Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 59

Air date: 09/14/2002


As the match heats on, the bitter battle of Barrier Free Man's innermost demon (mainly the one on his arm) rages.  The elderly woman who was slapped aside in the last episode can barely get up, and Meat and the girls rush over for help.  Barrier Free Man's old man counterpart orders the girls not to help her, as she got what she deserved for meddling in his match against the Kid.  But the Elderly woman tells him off.  Unlike Nills, he does not care about any of the aged, except himself.  He wants to win, and he wants the chicks to dig him.  His elderly demographic are now gone.  That's when the old man comes clean and admits that it was all a sham, and he just wants to become the champion., and have gorgeous female eye candy on his wrinkled arms. 

After laying that bombshell, he then serves Kid a Bony Back Kick.  The Kid is flung to the ropes, where he bounces off, careening out of control straight for the old Chojin.  The old man then attempts to finish the Kid off by stretching the long wrinkled skin in his arm, trapping the kid in a long roll of flab.  The Kid shoots out of the move, and hurtles to the canvas, leaving Barrier Free man to pin him with a snake like squeeze on his head.  The Kid desperately tries to break free of this shoulder hold, but to no avail.  While losing consciousness, he then hears crying.  Not from himself, but from the young Nills, trapped inside his own Grandpolly Morph.  His dreams of helping the elderly are shattered.  He feels he failed himself, or at least the old man on his arm failed himself.

The Kid bursts out of the shoulder lock, letting the old man know he's a hypocrite with a false hip, and then grabs the old man, and turns him upside down to execute a Brain buster.  While describing the fierce action of the Match, Mac Metaphor pounds his sidekick, Doc Nakano, over and over, Imitating the Kid's moves.  With the old man lying on the Mat, Kid Muscle goes for the pin, but the old man rolls out of the ring, flat on his back.  He begs to be helped back into the ring, but Roxanne and company are less than forgiving, scowling instead of assisting.  Trying to play off the sympathy, the old man tries to get more support from the aged crowd, but instead gets angry glares.  Especially from the woman he slapped.

Terry Kenyon is handy with his lap top and is ready to research the old man's identity, using Doc's head as an Internet connection.  As it turns out the old man is really a former wrestler named Chijoman.  200 years ago, he was the greatest wrestler in the league, and earned the title, Prince of Pain.  He never lost a match.  Unfortunately, the matches weren't won fairly, and Chijoman was expelled for his cheating and dirty tricks.  The wrestlers he defeated banded together against him, and boarded him in the branch of a tree, with no escape.  That is until a friendly blue Chojin happened by, letting the elderly Chijoman onto his arm., his dirtiest trick of all.  He used Nills just so he could get the young blood he needed to become a champion again.  It's true he has hurt a lot of people, but no one nearly as much as Nills.  He was used, and they clearly didn't share the same dream of a barrier Free world for seniors.  Nills then orders the old man out of his body.  But Chijoman refuses and replies with a series of hits.

Upon entering the ring, Chijoman butts his bald head into the Kid's stomach, causing him to fall toward the mat.  Then, the old man flips into a crab crawl headed for the kid, once again performing the devastating Lion's Mouth (a move Doc tries on Mac, using his hair piece).  With Kid's Feet firmly in place, Chijoman puts him back in the Naryama Back Breaker.  This time, he cannot get out, as Nills is trapped inside, and the Lion's Mouth hold is as strong as ever.  But as Terry points out, it's impossible for a normal wrestler to break out, but the Kid is far from normal.  And then, something incredible happens.  The elderly crowd who once jeered and hated the Kid are now cheering him on, as he fights for his life.  Kid Muscle realizes they're now his fans and fights even harder. 

Meanwhile, inside, as his heart is now broken, Nills cries for the loss of his dreams, soul and dignity.  Tears spew from his eyes, causing them to get wet, allowing the Kid to slip through the Lion's Mouth, and leap out of the back breaker.  And that is when the Kid's Power of Ultimate Muscle comes through.  He rapidly takes Chijoman on with a Back throw, a power bound, and then a forceful Kinniku-driver.  The Kid is clearly fighting for both the older and younger generation.  That's when Chijoman wants out.  He doesn't want to lose with dignity, and his new dreams involve escaping to Miami.  But Nills takes control.  He has to stay on his arm and lose the match with all the honor he can muster.  Not to mention that Chijoman must pay for his treachery and deceit.  Nills then asks the Kid to defeat them both then and there.  With that, the Kid kicks them skywards.  Chijoman whines about how he is too old to be beaten like this.  Nills assures him that bones will heal, but broken promise never will.  Jacqueline is
Meat over hears the conversation.  He tells the kid that he shouldn't let any sympathy get in the way of battle, and remembers the matches that Kinnikuman Suguru had to fight.  The Kid understands, and cartwheels and flips to the ropes.  Grabbing on, he builds up force, and lets go, giving an intense version of his signature finishing move, the Muscle Millennium.  The impact on the ropes is so intense, it causes Nills' and Chijoman's teeth to fall out.  The Kid becomes the first contender to pass on to the semi-finals.  Ikemen reluctantly gives Kid the trophy, but the Kid has his eyes on a trophy girlfriend, mainly Jackie.  She congratulates her big Muscle boy, and leaves for the next match.  She then tells the kid that she wants the next battle he has to face to be filled with violence and gore.  But there is someone else the kid wants to talk to.  Nills.

Nills is too weak to get up from that last move.  The Kid apologizes and says that he had to win the match.  Nills wanted it that way.  After every match he won, Nills felt as empty as his hollow victories.  Since he has lost, he is satisfied.  Chijoman is motionless on the floor outside the ring.  The Kid proceeds to help, but the Elderly fans want him to simply rot outside of Nills' body for all the pain he inflicted.  Nills is forgiving, and welcomes the old man back on his arm.  Nills made a promise to help all the elderly, even Chijoman, especially since he's had a change of heart. They both leave as the confetti falls, and the match is over.

Meanwhile, the Black division quarter finals are about to begin.  The ring is set, the announcers are there, and the two Chojins are about to enter the ring (which is placed in the middle of an airplane runway).  A loud thunderous roar is heard, as Destruction enters the ring riding his motorbike.  The Kid and his friends arrive just in time to see the next fighter enter the ring.  Looking skyward they see something headed for the ring.  Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  Yes and no. it's none other than Comrade Turbinski!   And as the episode closes, the two fighters size each other up.


Synopsis written by: Dr. Tooth

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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