Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 7

Air date: 09/14/2002


Well I was wrong, it wasn't Bibinba that Tel Tel Boy was calling.....

This episodes starts out with Tel Tel Boy making a call to Nanako-San (announcer guy) on accident. He quickly hangs up and dials correctly. This time he reaches Suguru, and begins the transformation into him. Mantaro seems petrified, but as Meat points out, Tel Tel Boy called the wrong person if he was trying to frighten Mantaro. The Hercules group recalls all the reasons that Mantaro isn't afraid of Suguru, and the other DMP members get upset about it. Mantaro jumps on Tel Tel Boy's shoulders and goes slap happy on him, until Max Man (Pumpinator) tells him to cut short the trauma call. Tel Tel Boy morphs back into himself and thinks he's going to lay the smack down on Mantaro, but Mantaro commences to beat the hell out of him. Mantaro pins him on his back, straddles him and begins laying into his midsection (keypad). As he does this, he unwittingly makes a call to the lamest weather update you'll ever hear. It informs him that there will be rain after 5PM. Realizing that he can make some calls this way, he dial up the Chinese take out and orders some food, including beef guidon (cut to his stupid rice bowl dance) and charges the whole thing to Tel Tel Boy's account. He then dials up the radio station and wins 2 tickets to the Mantaro/Tel Tel Boy match-up. Tel Tel Boy, after taking a beating, morphs the red tip of his antenna into a hand, charged with electricity, and then it is his turn to go slap happy on Mantaro. Mantaro is backed down into a corner, arms covering his face against the flailing antenna slap attack. Meat gives him some advice, and Mantaro then get Tel Tel Boy's slap timing down and manages to dodge the remainder of his slaps. Tel Tel Boy then grows electrical dreadlocks and wails on Mantaro something fierce. After Mantaro is worn down sufficiently, Tel Tel Boy explains that it's time to put him out. Hearing this, Mantaro pisses a fountain. All of the sudden Tel Tel Boy backs off in fear. Mantaro gets an idea. He mentions that it is after 5PM. He jumps to his feet and flies toward the roof of the dome. Tel Tel Boy extends his shock locks up to Mantaro, who dodges them all by twisting around. Mantaro then whacks his antenna hand up to the dome and breaks through the roof of the dome, exposing the night sky. Distracted by his last move, Mantaro is a prime target for the shock locks, which leave Mantaro hurtling back towards the canvas, and eventually landing with a crash. Tel Tel Boy can smell victory, as Mantaro lays beaten upon the canvas. But wait, all of the sudden rain pours in from the hole in the ceiling that Mantaro made earlier. The rain short circuits Tel Tel Boy, and Mantaro puts him into the Kinniku-buster and leaps into the air to finish it. (The American cartoon renames it the Kinniku-buster, instead of the Butt buster in this scene). Tel Tel Boy somehow slips free and they both hurtle towards the earth. Mantaro then uses the power of Ultimate Muscle and re applies the Kinniku-Buster for a powerful finish! Tel Tel Boy falls to the matt, battery totally drained. Mantaro has won!

Max Man and Kevin Mask are surprised to see Mantaro victorious. Meat rushes into the ring to congratulate Mantaro and informs him that the take out has arrived. Mantaro begins to eat, but falls flat on his face in sheer exhaustion. Seeing Mantaro in a helpless state, Max Man jumps into the ring in order to finish him off in a weakened state.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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