Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 27

Air date: 09/14/2002


Mantaro (Kid Muscle) is seen raising his arms in victory, as Crione Man (Hydrozoa) is being driven away on a medical boat. Once ashore, they load his stretcher into an ambulance, while Jade (Jaeger) stands by worried. Scar Face (Eskara) razzes him about being concerned for Crione, and tells him there isn't anything he can do, so stop worrying. Jade gets pissed off and socks Scar Face right in the jaw, sending him back. Right then, Crione calls to Jade. He says that Scar Face is right, that there is nothing he can do for him now, but that he saved his life in the ring. Jade is puzzled, and explains that when Mantaro's friends were cheering him on, they gave Mantaro power, while Crione's drained. It was only when Jade began to cheer for him, that he was able to at least lose with some dignity. He mentions that he was too proud to accept the help while he was in the ring, but realizes the power of friendship now. Jade starts to shed tears and Scar Face rags on him again, they begin to argue again.

The scene opens with an aerial view of the ring and the announcer says that Jade will Fight Scar Face in 30 minutes, after lunch break. Inside the restaurant, Mantaro is working on him bazillionth bowl of Gyuudon (beef rice bowl), and Meat wonders where he puts it all. Gazelleman (Dik Dik van Dik) says it's because he as all the empty space where his brain used to be. Mantaro gets pissed but Rinko (Rochelle) buts in, explaining that it's just some friendly ribbing. Tamaki and Keiko (Rinko's friends) say that two stomachs and no brain would make Mantaro's actions more explainable. Terry says that it is a parasite living in Mantaro's stomach. But Sieuchin (Wally Tusket) comes to the aid of Mantaro and says it is wrong to tease him for his eating habits. They should be teasing him about his smell. The guys bust out in laughter, as Mantaro goes into one of his fantasy spells, saying that he is all alone, but he hears the voice of one coming up the stairs to see him, he snaps out of the dream and sees Sieuchin's sister coming up, saying that she knew Mantaro had to be there, she could smell him. She is followed up by Sieuchin's mom, and there is some more mindless banter, when they notice that the water around the ring is being covered with tiles, to form a floor. Mantaro whines about not getting the same preference, when we cut to the ring, where Jade is warming up with Brocken Jr. It is mentioned that with Brocken in his corner, Jade will have a tremendous advantage. Scar face is in his corner, leaning against the ropes. He asks Jade if he wants to spice up the match with a few ring modifications, and Jade agrees. Rinko wonders what the mods will be, and Mantaro speculates that it could be the spider web modification, where rope is tied all over the ring like a spider web. He also speculates about maze walls installed, and the turnbuckles being turned into fire hydrants. Gazelleman berates him for his idiocy, as we see a cement truck pull ringside. When Brocken sees the truck, he begins to freak out and shake uncontrollably. As cement is poured out onto the canvas, Mac Metaphor (Japanese name?) wonders about the cement and turns to get Nakano San's (Doc Nakano's) opinion, but instead finds Sieuchin's little sister. Cut to a scene with Nakano San bound to a chair under a spotlight, similar to an interrogation room, and we see Sieuchin's mother flatten him with a cement hammer. Back to Sieuchin's sister, as she explains that the cement hammer caused greater pain than a spring hammer would, and thus the added cement to the ring. Brocken continues to freak out, as Jade tries to calm him. Meat explains that he is traumatized by a cement match he fought with Ramen Man along time ago, where he was beaten pretty badly. And that it has left him scarred for life. Jade helps Brocken to a chair, and Terry the Kid mentions that Scar Face is pretty crafty, with Brocken out, Jade has lost his edge.

Brocken is still immobilized by his trauma, but Jade gives him some spark, as he mentions that he is deeply indebted to Brocken for all his sacrifice. And that he can draw on his previous training to defeat Scar face. Inside the ring, introductions are made and Scar Face taunts Jade, causing Jade to charge. Jade attacks with a flurry of kicks, but Scar Face dodges them all and sets up Jade for a power slam onto the concrete. Jade balances on his legs, using them for leverage, as they come down, thus avoiding the mat. He reverses the hold, and slams Scar Face tot he cement, with his knees deep into the sides of Scar Face's mid section. Before Jade launches a flurry of punches, he pauses. Scar Face taunts him to pummel him, but Jade realizes that if he does, he will give Scar Face the leverage to put him into a triangle arm hold. Jade uses his knees and thighs as leverage to crush Scar Face's rib cage. He then switches to a full body arm lock. On the side lines, Meat wonders why Brocken is so traumatized. Scar face bends his arm and over powers the arm lock. He reverses and puts Jade into a choke sleeper hold. Jade starts to go blurry, but before he passes out, he hears familiar voices from the crowd, cheering him on. He looks to see a familiar woman. Flashback to when Jade was little, he is approached by a smiling woman who gives him some hot dogs for free, in support of his training to be a Justice Super Hero (Muscle League). He is encouraged and launches himself and Scar Face into the air, still in the choke hold.

In mid air, he flips up and boots the head of Scar Face, causing him to release his choker. In the stands, Mantaro, dressed as a young Jade, hits up the ladies for some free hot dogs, but she clobbers him instead. In the ring, Jade slams Scar Face backwards, head first into the concrete mat. But before he comes down, Scar face turns his blade like locks into real blades and uses them to absorb the shock of the impact. Jade is astonished and Scar Face uses the pause to slice at Jade's gut with his blades. Using his hair blades (Swallow Tail) he digs out a huge divot of concrete and hurls it at Jade, smashing him into a corner. Jade is in low spirits, but it seems that Brocken is come alive again. He cheers Jade on, and explains to him that he helped him to overcome his fear of cement, and that Brocken can use his defeats as lessons to help Jade become a better wrestler. Jade is encouraged, as Brocken tells him to be flexible to defeat his opponent. He uses the Great Wind analogy, about how the giant oak breaks in the harsh wind, but the sapling doesn't because it can bend. It is flexible, and so, overcomes adversity. Jade repeats this mantra to himself, as he and Scar Face charge each other.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 1

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