Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 11

Air date: 09/14/2002


As Rex King waits inside the steel caged ring for the match to begin, the members of the Hercules Factory wonder where Mantaro is. Introduction announcements are made and when it is Terry's name that is mentioned, we see him suspended and tied up in rope, hanging near the opposite side of the cage as Rex King. He has a steel mask over his face. Rex King slashes at him with his claws and Terry the Kid falls to the mat, free of his bonds. They are ready to start when Sunshine makes the announcement that there will be a guest referee! Entering the venue, in a seafood themed costume, is Mantaro, carried on the shoulders of three females. Everyone is shocked that Mantaro will referee because he is an idiot! Before the match begins, Mantaro makes Terry the Kid remove his forearm covers because they are illegal in the IWF rules. They get into and argument and bicker for a short time. As the match begins, Rex King morphs his claw into the T-Rex head and chomps down on Terry's left shoulder, breaking his shoulder guard. But when Terry bites Rex King in the face, Mantaro calls a foul for biting. Terry argues that Rex bit him first, but Mantaro explains that technically it wasn't a bite because the T-Rex head was morphed from a hand, so really it was claws and not teeth digging into him, and therefore wasn't a bite. They argue some more. The T-Rex head then bites Terry's right shoulder, breaking that guard as well. They fight back and forth, until Terry does the Texas Tornado on Rex King, and drives him head first into the canvas. Terry yells for Mantaro to call him the victor, but Mantaro looks on with an empty headed stare and does nothing. Rex King pulls his head from the mat and begins an assault on Terry. After beating Terry pretty badly, he rears back for a massive T-Rex head attack and as it seems like Terry's going to get creamed, Mantaro grabs Terry and moves him out of the way, thus causing Rex King's T-Rex head to bust through the cage instead of Terry. Sunshine storms into the ring speaking of Mantaro's interference, but Mantaro quickly charges Sunshine with interference and excessive arguing with the referee, and tells him to get out of the ring. While Mantaro berates Sunshine, Terry notices that Rex King in in serious disarray from the pain he is feeling in his T-Rex head, caused by it smashing through the cage. He takes advantage of the situation and applies a menacing stretch hold to the appendage. As Terry the Kid's pressure is applied, we see the T-Rex head begin to turn to bone as the skin withers away. Eventually, Rex King uses the T-Rex head to chomp down on the tail arm and gets enough leverage to get free of the hold. They wrestle some more, until Terry gets Rex King into a leg lock. Sunshine begins to taunt Terry that he can't do any damage with small holds against such a big opponent, and that he is going to be a loser, just like his dad. He continues to taunt him as the episode ends.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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