Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 65

Air date: 09/14/2002


Monsuer Cheeks flips toward the screen and announces that Jaeger has been 'Wiped Out' by Ricardo, whom has been busted out of his Muscle League shell.

Mac Metaphor introduces the unexpected parade of wrestlers with "Fans have flocked for their favorite chosen Chojins!"  Roxanne and pals remark upon the crowd and are rushed while trying to take pictures three times;  Kevin Mask and Lord Flash appear and begin commenting that they are suppose to be wrestlers, and expressing their disgust for the spectacle of the parade.  They concoct a plan of escape:  Each grabs the upper body of the other, and beginning by fraying Doc's toupee with their feet, they flip each other onto the heads of dozens of crowd members toward the end of the parade.  Ricardo's cart now appears with Ricardo in DMP form, and is peppered with junk, garbage, and food remnants.  Following the villain, Wally shows up on a bike pulling a cart with Kid Muscle, Meat, aand Wally's family.  Meat and the Kid complain about the 'safe and smooth' ride Wally is providing, and Meat decides to try Kevin Mask's way out of the fix.  Meat grabs Kid Muscle by the head, puts him up in a suplex position, and then thrusts both himself and the Kid backwards... smashing Kid into the sidewalk as the crowd runs screaming out of the way of the pariahan wrestler.  "What went wrong? asks Kid Muscle.  "You mean right now, or in general?" Meat quips back.

We next see Ricardo in bad guy form training by crushing cars together and announcing that he is 'invincible!.'  The next scene is Kid Muscle sitting at a table, and Wally walking into frame from the side.  "What are you doing?" asks Wally.  "Training." replies Kid Muscle.  Meat speaks up, "Training is when you get tired and sweaty."  With that, Wally's family pops up and says that they'll cheer on the rice and Cow if that's the case.  Kid Muscle tells them "Not if I do it first!!!"  *Cue 'Rice and Cow Song'*

At the match, Kid Muscle tells meat of his sponsorship... while dressed as a giant crab.  Kid shows up in the ring and is confused as to why he hasn't been called.  Taking rare initiative, he jumps into the ring, yelling his stats loudly, with McMadd's Son. McMadd's Son quickly interrupts with "What are you doing, KID?!"  "Warming up my vocal cords for the fight?" Kid chances.  McMadd then proceeds to tell Kid the venue has changed... slightly, and that's why he hasn't been called yet.  The stadium is transformed into an outdoor arena... and it's cold outside.  Wally offers his sister to keep Kid warm with her blubber, but Kid wants no part of that.  Spotting Roxanne with a blanket wrapped around her, The Kid offers to snuggle down with her to keep warm, and is quickly rejected.  "I thought You Liked me!" he cries.  "It's a habit I'm trying to stop!" responds Roxanne.  Suddenly, something CRACKS through the CANVAS!!  Two electrodes in an 'X' shape appear, and Mac Metaphor announces it's Electrolix!  Kid's logic circuits misfire, and he says "Hey, Electricity is warm!"  He then touches Electrolix with the tip of his finger... and responds that electricity is "TOO HOT!" before touching it a second time.  Good Ole Kid Muscle.  Ricardo's team appears without Ricardo, and instead carries a coffin...    Kid panics, and everyone is wondering about the coffin;  Ricardo's team places the coffin in the ring.  The effeminate announcer begins announcing Kid Muscle with half a dozen insults; Kid asks if he could just give weight and bicep measurement instead.  The fake announcer agrees, and as he begins announcing Ricardo's Weight and Measurements, the coffin begins to bust... emerging from within, a black cloud coalesces in the corner of the ring... and Kid stops worrying, as all he can see is a par of eyes.  "Hey, meat!  I'm O.K.!  Everything except his eyes decomposed!"  Ricardo's black gas then coalesces into a humanoid shape... and clears, revealing his Muscle League disguise, which comes as a surprise to everyone, including the McMadd family in their hot tub.  McMadd's daughter 'perks up' and philosophies on what Ricardo's emergence from the coffin signifies.  Kid no longer is cold, as his brain overheats.  Kid Muscle and Ricardo stare down each other, and Mac Metaphor suggests that Kid is daring Ricardo to make the first move...  The Kid then shouts "Don't tell him THAT!" as he nearly wets himself.  Ricardo takes initiative, barreling towards the Kid, but Kid Muscle punches him with two solid hits, following up with a Kick that barely misses... While Kid is off balance from the miss, Ricardo rams the kid toward Electrolix...

...and the next episode.


Synopsis written by: TheOrgg

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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