Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 48

Air date: 09/14/2002


Sieuchin (Wally Tusket) is floundering in the sludge, while the clock is ticking down. His friends shout support to him, but to no avail, until his mom reminds him of a time in his childhood where he overcame the obstacle of swimming in icy waters. She reminds him to relax and take his time. Be confident. One stroke at a time. The clock hits 15 and he starts to make headway, launching from the water and landing in the ring on the count of 19. He charges Mr. French, who stops him in his tracks with a tongue smack attack. Gaining his senses, he grabs French's tongue and swings him around, launching him into the nostril of the stone frog head above. While he is stuck in the nostril he overhears Sieuchin thanking his mother for always being there for him, and Mr. French gets and idea. He shoots out from the nostril and goes for the tongue attack again, this time, Sieuchin ducks, as Mr. French expects, and his tongue shoots past the walrus, and grapples Sieuchin's mom and sister and drags them into the green sludge. Gazelleman (Dik Dik van Dik) calls to Sieuchin to tag out, so he can go save them, but when he tries, French plants a webbed hand on his face, blocking him. From the cliff, Terry the Kid tosses out a lasso to the floundering pair, but it's too short. Sieuchin's mom is trying to stay afloat, with Dorothy on her back, but she is failing fast. Sieuchin is still trying to remove the webbed hand from his face to go and rescue them, but his mom says to forget about them, this match is too important.

Dorothy (Sieuchin's little sister) calls out to Sieuchin to save them, but he is still stuck in the face wrap. In a desperate attempt, Sieuchin begins to hammer on the hand that is stuck to his face, beating fiercely until Mr. French pulls back his webbed digits in pain. A drop kick to the back of the head sends Mr. French to the mat. He peers over the edge of the ropes to see that his family has sunk below the surface. While they sink further, Gazelleman again reaches out for the tag to relieve Sieuchin, but French interrupts, telling him to go ahead and tag out. He says that himself and Cheeks will have a fun time tag teaming Gazelleman. Sieuchin falters but Gazelleman tells him to go ahead. They exchange some words and Mr. French pressures him to make his decision. His family or Keiko. Tamaki (Trixie) volunteers Mantaro (Kid Muscle) to save Sieuchin's family, but he balks. Meat boots him off the cliff into the sludge, attached to a safety rope to pull them all to safety. Seeing that Mantaro will save them, Sieuchin is encouraged and prepares to pummel French.

Dorothy and her mom sink ever further, when they see Mantaro in the distance. Just then, Mantaro runs out of breath and starts to convulse. In the ring, Sieuchin is torturing the frog with a back stretcher hold, and at the cliff, the group wonders about Mantaro. Terry starts to pull up the rope and reels in a bloated Mantaro. Sieuchin glances over his shoulder to see the water logged Mantaro being hauled up. This distraction is all that Mr. French needs, and he lands a hard kick to the forehead of the walrus, knocking him into the corner. Sieuchin asks Gazelleman if Mantaro was successful. Meanwhile back on the cliff, the water filled Mantaro erupts like a fountain and Gazelleman breaks the bad news to a crying Sieuchin. He tells Sieuchin to tag out and go. Sieuchin tags but Gazelleman grabs his arm and tosses him into the drink to save his family. At the encouragement of Keiko (Kiki), Rinko (Roxanne) and Gazelleman, he dives down to save his family, who are lying inanimately on the lakes floor. Gazelleman attacks French with a flurry of punches, knocking him back. He charges again, but is waylaid by Cheeks and a nasty forearm bash. Mid air, he is grabbed by French and landed in a nasty pile-driver. Gazelleman is losing hope fast, as is Dorothy and her mom, who are fading fast on the lake's bottom. Just then Sieuchin is there to rescue them, swimming to the top with them in his arms. In the ring however, it is a different story. Cheek has Gazelleman in an arm lock, making him fair game for the literal tongue lashing that Mr. French is laying on him. The group on the cliff watch in horror as Gazelleman is pummeled by the two. They can't interfere, or risk disqualification. Cheeks tosses Gazelleman to the ropes and begins spinning his arms in front of him like to high velocity fan blades. He fast approaches the fallen wrestler, to grind him into pieces but turns to meet a boulder that Mantaro tosses at him from the cliff above. He grinds it effortlessly and returns his attention to the spent Gazelleman.

Closing in on Gazelleman, he starts to make contact, but is stopped in his tracks by Checkmate, who catches both hands in his, halting the grinding rotation. Now in what appears to be a test of strength, he argues with Cheeks that he is allowed to help out, as he is not in any of the matches and therefore can interfere at will. He tosses Cheeks into the air, but Cheeks starts up his Windbreaker attack again (grinders). But before he reaches his prey, Checkmate transforms into his Rook mode, and Cheeks is deflected off the hard stone castle and into the ropes with considerable velocity. On the rebound, he is met with a hard kick by Checkmate and sent into orbit. Checkmate jumps up himself to meet Monsieur Cheeks and transforms again into the Knight (horse mode) to finish him off with the Pile Driver Stallion Style. He lands it with force as Cheeks spiked arm bands shatter, signaling his defeat. Mr. French flies in at Checkmate who quickly changes back to his regular self and dodges easily. He then gives Mr. French the boot, literally, to the midsection, sending him to the canvas next to the incoherent Cheeks. Checkmate walks over to Gazelleman to encourage him and jumps back to the cliff. Gazelleman turns to see Cheeks approaching and greets him with a hard fist. He then proceeds to spank him. While he beats the hell out of Cheeks, Mr. French sneaks up behind him, launching a flying attack, Gazelleman turns to see the frog cut off by a large column of the green sludge, hitting him in mid air. It turns out to be Sieuchin who turns him upside down and preps him for the Sky High Driver. He lands with a huge blast, sending light beams everywhere, and burying French up to the shoulders (upside down) in the canvas. Cheeks again comes at Gazelleman and jumps at him. Gazelleman preps the antler fist and misses, but then he tries again with the Savanna Heat, making contact, right up the middle of Cheeks, sending him to the canvas in a splayed wreck. This is his first win and everyone gets teary eyed over it. Keiko is released and Sieuchin catches her with ease. They start to celebrate but are interrupted by the last two members of the Poison Six Pack. The first one reveals himself as a behemoth in rhinoceros armor, named Sai-Borg (Jagg-ed). And the next turns out to be a skinny magician looking fellow named Baron Maximillion. Mantaro is ready to go now, but Kevin Mask urges caution, as the remaining two are more than likely the toughest of the bunch. Maximillion notes that the next match will take place inside of Mt. Fuji itself.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 2

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