Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 42

Air date: 09/14/2002


Nomuraman (El Nino) versus Kinniku Mantaro (Kid Muscle). Both fighters are in their respective corners. Nomuraman is patiently waiting, but Mantaro is trying to focus, until he spots Rinko (Roxanne). He starts to act the fool, hamming it up for her attention, she is embarrassed, until Mantaro falls on the post and smashes his nuts. Harabote is complaining that Mantaro will make a joke of the tournament, like he always does. But Ikemen has faith that Nomura will overcome and win. In the ring, Nomura is handing out produce from a sack, tossing it to the fans. The bell is rung and they rush each other. They lock up, but Mantaro gains the advantage and tosses Nomura with a shoulder throw. Nomura lands unscathed and retaliates with a kick to Mantaro's forehead. Mantaro hits the canvas. He gets up and lands a hard sweep kick, knocking Nomuraman off his feet. Up in the stands, Nomura's five little brothers and sisters all jeer Mantaro (in the US version, they are his kids). They tell him he cannot win, since Nomura fights for a more noble cause. Mantaro is distracted and argues back. He then rushes Nomuraman with a flying kick.

Nomura blocks easily, using his forearms, and grabs Mantaro's shins under his arms. He does a reverse suplex over his shoulders and Mantaro lands hard. Nomura explains to Mantaro that he can not win, since Nomuraman is fighting for the common folks. Harabote Muscle (Vance McMadd) asks Ikemen where he got Nomura at, and Ikemen explains that he first saw him in a field, plowing by himself, with an oxen yoke, and then impressed by this, he spied on him, until he was sure he would make a great Chojin. Back to reality, Nomuraman kicks at Mantaro, but he dodges the hit and grabs his legs, reversing Nomura into a Boston Crab. Nomura won't give in, and the five kids cheer him on. Energized by the chants of his family, he uses his arms to push up and out of the Boston Crab. Reversing Mantaro into and ankle hold, he has him for a few seconds before he rolls out of it, breaking free. Mantaro is winded on the mat, but Nomura stands strong. Ikemen is overjoyed to see Mantaro in trouble. Nomura berates him for his lack of stamina. He expected more from a champion. Nomura is fast approaching in a charge. Mantaro rises up, but is stuck in one place. We see the five mini-Nomuras (his brothers and sisters) holding Mantaro's legs, so that he can't move. They are transparent, almost ghost like. But it appears that Mantaro and Nomuraman are the only ones who can see them, as the crowd wonders why Mantaro is standing still and not trying to dodge the attack coming at him.

As he approaches, Nomura spins his hat like a saw, but instead of trying to cut Mantaro up, he scoops him up and Mantaro is rolling around on the brim. Round and round he goes, until he is rolled up tightly into a ball. Once balled up, Nomura launches him into the air, then jumps to meet the Mantaro ball. From 50 feet up, he lands a giant leg drop, reminiscent of the Hulkster, and leaves Mantaro prostrate on the canvas. Nomuraman is proclaiming his victory over the sprawled out Mantaro. It is then, during his rant, that we find out that his real motive is to be famous, and on TV. Hearing this, Mantaro gets pissed off and tells Nomuraman of. It's not about cashing out for a TV spot, it's about self respect and honor. He grabs Nomura by the waist. Nomura grabs the lethargic Mantaro by his collar and pulls him to his feet. He tells Mantaro that his cause IS noble. It was his mother's dying wish for her son to be popular and have TV spots and his picture on a T-Shirt, etc. He backhands Mantaro into the corner. He begins a vicious barrage of slaps. Ikemen and Harabote are overjoyed to see Mantaro getting whooped. Nomura continues his slap action, but Mantaro explains that his cause is more noble. He is doing it for friends, family and fans. He names Ramen Man and uses a blocking technique he learned from him to halt the slaps. He tells how he is doing it for Buffaloman, and lands a hard kick to Nomura's gut, Buffaloman style! Nomura absorbs the kick and again grabs Mantaro's shins for a reverse suplex. But this time, instead of straight back, he swings him around a few times. When he goes over his shoulders, Mantaro mentions Meat, and reverses the move, grabbing his arm in a Meat version arm lock. Nomura pulls out of it, and Mantaro again explains that he is fighting for all his family, his friends and his fans.

Nomura charges Mantaro, again spinning his hat for the Straw Hat Stealth Strike, but this time Mantaro is standing still of his own accord. Nomura lifts him onto the brim and he begins to roll around like a roulette ball, but mid-roll, Mantaro reaches out with his arms and does a handstand, using his arms to slow the speed of the rotating hat, he un-balls out, launching up and torpedoing the shoulder of Nomuraman. He then launches up for an inverted Kinnikubuster, landing it with a tremendous shockwave that rocks the auditorium. Nomuraman is defeated. His brothers and sisters begin to cry. Harabote and Ikemen are incensed. Harabote begrudgingly hands Mantaro his trophy, but at the last moment won't let go, and him and Mantaro play tug of war with it. After that, Ikemen comes up to place the winners card around Mantaro's neck, and puts him in a headlock with his thighs briefly. Mantaro is pissed at them but is distracted by a fuming Nomuraman walking his way. He reaches Mantaro and strikes at him, pulling his punch before it lands and laughing as Mantaro winces. He is still happy, even though he lost. Simply because the publicity he got from wrestling the Great Kinniku-Mantaro is going to give him all the TV time and merchandising he needs. They shake hands, and Ikemen announces the next round. Mantaro stands victorious!


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 1

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