Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 39

Air date: 09/14/2002


Mantaro is falling, but lands correctly and breaks the fall by skidding a little. Bone Cold is pissed at Meat's coaching, and shoots his blade at the roof, where Minch is still trapped in the jaws of the Gargoyle statue. He tells Meat to stay out of it, or he'll kill Minch. Up on the roof, he repeatedly elbows Minch in the temple, until Meat gives in and agrees to stop helping Mantaro. Bone Cold then launches at Mantaro, wrapping his scarf around his feet and morphing the lower part of his body into a giant drill bit. As the drill comes at him, Mantaro calls to Meat for help, but Meat is cowering with his arms over his head. Terry the Kid and Checkmate both give advice to Mantaro, but end up bickering over who's advice Mantaro should obey. Meanwhile Bone Cold reaches Mantaro and drills in to him, but Mantaro has a firm grasp of the spinning bit with both hands, trying to contain the onslaught.

Bone Cold's Drill attack, the "Riveter", knocks Mantaro down. Bone Cold morphs back and stands boasting. From the stands, Rinko and the two other girls run down to get Meat to coach Mantaro, but he won't, he can't. Minch tells Meat, not to worry about him, and Bone Cold aims his blade at Minch again, telling him to mind his own business. The subject of secrets is brought up again, but this time Minch drops a bombshell on Bone Cold, explaining that he knows Bone Cold's secret, about his origins. Bone denies this of course. Minch persists, and Bone Cold has some flashbacks of ruthless training by his father, in order to exact revenge on the Kinniku family. The argument goes back and forth for a while, while Mantaro sneaks up on Bone Cold and gets him in a headlock. This is to no avail, as Bone Cold easily escapes, and instead picks up Mantaro and slams him head first into one of the pupil holes in the eye of the gargoyle faced mat. Mantaro is now firmly lodged in the rock, and Bone goes about his business. Pissed now, Bone Cold begins to spill the secret of Meats parents, how they were not dead as he supposed, but had kept an eye on him from a distance all these years, and how they had abandoned him when he was younger. Minch is becoming more and more frustrated at Bone Cold, telling Meat that Bone is lying. Minch, super pissed now, manages to break free of the ropes and Gargoyle jaws, flying at Bone Cold to do some damage. Bone laughs and aims his blade.

Bone Cold shoots his blade and hits Minch squarely. Minch falls injured to the ground, and Meat rushes to his side. Minch admits that he is Meat's father and begins to tell his side of the story. He explains that Meat was born a genius, and the King Kinnikuman (Mayumi at the time) had requested that Meat come to be raised in the castle as a trainer for his son Kinnikuman Suguru. Minch refused, but after constant pleading, he agreed. The scene shows Mayumi whisking off Meat to the castle under the sad gaze of Minch and his wife. Back to the present, Minch abruptly changes the subject and explains that Mantaro has learned tolerance and calm, and now must learn the third lesson of the lantern, in order to survive. A few more words are exchanged, and Minch dies. (Note: in the USA version it is explained that Minch is being whisked away for hip surgery).

Meat is beside himself grieving for Minch. Bone Cold gloats, and Mantaro is still stuck in the pupil, but trying to ease his head out of the hole. Minch is carried off on a stretcher. Back to his original target, Bone Cold launches a double knee attack at the lodge Mantaro, but Mantaro break free in time, grabs Bone's knees, and catapults him onto his face, in a hammer lock. He again puts him in a headlock, but is quickly knocked away, when Bone Cold pulls out his scarf and morph into the drill. Hit by the Riveter, Mantaro is knocked into the mouth of the Gargoyle. He holds on with one hand, pulling himself up. Mantaro pleads for Meat's help, but Meat is out of it with grief. Bone Cold harasses him, and send Meat running away after Minch. Bone swings back against the ropes as if setting up the Muscle Millennium, but he instead rams into the jaw of the gargoyle mat, causing it to bite down on Mantaro, who is still trying to pull himself out. Again he uses the ropes to cause the jaws to bite down on our hero. Meanwhile, in the funeral home, Meat stands next to the body of Minch. A visitor interrupts and berates Meat for abandoning Mantaro in the heat of the battle. He says that Minch would have wanted him to be there to support Mantaro. Meat turns around to see the visitor who is none other then Kinkotsuman (Skullduggery)!


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 1

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