kid, explaining that Jaeger doesn't let his friends down. Ricardo says he can easily beat Kid Muscle as he slams him back into Electrolix... "You see kid, as strong as your bond is with Jaeger, it's useless against me-- as I'm Muscle League myself... and the bond doesn't work against fellow Muscle Leaguers."

"No! It's NOT! Ricardo isn't a Muscle Leaguer!" yells the green-faced Pashango-ite. He explains that he saw what happened the day that Pashango died. Pshango saw what was under Ricardo's mask, and that it was evil... and attempts to destroy him. Ricardo "Brazilian Nutcracker'd" Pashango and called for help. His classmates run in and then off to call an ambulance... but the green faced one straggles behind, visibly upset, and witnesses Ricardo kicking Master Pashango to death before he runs off crying.

The crowd is aghast that Ricardo murdered Pashango, and one of Roxanne's friends asks how Ricardo can consider himself Muscle League. "I think that's precisely little Sheuba's point isn't it?" sneers Ricardo "...that my indiscretion against all my training has forfeited me from the Muscle League!" "That's Right!" exclaims Sheuba. "What you did that day was a violation of the league charter... Which Means...
Here there is some oddities in the enunciation of the word 'expulsion.' Instead of "Ex'Pulll Shin," it is pronounced "ess PULSHIN," followed quickly by a quick inhale or what is called a 'lip smack' in the Post Production field. The overall effect of this oddity makes it sound as if Sheuba says "Which Means IT'S BULLshiit!"
...Which Means EXPULSION! you're not immune to Kid Muscle and Jaeger's Muscle League Bond of Might." Mac Metaphor chimes in "I have the feeling Ricardo will have a snappy comeback to that." "You're Right. If that means I am not half Muscle League, then I'm all DMP-- 100% PURE EVIL!" exclaims Ricardo.

"Not Good." states Meat, as Ricardo grips Kid in a submission hold. Jaeger tells the kid the development of now being able to show their Bond of Might... with his leg. Kid Kicks Ricardo in the face and slips out of the Submission Hold, throwing off his weariness and the Mystic Bond of Might... substituting it for The Power of Ultimate Muscle!


Synopsis written by: TheOrgg

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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