Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 45

Air date: 09/14/2002


This episode starts in a giant carnival setting at night time. The celebration is for the extra jewel that Ikemen is adding to the Chojin Crown. Milling around a catered table, Mantaro, Sieuchin, Gazelleman, Terry the Kid and Meat converse. Mantaro is teased for eating all the time, but the guys come to his defense. Jade approaches and tells Mantaro that he hopes they can meet up in the finals, and Kevin Mask is quick to follow suit. Mantaro is confident and Meat is impressed, but in Mantaro's head, he is thinking how scared he is. He gives in to his fears and starts to leave, but Meat stops him. Meanwhile Rinko is fawning over Jade, having delusions of a simple life in Germany. Mantaro notices and gets jealous. He makes sweetheart and fiancé remarks to Rinko. Rinko gets pissed beats him up for embarrassing her in front of Jade. Up on stage, Ikemen and Harabote are announcing the lottery pairings for the next round. They scheme to get a Jade/Kevin Mask final, as that will bring in the largest dollar amount. Mantaro shows up and the crowd scatters. Ikemen and Harabote exclaim that if Mantaro wins, the ratings will be poor, and so will they. The lights suddenly go out, and Kinniku Mantaro appears riding a motorcycle. Actually SIX Mantaro's appear on a motorcycle. They are in gray outfits instead of blue and green, and their insignia is a "D" rather than the "KN" symbol.

There is confusion about the Mantaro clones. Ikemen wants to disqualify everyone. He tries to bounce one of the clones and gets a butt breaker landed on him. He is then tossed off the stage by the clone who swings him around then let's him fly. There is banter among the guys and they break out with the cow song. Mantaro get the first and last verse, while Sieuchin gets no. 2 and Meat sings the third line. Mantaro takes up some Gyuudon (rice bowl) and offers it to the first guy, who promptly slaps it out of his hand. They explain that they are there to settle an old score with Suguru, by beating Mantaro. This being said, they race off on their bikes to capture Rinko (Rochelle) Trixie and Kiki, and take them hostages to guarantee the match the next day. They call themselves the Poison 6 Pack (American name) and the stage where they are standing ruptures from the ground to reveal a meteor looking space craft, formed in the shape of a jester head. The ship launches away, as the bad guys remind the Chojins of their match tomorrow.

There is a makeshift stadium set up in the forest and the ring is places on a large tree stump. the Poison 6 Pack explain that there will be one tag team match for each girls freedom. The first match will be between Terry the Kid and Jade vs. the Protector (a giant robot) and Dazzling ( an Egyptian looking shaman). This will be for the freedom of Trixie. Terry Man and Brocken Jr. are ringside to coach the two, who have no tag team experience as of yet. The match starts and it is Terry the Kid vs. the Protector. Terry is bouncing all over the ring, dodging the robots blows and landing his own. He jumps on his head and tap dances on his head, until the Protector is prone on the mat, while Terry the Kid continues to stomp on his helmet. Seeing this, the Shaman comes in illegally with no tag. He launches a glowing fist at Terry the Kid, who easily dodges it. He reciprocates with one of his own, knocking Dazzling to the mat. But as he was distracted, the Protector manages to grab Terry the Kid by his legs and slams him down hard on to the canvas. He tosses him around like a rag doll, while Jade alls for a tag. Terry is down on the mat when the protector goes for a huge stomp.

He manages a leg drop instead of a stomp (consider that his leg is about as thick as half of Terry's height). He then throws a vicious palm on to Terry's upper half, smashing him into the canvas some more. Dazzling convinces the Protector to switch, and Terry takes the Opportunity to tag out. But before he makes the tag, Dazzling comes in a taunts Terry the Kid, saying that his family has always been second rate. Terry the Kid, against the advice of His father, Terry man, and against the pleas of Jade to tag out, remains in the ring. He charges Dazzling and grabs his waist for a take down, but Dazzling double chops his shoulders, sending him down. He grabs Terry the Kids arm and slams his whole torso into the canvas with a viciousness. Jade and Terry man plea with Terry the Kid to tag out, but he refuses. He launches up, grabbing Dazzling by the horns, as he did to Buffaloman, and slams his face into the canvas. Dazzling is down, and Terry the Kid looks down at him. Bt as Dazzling turns over a but, Terry the Kid notices Dazzling's shoulder pad which looks alot like an eye. Using it to hypnotize Terry the Kid, Dazzling gets up. Terry the Kid is now convinced he is in a dark forest being tied down with roots. So convinced that he doesn't realize that Dazzling is hailing a barrage of punches at his face. Terry man goes to the edge of the ring and realizes that the shaman has his son under a spell. Jade says enough and charges the pair, but the Protector comes in with a nasty side drop kick, knocking Jade onto the hard stump out of the ring, where he begins to pummel him.
The girls begin to lose hope, as Terry the Kid is effortlessly getting pummeled by Dazzling and outside the ring, the Protector is making pressed grapes out of Jade.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 1

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