Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 68

Air date: 09/14/2002


Msr. Cheeks again fills in the cracks in the knowledge of the viewer about what
happened in the previous episode.  The show opens with Doc saying how wonderful the weather is for a Snowball Fight-- and Mac Metaphor responds that it's miserable for any other kind of fight.  Again we see a reinterpretation of the
last few second of the previous episode.  Kid Muscle states that he doesn't mind
the cold-- that he hates the cold hearted... and the Mark of Ultimate Muscle
appearing on Kid's head is confirmed by Meat. Jaeger in his hospital
bed tells the Kid to stay angry, and the odd-faced Pashangite says to not be
confused by Ricardo's boyish good looks and winning smile-- his heart is dark
and evil, and only someone that evil would want to destroy a gentle soul like
Pashango.  "We've let a vile villain set foot in the ring of the Ikemen Chojin
Crown!  This is a tragedy, a catastrophe, and it's really bad for business!"
exclaims Ikemen.  "We better stop this before the viewers turn off their
televisions." McMadd yells.  Jacqueline reminds her father that he allowed Mars to
fight when he was revealed to be DMP, and the ratings went through the roof. 
(Obviously Mars was popular-- those four episodes are the only four to have been
confirmed to be on Kazaa's network).  "Evil gets a bum rap." she finishes. 
Ricardo declares he will win the match via superior skill and strength, then
boots the Kid back into the Turnbuckle.  Ricardo informs us that no one has
beaten a Kinnikuman when the mark of Ultimate Muscle has appeared.  Ricardo
spike shackles Kid up and slings him again into the Electrolix, prompting the
Pashangites and Roxanne's Group to begin cheering for Kid Muscle, which prompts the audience to chant along.  Ricardo rips out one of his fangs, hurling it like a boomerang and stabbing Sheuba in the chest.  Ricardo mounts the turnbuckle and vaults towards Kid Muscle.  "Now I'm really going to turn up the heat!"  Ricardo cackles as Roxanne yells to Kid to not give up.  Jaeger again manifests to Kid Muscle and causes the Mark of Ultimate Muscle to glow brighter and double-kicks Ricardo with Jaeger's added energy, and Ricardo misinterprets the spiritual
assistance as Master Pashango's spirit, as Kid Muscle had declared earlier in the
match that he was abandoning Jaeger for the Power of Ultimate Muscle.  Ricardo
then catches Kid Muscle in a Chicken Wing and sets Kid Muscle up for the
Brazilian Nut Cracker.  "You are going down Kid Muscle, for the story is done! 
Hahahahah!"  shouts Ricardo.  "It looks like there will be no happy ending
today!" shouts Mac Metaphor.  "That is, unless you like things to end with a
splat!" chimes in Doc.  "I LOVE it when things splatter!" Jacqueline exclaims. 
"EYYUUHH!" moans Ikemen.  "I want Kid to win if only to prove I'm getting the
engagement ring to that redhead!" states Roxanne mysteriously.  Meat tells her
not to give up yet, as the Mark of Ultimate Muscle is still burning brightly on
Kid Muscle's head-- "You might be missus Big Goofup, yet!"  Ricardo states to
Kid Muscle that he is about to go the way of Pashango and Jaeger.  "Any last
words?" Ricardo sneers, beginning a dialog between him and Kid Muscle.  Replies
the Kid, "Before I go, I would like you to know that this mark on my head is
called the Niku."  "Those are your last words?"  "I'M NOT DONE YET, FANG FACE! 
'Niku' is part of the word Kinniku and Kinniku means Muscle!"  "SOOOO?"  "So the
people on my planet call us Kinnikuman, which means 'The Muscle Man.'-- and you
want to know why they do that?"  "NO!  ...but I think you are going to anyway." 
"Well, I don't like to brag-- ok, I do like to brag..., but you should know I
have the most powerful muscles ever."  "Then where are they?" "I'll tell you." 
"All right, then."  "Whenever I'm in real danger, the mark of Niku activates an
even more powerful set of muscles inside."  Roxanne ends the dialog of Kid and
Ricardo with "O.K., Kid, that's enough flexing!"  as Kid Muscle's costuming rips
off his body.  "I feel a chill.  Maybe I should order tights in Extra Large." Kid
Muscle muses.  Doc states truly "His pants aren't the only thing that's ripped!"
as Kid Muscle hurles Ricardo onto the Electrolix, then performs the Muscle
Millennium upon the frying Ricardo, shattering the Electrolix and driving
Ricardo hard onto the Ring ropes and past, removing Ricardo's teeth via the
floor of the arena before his mark of Ultimate Muscle fades away.  Ricardo
begins stumbling up... then falls over on his back coughing.  Ikemen doesn't
want to ring the bell, as it might wake Ricardo's incumbent form.  Jacqueline says
that Ricardo doesn't look like a scary DMP villain or a Muscle Leaguer-- he
looks like Ikemen, a loser.  She rings the bell, and Kid Muscle's corner
rejoices.  Kid thanks Jaeger's belt, as Roxanne gushes over the power of
friendship.  Jaeger's vital signs also stabilize at the hospital.  Kid Muscle
throws his Cow and Rice bowl onto the head of Roxanne and confronts Roxanne on having it.  Roxanne Muscle Millenniums the Kid and begins shaking him.  Meat
interrupts the "lovebirds," as Ricardo has disappeared.  Kid Muscle spots him
stumbling out of the arena with his followers trying to tag behind him... and
Ricardo shooing them off.  Meat tells the Kid to go after him, but Kid says that
Ricardo is a broken man, and to let him go. Jacqueline pushes a button to
retract the broken down Electrolix, and a WWII Spitfire begins swooping
towards the ring, skimming the top of Kid Muscle's head, then shifts into
Comrade Turbinski.  Then an Earthquake happens, and Meat comforts Kid, as it's
just the transforming ring.  Ikemen tells Kid that Kevin and Turbinski are two
popular wrestlers and that they cannot afford to get a cold.  "Do you enjoy
making me miserable?" asks Kid Muscle.  "Uh Huh" nods Ikemen in confirmation. 
Kevin then approaches the ring and stares down Turbinski without any theatrics,
other than saying nothing to Kid Muscle.  Jacqueline again presses a button causing
another shaking and showcases her alternative to Electrolix... a ring a
thousand feet in the air with five rings-- one on top and four around  it
descending vertically.  Kid Muscle yells as the 'quake' happens, saying "I'm too
self involved to die!"  Jacqueline announces the rules of the Sky Cube, which are as
follows:  the wrestlers can fight on any side, but to win the wrestlers must
throw their opponent off of the ring to the ground.  Kid Muscle says he hopes
that Kevin isn't afraid of heights.  Channeling Terry Pratchett, Meat tells the
kid that "there's no reason to be afraid of heights.  Falling from those heights
is another story..."  Kid Muscle then dresses as a Physics professor and points
out that gravity will cause the fighters to fall to their doom if they try and
fight on the side rings.  He asks what will happen if Kid Muscle gets hurt on
the ring-- "what will happen to his wife and five perfect, handsome sons?" 
Roxanne then kicks his speech short in fury over this comment, shouting "Why do
all your sons look like you, anyway?" giving doubt to her fealty to Kid Muscle. 
Jacqueline points out that the two people who can complain abut the ring arn't
complaining, and Kid realizes that if both fighters lose, he automatically wins
the challenge.  Lord Flash puts on Kevin's armor upon command with the
slip of 'Comrade.'  Kevin tells Lord Flash that he has noticed the slips of the
tongue and his inability to lift his pinky finger during tea and has drawn the
conclusion that Lord Flash is not an Englishman.  "I hope the fact that you share Comrade Turbinski's Russian heritage won't cause you to betray me."  "Fear
Not, Kevin, I will always be in your corner." replies Lord Flash.


Synopsis written by: TheOrgg

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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