Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 35

Air date: 09/14/2002


The Ninja (Ninja Ned) is standing upside down on the ceiling, and drops down tot he crowd of council members. There is some fear, as he used to be a devil Chojin (DMP), but Kinnikuman Soldier (Sergeant Kinnikuman) explains that he is a bounty hunter working for him. Greetings are exchanged and the Ninja notices Mantaro on the screen. He notes that last time he saw him, he was an ugly little kid, and makes the remark that it doesn't look as if anything has changed. Meanwhile, Mantaro is famished after the match with Fork the Giant, and tells Meat, Checkmate and the others that it's time to eat. But before he finishes his rant, two portals appear. Mantaro wants to eat first, and one of the portals inhabitants says he will feed Mantaro. Mantaro steps closer and is grabbed and pulled in. Meat and Checkmate follow suit, and dive into the portal. Back at Kinnikuman Tower (Muscle HQ) the Ninja freaks out, after recognizing Hanzou's voice. He tells Kinnikuman Soldier that Hanzou is too dangerous for Mantaro to handle, and that he has made a huge mistake. He explains Hanzou's origins, noting that he was a small child in a small town, until one day a meteor storm hit and destroyed his village. Subsequently, the radiation from the meteors mutated him, giving him powers, but scarring his face badly. He went berserk, dressing in a strange costume, with the mask of Hanya hovering his mutated face. He began attacking villagers, and putting his hand into a sheath on his back, and drawing it out (as it morphs into a sword) he would hit his opponents on the head with the energy that emanated from his sword/hand until it enveloped their head. When the energy was removed, their face was gone, and their soul was captured in Hanzou's blade as their visage would appear in the blade's reflection. The technique is called the Mt. Fuji Facelift.

He continues the tale of how Hanzou went on a killing spree, robbing souls with his Mt. Fuji technique, until one day, he was cornered by the Ninja's men. the Ninja wasn't there yet, and the men were fearful to make the first move, but one brave soul named Kokomo took the initiative and attacked. After Hanzou had face lifted Kokomo, the Ninja arrived, and grieving the loss of his friend, subdued Hanzou. Back to the present, the Ninja tells Ataru (Kinnikuman Soldier) that the mission is too dangerous for Mantaro. He leaves to intervene in the match! Falling through the tunnel, Mantaro, Meat and Checkmate come to land in what appears to be an ancient Japanese feudal town. Gazelleman (Dik Dik van Dik) comes riding up on a steed, in full ceremonial dress, and explains that this is a movie set. They start to argue, and Mantaro is still hungry. Hanzou appears atop a roof levitating, even though he is weighted down with balls and chain.

Mantaro is finishing up the Gyuudon (Cow) song, to the giggles of a couple of cute Japanese girls. They are all seated at a table, eating in a restaurant. One of the ladies saddles up next to Checkmate, and wipes some food pf his chin. He becomes embarrassed and the girls go wild over him. Meanwhile, Mantaro and Gazelleman get into a heated discussion, but they are interrupted by Hanzou, who has come to ferry him to the ring. Just then, the Ninja appears and puts Hanzou in a headlock from behind. The Ninja wants to switch with Mantaro, and of course, Mantaro accepts. Hanzou swings one of the balls and chain at the Ninja, hitting him squarely, and sending him flying. At ringside, we see the preparations. The ring has a traditional Japanese roof atop i, and it situated over a bottomless pit. Hanzou arrives first, and the balls and chain are removed from his arms and feet. Suddenly, the Ninja zooms in and drop kicks Hanzou right in the back, sending him to the opposite end of the ring. He launches of a side rope, but Hanzou catches him and launches. While heading downward, about to give the Ninja a full body Oklahoma slam into the mat, the Ninja goes into stealth mode, and the two disappear. When they reappear, the move is reversed, and it is Hanzou instead, who is power slammed into the canvas. The Ninja goes back to the side rope, and when Hanzou starts to rise, the Ninja launches, taking the rope with him. Rope after rope is stretched over Hanzou, until he is on his knees in the center of the ring, tied down with every rope from the ring. This is called the spider web rope attack, and it looks as if he is tangled in a giant spider web! The Ninja launches for a vicious elbow to Hanzou's head, and there is a close up of Hanzou, eyes all a-glow!

The Ninja lands the elbow to the head, but it turns out to be a statue of Nakano San (Doc Nakano) which cracks down the middle. Hanzou calls from above, and rains down kicks upon the Ninja. His Centipede Kicks knock the Ninja out of the ring. He catches himself with one foot on a rope, and swings himself up on top of the roof. He sucks in great amounts of air (Ninja Balloon Attack) inflating himself like a the Goodyear blimp, and exhales, sending the roof tiles flying vehemently (tile rain) at Hanzou. They strike their mark with a flurry, sending Hanzou over the edge. Hanzou swings back into the ring, and the Ninja uses another Tile Rain against him, but this time, Hanzou catches all the tiles, and fashions them into a Dragon Tile Whip. After being beaten three times with the whip, the Ninja falls to the canvas. Mantaro calls out for the Ninja to quit, and Meat asks why. Mantaro is worried about his safety, and figures if the Ninja defaults, he will be spared his life. Meat is awed that Mantaro is thinking of someone other than himself for a change. The Ninja explains that he will never give up and will sacrifice himself if necessary, as did his friend Kokomo. He does a spinning kick to Hanzou, but on the recoil, Hanzou summons a golem to do his bidding. The face of the golem morphs into Kokomo's, and the golem begins laying the guilt on the Ninja for not being there when Hanzou killed him. Mantaro shouts encouragement to the Ninja, and tells him that it is a trick of Hanzou's. He tells him to give up while he can. Hearing this, the golem face disappears, and Hanzou controls the Tatami Puppet, giving a beating to the Ninja. The golem throws the Ninja to the opposite end of the ring, and Hanzou and the Ninja square off once more. The Ninja knows he is defeated by now, and says that he will go to the next dimension, and will help Mantaro from there. Hanzou give the Ninja the Mt. Fuji Facelift, and the Ninja's lifeless body is tossed over the edge, into the pit.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 1

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