Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 21

Air date: 09/14/2002


As we open, Sieuchin is still trapped inside of Crione Man's (Hydrozoa) rib cage. Sieuchin's mother comes to his rescue again with a fish, but Crione explains that it would be no use, as Sieuchin would still have to break free of the ribs. Sieuchin's little sister says she'll save the fish until Sieuchin busts out of the ribs. Sieuchin passes out and Crione Man is victorious. Adding insult to injury, Crione launches upwards for his finishing move (which is senseless, because Sieuchin has already lost).

Crione Man comes down and crashes the head of Sieuchin into the top of a ring post. This is the XYZ Crash. Sieuchin's tusks break off, and Crione lets Sieuchin slip free and fall into the river below. Crione Man then takes this opportunity to explain that he was superior to Sieuchin, and that he should have been training instead of doing good deeds for people. He says that even IF Sieuchin had stuck to his training regimen, he STILL would have beat him, because he is so good. Mantaro and Dead Signal (Road Rage) begin to argue, and Road Rage begins to insult Mantaro and his team. A puppy walks on and Dead Signal insults it too. Mantaro walks over to the puppy and pets it. He picks up the puppy and sets it on the table in front of Dead Signal and the puppy pisses on Dead Signal. They are right in each others face when Meat notices that Mantaro is trying to hide his tears. Sieuchin's sister calls for Mantaro and tosses him the fish that she was going to give to Sieuchin. She charges him that he must win this match for Sieuchin's sake. Mantaro catches the fish and while he raises it in the air, he vows to avenge his friend.

Back to Hercules Hand in the Stadium, Scar Face (Eskara) files his nails in preparation for his fight against Terry the Kid. Terry enters the venue wearing two flags tied to his arms. One is in honor of Gazelleman, the other for Sieuchin. The crowd goes wild for the sentiment. Back at Achilles' Heel, Mantaro tries a similar tactic to please the crowd. He strolls toward the ring wearing a karate outfit with the fish that Sieuchin's sister gave him, tied to his back. The crowd is repelled by the smell and throws stuff at him. One of the hits the fish and the mouth becomes stuck on Mantaro's head. Back to the Arena, Terry is prepping in the corner while Scar Face charges him. Terry, expecting this, dodges easily and lands a nasty kick to Scar Face's chest. Meanwhile, at the river, Mantaro is in the ring, delaying the start of the match, trying to remove the fish stuck on his head. He does and he and Dead Signal start out with a test of strength. Dead Signal tosses Mantaro into the ropes, but when Mantaro comes off the ropes, he skillfully dodges a clothesline by Dead Signal. He then throws a couple of mean kicks to Dead Signal's legs, buckling them. As he attempts his third kick, Dead Signal's head morphs from the red triangle to a "Left Turn Only" sign. Mantaro is deflected to the left before landing his blow. He tries another kick and is again deflected. Dead Signal Explains that Mantaro has to obey the signs.

Mantaro, being the dope that he is, pulls out a hand made beef guidon sign and tells Dead Signal to use it on him. Dead Signal is puzzled, he has never seen it before. Meat is curious too, and Mantaro explains that he made it and what it is for. Immediately he launches into his cow song. Dead Signal is irked and morphs into a railroad crossing. He employs his hypnotic powers to make Mantaro think he is actually on the tracks. Dead Signal causes a wind storm which rips free a billboard with the front of a train on it and it flies at Mantaro, flattening him. Stunned by being hit by a train, Meat explains it was just a sign, and Mantaro tries to leave to ring to escape. Dead Signal uses his fenders (around his waist) to reach out and grab Mantaro and pull him in close, trapping him. (He call this fender benders). He then rotates his head sign fast and begins to slice Mantaro (Sign Saw) as if his head were a circular saw.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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