Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 73

Air date: 09/14/2002


Cheeks makes a crack about the last episode's exhibition match being embarrassing... and asserts that he is an authority on things that are Em-Bare-arse-Ing (Little Sheuba might have something to say about that, neh?), then he mistakes a flashback for current events.

We return to the ring with Kid Muscle warming up, and Kevin and Lord Flash conversing. Kevin confronts Lord Flash about his fervent devotion to his training as Jacqueline turns the mic over to the Guest Announcer Lenny Heart. Heart introduces each Chojin as the sons of champions... and Kevin stumbles towards Jacqueline with Kid Muscle. Jacqueline tells the combatants to shake hands, and Kevin grabs Kid Muscle's hand, attempting to snap it off at the wrist. "We are warriors and this is WAR! It is POINTLESS to pretend otherwise." Kevin sneers at Jacqueline. "I won't play your hypocritical games!" Kevin stalks back stumblingly to his corner and Kid Muscle tells El-Nino that he's going to rush Kevin to finish the match quickly. El-Nino tells Kid Muscle that Kevin Mask is dangerous, and that he should run away from the advances of Kevin to sap his energy. Kevin once again confronts Lord Flash about why he has made himself his trainer, and Lord Flash admits that Kevin's father Robin Mask sent him, and entrusted him with two books of techniques, one for Lord Flash and one for Kevin when the time was right. Ikemen and Jacqueline fight over who rings the bell, and as it sounds, Doc and Mac go nuts, followed by Roxanne crossing her fingers. Kid and Kevin charge each other furiously, stopping about five feet from each other, waiting for the other to make the first move. Kevin sways himself in front of Kid Muscle, who takes El-Nino's advice and runs away, then stares begrudging at El-Nino's ringside snacking. "If Eeyu Want to Run, Run in TRAFFIC, Ya' LOOSAH!" sneer Kevin Mask's British Contingent. Kid Muscle's fans join in on the Kid Bashing, and a thrown bowl full of Cow and Rice infuriates Kid Muscle to the point of charging towards Kevin Mask with a ton of punches... yet Kevin Mask is able to block each hit, following up with a Tornado Twist, following the Twist up with a Slice Kick that tears a huge shard in the Kid's irremovable mask. Jacqueline distracts El-Nino with questions on Kevin Mask's condition as her two friends sneak grub from his picnic basket. El-Nino explains to Roxanne that Kevin Mask has entered a higher state of awareness and that Kid Muscle cannot break through Kevin's defenses unless he follows the original plan. Kid launches a cannot-miss hit towards his foe, yet Kevin easily sidesteps and roundhouses Kid Muscle in the face. Kevin Mask stumbles around and Kid Muscle notices that El-Nino has turned his back on the fight. He yells at his corner man, and Roxanne tells El-Nino that Kid needs his help. "When the soil is barren," El-Nino confides to Roxanne, "it is a waste to plant the seed." Roxanne stares at him with a "huh?" El-Nino clarifies, "If he won't listen, I WON'T TALK!" Kid Muscle charges at Kevin Mask in anger, and when Kevin Mask picks up Kid Muscle for a Brain buster to counter the charge, Kid Muscle grips Kevin Mask's neck with his knees then, by simultaneously yanking Kevin's ankles off the ground, slams the knight into the canvas. Kid Muscle goes for the attack on the prone Kevin Mask, and Kevin grabs the Kid in a triangle hold and pounds Kid Muscle mercilessly. Kevin tosses Kid Muscle aside and puts him into a Romero Special... but Kevin Mask has added to the move, and then Romero Suplexes Kid Muscle hard to the canvas, knocking Kid Muscle half out of the ring. Raman Man informs everyone that "Kid Muscle is knocked out cold." To this El-Nino says "Good. Mabe he'll listen to me now that he's had some sense beaten into him." Jacqueline chastises El-Nino "Kid Muscle's father Kind Muscle fought Robin Mask in the greatest Chojin Crown final ever. It was a brutal, bloody, bone-crushing battle... and I'm extremely disappointed that Kid Muscle has failed to provide us with an equally entertaining match." To this El-Nino replies "Senorita, of all people to bring up the subject of family relations... The Kid is like an old Tractor. It may take a while to get him started, but once he gets started, he'll plow your rocky fields with no problemo!" Kid notices something. "Hey, you stopped eating!" "Are you ready to listen?" El-Nino asks Kid Muscle. "If you're ready to make sense." replies Kid Muscle. As Kid starts to crawl back into the ring, Kevin Mask starts to charge at Kid Muscle, but Lord Flash chastises and charges in front of Kevin. Raman Man then chastises glowing-eyed Lord Flash for getting too close to the ring and orders him to his own corner. El-Nino makes a mental note of this, and then gets up in his corner to talk to a frightened Kid Muscle, beginning a dialog between his fighter and himself. "Kid, GET A GRIP! Take a few slow, deep breaths." "I'd breath a lot easier if I knew how to get past Kevin's defenses..." "I'm not sure if there is a way. Kevin Mask has the same blood coursing thru his veins as his father, and he was nearly unbeatable!" "But you're my corner man... shouldn't you be more encouraging?" "It's a long shot, but there might be a way to take him by surprise." "Tell ME! Spill the beans, El-Teaso!" "Try sucking your thumb." "WHAT!" "Suck your thumb like a little bitty baby. You're no too proud to to that, arn't chu?" "El-Nino, stop it! This is a serious situation!" "I am deadly serious, Kid Muscle. The Kinniku Royals have created some of their most successful moves from some of the silliest things."

"Kevin," Lord Flash addresses his charge, "We must keep Kid Muscle guessing. We're done with Tactic 32, Move on to Tactic 33." El-Nino tells the kid one final thing. "Look out, Behind You." as Kevin Mask charges into Kid Muscle with several punches at rapid fire speed. "Suck Your Thumb!" yells El-Nino. "Suck your thumb, now!" Kevin's killer kick is blocked by Kid Muscle's ascending arm, and Kid Muscle brings up the other arm to match in a position very similar to a modern-day boxer's head guard. Meat explains from the hospital to Dik Dik and Checkmate that the move is called the Muscle Curtain and informs all present in his hospital room that Kind Muscle used it on Warsman quite well in the 21st Chojin Crown. He then explains that Kid Muscle was never interested in less flashy move like the Muscle Curtain, but that he was only interested in the Cow and Rice cart. "We've done the thumb suck," Kid Muscle addresses his corner man. "What's next? Dirtying my diaper?" El Nino answers "You must find the chink in his armor and exploit it!" Kid Muscle sees an armor chink and attacks Kevin Mask's helm with a haymaker of a punch, then follows it with a Boot to the Head. Kevin Mask is knocked out of the ring, where he hisses "Kid Muscle, You have done a terrible thing, a thing that you'll regret for the rest of your days... and when I'm done with you, you won't have much of a day left." Kevin rises from the edge of the ring, his eyes burning red with hate, malice, and vengeance... and his helmed forehead sporting a disturbingly familiar icon of a blackened 'X.'

Synopsis written by: TheOrgg

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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