Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 53

Air date: 09/14/2002


At the packed stadium for the black card, Purikuran (Photo-Pat) and D-Struction are ready to square off, but at the venue for the red card, where Skyscraper (Sly-Scraper) and Ricardo are fighting, it is a different story. There seems to be hardly anyone there. Harabote Muscle (Vance McMadd) yells at Ikemen for the low turn out and lack of amenities (namely the concession stand) at the red card location. Ikemen explains that they may lose a little revenue, but it was also reduce the viewer-ship to Mantaro's match up. They slap hi-fives and rejoice at their treachery. Harabote asks Ikemen if he has seen Jacqueline yet, as she was going to be in attendance. Meanwhile, Nakano and Yoshigai (Mac Metaphor) ponder the gender of Purikuran(Photo-Pat). I she a he, or is he a she? Nakano says it doesn't matter, because Chojins are neither male or female. Yoshigai (Mac Metaphor) say to tell that too Terry the Kid or Kinniku Mantaro (Kid Muscle). Nakano adds Rinko (Roxanne) to the list as well. D-Struction and Purikuran are still staring each other down, so Nakano and Yoshigai change venues via jet pack. Mid flight, their jet-packs run out of fuel and they come crashing down right in front of Mantaro and Meat, just in time to call play by play for Ricardo and Skyscraper. Ricardo runs at Skyscraper, but is deflected into the ropes. Skyscraper goes for a boot to the midsection, but Ricardo dodges, leaping into the air and sliding down the massive leg, to give a hard boot to the midsection of his own. Skyscraper is the one knocked into the ropes this time. Ricardo charges, grabbing hold of a leg, but Skyscraper simply falls forward, crushing Ricardo beneath his massive structure. Pinning him down with his hands, Skyscraper sends a round of solid knees into the back of Ricardo. Mantaro sees the damage and freaks out. In the ring, Skyscraper picks up Ricardo above his head, as in a jack-knife move. The difference is that he extends to a giant 130 floors before bringing Ricardo crashing down to the canvas on his tailbone. This is the Body Scraper. Ricardo is laid out as we cut to commercial.

Mantaro is running around like a whimpering dog and Keiko (Kiki) asks why he is so scared. Tamaki (Trixie) says that he must have to fight Skyscraper next. They ask Rinko (Roxanne) if she is really OK with the dorky Mantaro as her boyfriend. Rinko vehemently denies being attached to him, just as Jacqueline arrives on the scene. Jacqueline thinks that the three are Mantaro's groupies. They turn away, insulted, as Mantaro starts running around the red-head, on all fours, like a dog chasing his tail. Meat approaches her and asks her if she is looking for the black card matches. She is not. She says red card is where all the good looking wrestlers are. She saunters off, walking right over the star struck Mantaro, who gives chase, telling her that she almost compares to his one true love. That one true loves turns out to be....Gyuudon (cow and Rice), and with that, he sings his cow song. Seeing this, Rinko is seething with jealousy, as Tamaki and Keiko tease her. They say "Ha ha, it's a good thing that you're not attached!" Meat grabs Mantaro by the tuft of hair on his forehead and drags him away like a stubborn dog. Nakano and Yoshigai break away to the black card bout on the big screen, but the action hasn't started yet. Back to the current venue, and Ricardo is being knocked repeatedly into the ropes by solid kicks from Skyscraper. He then proceeds to stomp him and reverts to kneeing him as before. Terry tells Ricardo to pack it in. But Ricardo rails him, telling him that he is not a coward like Terry is. He says Terry choked in the prelims. This incenses our favorite Texan, as he recalls that he would have won, if he didn't have to go and save the little boy. Mantaro, Rinko and the other come to Terry's aid to set the record straight. Terry says that he would do the same thing again. Ricardo says that he is focused, that he wouldn't have let a drowning child distract him. In the ring, Skyscraper tries to land a knee on Ricardo again, but the Brazilian rolls out of the way, causing to tower to miss. He leaps up and kicks Skyscraper in the chest, sending him into the corner post. Skyscraper charges for a kick but Ricardo slides under, tripping the big man up. He mounts him and begins pummeling the chest of the building with a flurry of punches. This has little effect on the big man, who head butts Ricardo, sending him into the ropes. Off the rebound, Skyscraper sets up Ricardo for another Body-Scraper. On the way down, Ricardo changes position, to make himself fall head first.

Once the dust clears, he stands erect, albeit inverted, with his head on the canvas. The drop had no effect, as Ricardo used his over developed neck muscles to take the brunt of the impact. Leaping from the canvas, Ricardo grabs Skyscraper's neck and arm in a triangle lock. Terry yells advice at him, but Skyscraper is ashamed to have Terry see him failing. He recalls a moment of their childhood, at the Terry ranch. He pulls his head out of the triangle lock, but Ricardo then moves down to a cross arm lock. Pulling tighter, he yanks the arm apart, from the forearm down, and falls to the ground as the limb shatters. Terry tells him to throw in the towel, but Skyscraper says he can still win. He charges Ricardo, who puts him into an inverted full nelson, and leaps into the air. He quickly changes his position to perform the brazil nutcracker. Both wrestlers falling upside down, Ricardo has the arms of his opponent locked up at his chest above and behind Skyscraper's head, and his feet are hooking around behind the big man's knee joints. Nakano notes that Ricardo is going to land on his head, instead of his shoulders, and Meat says he is nuts, and won't withstand his own finisher. Ricardo says not true, the impact will travel through his rigid neck and make it feels like a thousand impacts for his victim. Skyscraper starts to shatter as Ricardo releases him after impact. Outside the ring, everyone watches in horror, except for Jacqueline. She says that she is glad that she didn't heed Ikemen's warnings. She is glad she came to see Mantaro, otherwise she would have missed the "cute" Ricardo. Ricardo jumps into the throng of a dozen or so Brazilian fans, but when he lands, the toll of the match shows, as his face mask cracks. Mantaro chickens out and runs off like a dog, leaving a cloud of gas in his wake for Nakano and Yoshigai to choke on.

At the black card venue, Gazelleman (Dik Dik van Dik) and Sieuchin (Wally Tusket) are filling in for Nakano and Yoshigai (Mac Metaphor), but with a twist. Gazelleman has on a Nakano mask, while Sieuchin has on the Nakano mask. Insert Checkmate who is wearing a Rinko mask, with a Keiko mask on the tower on one shoulder and a Tamaki mask on the knight on the other. Checkmate revels at his own female impersonation skills, but Nakano and Yoshigai (the real ones) show off their wrestler impersonation skills. Dressed up as sumo wrestlers, they make short work of Gazelleman and Sieuchin, while the girls come in with folded paper fans and give Checkmate a beat down. Meanwhile, Mantaro is trying to run away and Meat stops him. He asks Mantaro why he is leaving the chance to win the most prized title in all of wrestling. Mantaro doesn't care about the crown, when it comes to his personal safety. But he has a change of heart when Meat says that he is so close to finally winning Rinko's heart. Meat says that he almost got her when he saved her from Maximillion, and that if he wins the tournament, he could be hearing wedding bells. He also says that if Mantaro quits now, those bells might be for someone else, namely Jade (Jaeger) or Kevin Mask. Fast forward to Mantaro's match, and he is in the ring in only bikini shorts and is flexing to show off his physique. He calls out to Rinko to check him out but she looks at him in horror, before she turns and snubs him. Mantaro is puzzled and turns his attention to Jacqueline, who does the same. Meat tells Mantaro that they will all love him if he wins this match. Enter a giant stone toilet being rolled in by man servants. Sitting atop the porcelain throne is none other than Hollywood Bowl (a man wearing a toilet on his upper body, with a bidet sticking out of his forehead.), son of Benkiman (Mr. Pee) who was a strong opponent of Kinnikuman Suguru (King Muscle) back in the day. Mantaro falls over astonished that he has to fight a crapper. Meat explains to Mantaro about Benkiman, and how he almost had Suguru flushed in the finals, but that Suguru's bowel movements were too much for him to handle. Mantaro isn't impressed. Hollywood recalls his father dying wish for him to beat Mantaro. In the ring, they are announced, and when Mantaro notices that Hollywood Bowl isn't paying attention, he charges him.



Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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