Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 29

Air date: 09/14/2002


We see Mantaro (Kid Muscle) on a cliff overlooking the sea, as the announcer explains that he has demolished Scar Face, and there isn't anything left for him to do. Rinko (Rochelle) comes up behind him explaining that his dinner is ready,and he asks if the kids are in bed, she says yes, and he mentions that he isn't really hungry, hinting at something amorous. It is mentioned that Mantaro has been a changed man, ever since he pummeled Scar Face and proposed to Rinko in the ring thereafter. Cut to Mantaro and Rinko being married by Meat. Time to kiss the bride, and she morphs into Sieuchin (Wally Tusket). Mantaro wakes up, it's all a dream. Scar Face (Eskara/Mars) is busy reading a news paper in his hotel room, when he comes across an article about the power of friendship and how it has propelled Mantaro to the finals. He vows to get rid of the friends first. Later that night, as Mantaro and company exit a diner, they are confronted by Scar Face who taunts them. The guys charge him.

They charge him and he slashes Sieuchin and Gazelleman (Dik Dik van Dik) and suspends them by their collars. A few more words are exchanged and Scar Face slams down the two. Terry and Mantaro charge, but Scar Face launches to avoid their attack. The next day, Meat and Mantaro leave the hospital and Mantaro is depressed because of his friends injuries. Meat counsels him and explains that he needs to prep for the match tomorrow. When he is done explaining, he notices that Mantaro has ditched again. Kid is sitting alone somewhere, when he hears Rinko and the girls talking on the other side of a fence. He listens more closely and hears the girls talking about Mantaro, and about how she would like to cuddle with him and take him for long walks and how cute he is, etc. etc. Mantaro gets all jazzed up and begins to daydream, which turns into the same dream as before and he freaks and runs off. The girls are startled at the noise and wonder what it was. Then they go back to cooing over the puppy who Rinko has named Mantaro because of a similar tuft of hair on his forehead. That night, Meat comes out of the house to see what all the commotion is, and is amazed to see Mantaro training so hard. He thinks it is because of his influence, but Mantaro's inspiration is Rinko. He plans on proposing to Rinko after beating Scar Face in the match tomorrow. The next morning, there is a press conference and Nakano San is wondering where the match will be held. Harabote (Vance McMadd) explains that the new venue will be the coliseum from the Hercules Factory. We see multiple space ships ferrying in the huge venue and it is almost dropped on Harabote's head.

The crowds are lining up to get the tour of the new venue, and Harabote leads the way. Along the way, they pass by numerous statues of champions and Meat points out a short stocky one and pokes fun at it. Harabote is irked, it is a statue of him. Inside the inner sanctum, there are huge gold statues of the best fighters, Terry Man, Ramen Man, Kinnikuman Suguru (King Muscle), Robin Mask and Warsman. Down inside the coliseum, the place is packed! Mantaro is announced and a platform is raised from the ground with that same action figure packaging as before. Mantaro is HUGE. He busts through the plastic bubble ad makes his way to the top. All the exercise has buffed him out, and he is also wearing the Brocken Skull around his neck. He is pumped up because of his inspiration from Rinko and takes note of her on his way to the ring. Scar Face is introduced and he exits the packaging and walks slowly to the ring. He sees Kevin Mask in the stands and grumbles a bit. Cut to Kevin Mask and we see Brocken approaching behind him, coming down the stairs. He takes the seat directly in front of Kevin and hints that Kevin is hiding a secret. Kevin, of course, denies this. Referees are announced and it is Buffalo Man, Rikishiman and Jessie Maybia who will officiate. Inside the ring, Mantaro and Scar Face are warming up, when the bell is tolled. Scar Face charges, but Mantaro dodges with lightning fast speed.

Mantaro comes at him with super quick Mongolian chops to the sides of his neck. Unrelenting, he manages to injure Scar Face. He starts to dream of Rinko again. Scar face swings a few times at Mantaro, and misses every time as Mantaro skillfully dodges. He manages to catch his arm, and Scar Face tosses Mantaro at the ropes for a ricochet. As Mantaro comes off the ropes, he turns and farts, launching himself out of range of Scar Face's impending attack. The coliseum gags at the stench, and Scar face is momentarily dazed, allowing Mantaro opportunity to land a vicious pile driver. Rinko's puppy takes off at the smell of the fart and Rinko begins to chase him. Mantaro is showboating on the corner post of the ring while Meat yells at him to keep his focus. Rinko nears the ring yelling for Mantaro (her puppy) and Mantaro (wrestler) thinks she is calling for him. He sees her scoop up the puppy and realizes that the conversation he overheard on the other side of the fence the day before was about the puppy, not him. He is disheartened and flops to the canvas. As he is sitting there, Scar Face towers over him. Grabbing his arm in an arm lock, he slams to the canvas, putting Mantaro in excruciating pain. He lets up and Mantaro rises, grabbing at his arm. Scar Face launches for a reverse flip off the corner top rope, and lands a HUGE belly flop on the middle of Mantaro's back.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 1

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