Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 17

Air date: 09/14/2002


We begin with Meat nursing Mantaro's wounds from the Checkmate match. Mantaro fakes being sick while Meat goes to prepare him some special soup. While Meat is preoccupied, Mantaro sneaks out. Apparently he has a prearranged hang out with the guys, Terry, Gazelleman and Sieuchin at the mall. Switch to the Hercules Factory's earth headquarters where The Addams, Apollo and Gorgeous Man are training. Harabote Muscle (Vance McMadd) is griping about the absence of the four at the mall. He berates the guys training and tells them to go find the Mantaro and the other three. Back at the mall, it appears that everyone but Mantaro has a HUGE fan base of excited girls. Mantaro is depressed and takes a walk, where he stumbles upon a young girl about to be mugged by two creeps in an alleyway. He decides not to get involved and walk away a little, until he notices Rinko and her two companions. Rinko notices the mugging and threatens the two hoods. They recognize her and flee in fear. Apparently Rinko has a reputation for being one tough cookie! Mantaro starts to chase after he but gets trampled by a horse. Rinko then separates from the two other girls, on her way home, and Mantaro pursues. Running up behind Rinko, he catches up to her and starts to tell her he loves her, but by reflex, she turns and belts him. Mantaro is out cold and Rinko, realizing what she just did, is remorseful.

As Mantaro is laid out, Rinko pokes at his face with a twig, trying to awaken him. When he awakens, he comes on strong and tells her how much he is infatuated with her. She explains that she too WAS infatuated, but when she saw him ignore the mugging, she lost all respect for him. He pleads with her and is interrupted by Meat. Shortly thereafter, Mantaro sees a rice bowl and sings his song. He then takes off after the food, but in the process slips on a banana peel and lands face first into a cactus. Rinko explains that they can go to her house to pick out the needles. They arrive at her house, to discover that she lives at an orphanage. Meat is amazed and explains that he spent some of his best days there. Rinko's mom (Marie) is a worker at the orphanage, and is excited to see Meat after all these years.

While they eat inside, Marie reminisces about her past friendship with Suguru and Meat, and it is made clear that she had the hots for Suguru. Mantaro and Rinko decide to go for a walk, and after they leave, Meat confesses to Marie that he always had an inkling for her. She remembers how she was in love with Suguru, but that her best friend Bibinba stole him away. Meanwhile, outside, Mantaro and Rinko are having a similar conversation. Mantaro explains that since Marie had the hots for Suguru, that Rinko cannot resist himself, because of the genetics. Rinko explains to him that she was found by Marie in a basket by the gate and raised as her own, but is not blood related to her. Mid conversation, Mantaro is confronted by DMP member, The Rigani (Cranky Doodle Craw Daddy), who grabs Rinko and leaps into the air. He then grabs a small leg from his armor and tosses it to the ground, where it transforms into a ring. He takes another leg and tosses it and Rinko down. The other leg becomes a shell like straight jacket and fastens Rinko to one of the ring posts. Mantaro and The Rigani rush each other and The Rigani slaps Mantaro a few times with his tail, and then does a suplex that ends with Mantaro getting whacked again by the tail, instead of crashing into the mat. Mantaro falls limp to the canvas, as Rinko urges him to get up.

To help encourage Mantaro, Rinko offers him a date if he wins this bout, and suddenly Mantaro jumps to his feet, energized! The Rigani and Mantaro grasp hands in a test of strength, while amongst the crown outside the ring, Meat and Marie arrive. The Rigani does another tail suplex, but this time Mantaro catches the tail before it hits him upside his head. He does a reverse slam on The Rigani, but then The Rigani releases his body armor, which grabs a hold of Mantaro like a straight jacket. The Rigani then uses his antenna as tentacles and binds Mantaro. He uses his claw to grab a hold of Mantaro's neck and then his mid section in a pinch attack. Seeing Mantaro in trouble, Rinko goads him on and encourages him. The Rigani slams Mantaro against the shell holding Rinko, causing Rinko to pass out. This pisses Mantaro off majorly, and he busts free and grabs hold of The Rigani. He then launches into a Kinniku Buster and demolishes The Rigani. Match over. Back at the Hercules Factory's earth HQ, Harabote complains some more that Mantaro and the crew are absent on training day, and tells Gorgeous man and the others that they have four new replacement guys for them. Cut to the Hercules Factory to see a glimpse of four tough guys who all look similar to Jade (Jaeger).


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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