Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 37

Air date: 09/14/2002


Gazelleman encourages Mantaro to get up from the ledge. Mantaro pulls up till his arms ore over the edge, he is about half way up, when Hanzou does the Tatami Puppet. Mantaro is puzzled, he thought he couldn't use the Tatami on the grass mat, but Hanzou says he was bluffing to catch him off guard. Gazelleman rants about stepping up to Hanzou and showing him the Gazelleman way, but Rinko and the girls wonder if that means losing, since he has lost all his matches so far. Meat notices that Mantaro's lantern is burning down. His powers are draining. Mantaro is still hanging on to the edge when Hanzou begins dropping elbows, causing the puppet to do the same to Mantaro, smashing his knuckles. Hanzou continues the knuckle bashing but then steps back in awe because it feels as if his ankle is being restrained. There is a glowing ring around it. He notices that Mantaro has hold of the puppet's ankle. Meat realizes that Hanzou and the puppet are so linked that anything that happens to the puppet will happen to Hanzou. Hanzou drags backwards, causing the puppet to drag Mantaro up over the edge. The Tatami puppet picks up Mantaro and head butts his face numerous times, then does a Banzai Backbreaker (Tower Bridge). He then puts him in a headlock from behind and does a reverse suplex on him. Mantaro cowers, but the Tatami launches him up into the air.

He lands the Wasabi Wallop on Mantaro (like a side version of the Kinnikubuster). Mantaro falls worn out against the side of the ring with one rope remaining. Hanzou pulls his soul blade and goes for the Fuji Facelift. Successful. But something is wrong. From Mantaro's mask, emits multiple beams of light that converge and travel up Hanzou's energy stream, shattering the soul blade. The crowd is awed that Mantaro survived. Minch explains that Mantaro had used all the remaining Ultimate Muscle power to ward off the attack, and is now totally drained. Hanzou is pissed at his broken soul blade. He does a two story Franken Steiner on Mantaro, sending him crashing to the canvas and over the edge. Mantaro falls into the abyss. Hanzou grabs the ladder and ascends to his lantern, while Meat, Rinko and the others weep for the lost Mantaro. In the abyss, Mantaro is ethereal, floating. The Ninja appears and tells him that he is in transition in the spirit world. His old body is worn out and he will re-emerge renewed. After this, Mantaro appears hanging from one of the supports on the tower frame, and the crown cheers. The scarf caught his hand. Hanzou is puzzled, but nonetheless, continues toward the lantern. Mantaro wonder how he will get up, but the Ninja appears, telling him he is renewed and can do anything. Mantaro launches up as Hanzou is inches from the lantern.

Mantaro launches up, and comes over the edge with a hand plant. Hanzou is almost to his lantern, and the end of the match, but when Mantaro appears over the edge of the ring, his Lantern glows fiercely, frightening Hanzou and causing him to fall to the mat. Hanzou calls his Tatami to attack Mantaro, but Mantaro pounds the Tatami, knowing that this will also pummel Hanzou. Hanzou cuts the strings on the puppet to escape more injury. He rushes Mantaro and grabs his arms, slamming Mantaro to the canvas with a nasty face plant. As Mantaro and Hanzou pause to regain their breath, the sun sets and night falls. The lanterns are lit, sending Hanzou into a fit of pain. Meat wonders what is going on, and Minch explains that Hanzou is afraid of fire, and flashes back to the fiery meteor shower that created the monster. Mantaro insults Hanzou for being afraid, but Hanzou plants a solid drop kick, knocking Mantaro back, and setting up the pinwheel. Mantaro kneels with his head bowed. Hanzou starts to spin.

The pinwheel comes spinning at Mantaro, but he is still bowed, seeing a pool of water. In his mind, a drop hits the surface of the pool, and Mantaro acts. Time seems to be in slow motion, as he moves out of the way of the deadly pinwheel. The pinwheel is out of control, spinning on the mat, digging a hole. Mantaro launches against the ropes for the Muscle Millennium, and grabs Hanzou on the rebound. Still there are no ropes to finish the move, so Mantaro kicks off the mat, and launches up, using the rafter above for leverage, he launches down at the mat, just over the hole that the pinwheel dug. He slams Hanzou down over the hole and Hanzou's armor and mask break. He is down. Mantaro grabs the ladder and goes for his lantern, wary of another attack by Hanzou, but as he nears the top of the ladder, he notices Hanzou's lantern. The ice inside is receding fast. Hanzou's power is doing the same. He grabs the Ultimate Muscle lantern and heads back down. Meat notices that there are two flames, and Minch explains that this is because of the growth that Mantaro has made. He is becoming more powerful and hardened. Hanzou slips through the hole, and Mantaro jumps down, grabbing one arm, just in time. He tries to pull him up to save him, but Hanzou refuses his help, punching him in the face. Mantaro is determined though, and explains to Hanzou that the match is over, and there is no benefit to either anymore if one falls into the abyss. He tells him that he has learned to respect his opponents and Hanzou climbs up. The guards take Hanzou away, but before he leaves, he explains to Mantaro that Bone Cold is more vicious than both him and Fork the Giant combined. Cut to the ocean, where a cloaked figure (Bone Cold) is anticipating his match against Mantaro.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 1

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