Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 63

Air date: 09/14/2002


Episode opens with the crowd all seated awaiting the epic contest between Jaeger and Ricardo. Mac is busy talking but Doc is more interested in combing his wig. Kid Muscle is shown with some octopus dumplings for Roxanne but realizes she isn't around. Kid Muscle begins running around looking for her but stumbles upon Ricardo's locker room so he decides to take a peak inside. Ricardo is show blindfolded and begins to do his workout with consists of him crushing metal water drums with his legs and arms. As Ricardo finishes up, he hears Kid Muscle and asks him if he is looking for something. Kid Muscle squirms away, frightened as usual. Scene switches to a group of people standing outside of Jaeger's locker room and Roxanne is looking on in the far distance. She starts talking about wishing Jaeger good luck in his match until she hears Kid Muscle coming so she quickly hides. Kid Muscle hears Jaeger say Roxanne's name so he goes to investigate Jaeger's locker room. Jaeger and Kid Muscle start talking about Roxanne, their friendship, Jaeger's mothers death at the hands of the dMp, and facing each other in the Chojin Crown semifinals. Brocken Jr. shows up and tells Jaeger that it's time for battle. Before Jaeger leaves he tells Kid Muscle that he'd love to try his Mom's cow and rice sometime. Jaeger then leaves with Brocken Jr.

Ricardo is in the ring waiting for Jaeger to show up while Doc Nakano is playing with his wig again. Kid Muscle starts wandering around looking for Roxanne again. Ikemen McMadd is in the ring and about to make the introductions until a helicopter shows up carrying Vance and Jacqueline McMadd. Kid Muscle gets overjoyed when he see Jacqueline but Roxanne takes notice of this and sends Kid Muscle flying by stepping on his foot. Kid Muscle begins insulting Ikemen about his looks but Ikemen claims he has a way to dazzle the audience. He begins to make the introductions again but says gadies and lentlemen instead of the other way around which causes the everyone to laugh at him some more. Vance McMadd is shown embarrassed and wonders to himself if it isn't too late to make Jacqueline the chairman of the IWF. Ikemen starts rapping but is quickly beaten up by his father and sister. Jaeger makes his way to the ring and slowly gets in, sizing himself up to Ricardo. Roxanne asks Terry Kenyon if she should be worried for Jaeger while Kid Muscle is acting up with some sausage. Terry told Roxanne that she should be worried but Roxanne still believer Jaeger will win. In the ring, Brocken Jr. gives Jaeger some advice to attack Ricardo's mask so the match will be easier for him. Ikemen finally makes ring introductions and insults Ricardo but saying that he doesn't size up to him. The fans disagree so Ikemen throws the microphone at Ricardo but Ricardo just deflects it back, right into Ikemen's face. Ikemen introduces Jaeger and then gets to ring the bell so the match can begin.

Kid Muscle is eating some more meat but then lets off a burp. Kid said that Msr. Cheeks taught him that and he was about to do another but got pounced by Roxanne and company. Ikemen starts laughing hysterically until Jacqueline throws the ring bell at him. Kid Muscle then starts laughing but gets a hammer thrown at him. Jaeger and Ricardo start circling each other and Ricardo makes the opening move. Ricardo charges at Jaeger but Jaeger delivers a knee strike to Ricardo's chest. Jaeger puts Ricardo in a headlock and holds him in a vertical suplex like position. Ricardo reverses the move and put Jaeger into the Triangle Hold. Ricardo bends backwards and puts Jaeger in a move he calls the Tarantula Hold. Everyone starts feeling doubtful of Jaeger winning except for Roxanne who tells everyone to think positive. Meat brings up the fact that Jaeger's arm is not fully healed since the time Mars broke it. Jaeger begins to doubt himself and says he may not be able to hold on but Brocken Jr. tells him otherwise. Brocken reminds Jaeger of his training as a youth and tells him that the pain he's going through now is nothing compared to back then and the pain is all in his mind. Jaeger realizes this and breaks out of Ricardo's hold. Jaeger takes Ricardo into the air and gives him a move called the Uber Slam. Jaeger proceeds to slam Ricardo back into the wrestling ring.

Everyone thinks Jaeger has won the match, including Kid Muscle who says no one can beat Jaeger. Meat tells Kid Muscle that he should watch who he's rooting for because he will face either Jaeger or Ricardo in the Chojin Crown semifinals. Kid Muscle starts rooting for Jaeger but tells him to let Ricardo beat on him for a little while so Kid can have an easy next round match. Jaeger and Ricardo start insulting each other with rhymes until Jaeger kicks Ricardo in the head, shattering half of Ricardo's face to reveal a more sinister face underneath. Ricardo charges Jaeger but Jaeger counters and locks Ricardo in an arm bar. Ricardo's arm shatters to reveal another arm underneath. Jaeger releases the hold because of a spiky bracelet on Ricardo's arm. Everyone questions about Ricardo's bracelet but Brocken Jr. is shown and is more concerned about Ricardo's eyes, saying that belong to someone evil and not that of a Chojin. Jaeger bounces of the ropes but Ricardo uses his bracelet to lock up Jaeger's leg and toss him into the air. Ricardo catches Jaeger and uses a reverse neck crunch into an arm bar. Suddenly, the rest of Ricardo's fake body shatters off to reveal his true form, a huge white demon-like creature with orange eyes. Kid Muscle is freaked out Ricardo is laughing as the episode comes to an end.


Synopsis written by: Checkmate17

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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