Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 46

Air date: 09/14/2002


Inside the ring, Terry the Kid is being pummeled by Dazz-Ling, while Jade (Jaeger) is being stomped outside by the Protector. Meanwhile, up in the sky, Rinko (Roxanne) and Keiko (Kiki) who are behind bars, encourage the very frightened Tamaki (Trixie) who is in the glass prison, awaiting her fate. Terry Man mentions something about situation that Terry the Kid is in stinking, and it gives Mantaro (Kid Muscle) an idea. Cut to Terry the Kid in his hallucination of being tangled up in the forest by roots. He sees a turd (stinkbug) coming at him from the distance. It keeps saying, "Step on me, smell me, kiss me, etc." By trying to avoid it, he breaks free of the imaginary roots, and when the turd lands on his hand and asks for a kiss, he snaps out of Dazz-Ling's hypnosis. He comes too and thinks it was all a dream, until he notices the stinkbug again coming at him, and sees that Mantaro has it attached to the end of a fishing line, guiding it towards him. Mantaro reels it in, but once it reaches the tip of the poll, it hops down and goes after him. Terry slaps himself to wake up completely and Nakano San (Doc Nakano) and Yoshigai San (Mac Metaphor) are going through their usual banter when the turd flies right at them, causing them to fall over backwards. Terry taunts Dazz-ling, but his dad (who is sitting with Brocken Jr.) yells at him to recognize the fact that he is in a tag team. Team work, he stresses. Dazz-ling taunts Terry the Kid to make him lose his composure and rush him. It appears to work, as Terry the Kid rushes at Dazz-ling, but at the last second, bypasses him, leaping out of the ring and landing a hard shoulder to the back of the Protector, thus freeing Jade from the endless stomp attack. He tags in Jade and Jade climbs in the ring. While he and Dazz-ling size each other up, Jade takes to the top turnbuckle, executing a leap, culminating with a vicious side thigh kick to Dazz-ling's face. Dazz-ling reels in pain, grasping at his face and Jade powers up the Baron's Red Rain (Red Rain of Pain). Dazz-ling does likewise with his "shocking Shaman" and they charge each other. Jade attack is the stronger and when he lands it on Dazz-ling's powered up forearm, Dazz-ling hops in pain back to his corner. Once there, he tags in the Protector, who comes in to a barrage of Jade's Red Rain attack to his chest. The Protector seems oblivious to the attack and leaps into the air for an attack on Jade.

Kicking Jade square in the chest, he sends him reeling. Jade is stumbling across the ring to tag out, when the Protector attempts to land a flying elbow drop. Jade, who was feigning injury, dodges effortlessly while the Protector misses his target and comes crashing down. He tags in Terry, who leaps from the top, landing in between the shoulder blades of the Protector for his families "calf branding" move. Riding him to the ground, Terry gets help from Jade, and they leap into the air, each holding one of the Protectors arms, and send him crashing to the canvas, head first. Terry Man and Brocken continue to discuss their protégés. Terry the Kid and Jade are doubling up on the Protector with leg submission holds, when Dazz-ling comes into the ring, Terry leaves Jade to deal with the giant robot and charges for the Jamaican Shaman. As they charge, Terry slides underneath Dazz-ling, tripping him and then grabs his legs, swinging him around and around releasing him with great velocity into the corner post. As Dazz-ling attempts to get his bearings, Terry comes from behind him in a classic Russian leg sweep, slamming the shaman to the canvas. He then applies the Texas Clover Hold. Tamaki (Trixie) yells to Terry to pack on the punishment and we cut to Jade, who is smashing the Protectors face into the mat. He launches with him and comes down next to Terry and Dazz-ling, his knee driving the face of the Protector staunchly into the canvas. The girls cheer on Terry and Jade but the rejoicing is short lived as the Protector regains the momentum in the match and knocks Jade into the turnbuckle with a hard punch, following it through with a hard stomp to the shoulder, smashing him down. Dazz-ling taunts Terry to get his attention, but Mantaro yells to beware of the hypnotic eye on his shoulder armor. Terry starts to fall under, but gets an idea. He calls to Jade, who is still getting the full press from the Protector, to "Let them see eye to eye". Jade takes the cue and using his Red Rain, severs a ring rope, using it to trip the Protector. As the Protector falls, Terry the Kid manages to re-route the beam from Dazz-ling's shoulder to the eye of the giant robot. The Protector now thinks he is in a gloomy forest somewhere. Jade goes to work with the Baron's Red Rain. Dazz-ling tells him that the attack will not get past the robot's armor, but Jade has other plans. He sends a nasty uppercut to the unprotected neck of the Protector and then follows up attacking at all the un-armored leg and arm joints. The Protector starts to go down and Jade gives him a solid kick, flinging him into a corner post, which gives way and the robot tumbles to the ground. As the Protector lies dormant outside the ring, Dazz-ling, who is still in the clover hold, starts scratching at the canvas, making a hole into which himself and Terry fall in. Jade runs to the rescue, but falls into the hole also. On the way down into the pit, they all manage to grab a hold of the roots at the side of the cavern. Dazz-ling stomps Terry's hand, causing the branch to break and Terry falls down.

It's Jade to the rescue, as he manages to grab hold of Terry's hands. He is suspending himself upside down, like a trapeze artist, and swings Terry up to dislodge Dazz-ling. There is enough velocity to send them both into the air, where Terry grapples with the shaman, locking him into the Calf Branding move. Terry lands Dazzling face first into the canvas with such a force, that the shaman is knocked clean out. Terry pulls Jade up from the hole as Tamaki falls from the flying head. Mantaro runs to the rescue, but misses her. Not to fear though as Terry the Kid catches her safely in his arms. The next two from the Poison Six Pack call out Sieuchin (Wally Tusket) and Gazelleman (Dik Dik van Dik) to fight next, They say that Gazelleman is funny and they go through a whole routing while he tries to dispute his comedic attributes. The next venue is set for a lake at the base of Mt. Fuji and the 4 remaining bad guys speed off. Gazelleman is still disputing his funniness while Checkmate chases him asking for a comedy routine. At a cliff overlooking the lake, the Seigi Chojins (Muscle League) are wondering where the ring is at. Suddenly the water below begins to bubble and Mantaro makes a lame reference to farts in the bathtub and running water making him go pee. Everyone is grossed out. They watch the point in the water and see a huge stone frog rise up. The mouth opens and a tongue extends to showcase a ring with the 2 challengers standing in it. They hurl insults while the camera pans to show the stone head flying into view. This time, only Rinko (Roxanne) is behind bars, as Keiko (Kiki) is now the one up for grabs in the glass bubble. Gazelle and Sieuchin pledge to rescue her by winning the match. The two baddies unmask to reveal Mr. French (a humanoid frog) and Messieurs Cheeks (a man with a butt for a head).


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 2

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