Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 69

Air date: 09/14/2002


Msr. Cheeks again gives the news that Kid Muscle allowed his power to rip, and wonders why the fans don't like himself to let his powers rip, then summarizes the rest of the previous episode. Jacqueline introduces the fighters, starting with Turbinski. Turbinski has many Russian Cossacks cheering him on, and Kevin has a pack of English Punks cheering for him. As soon as Jacqueline rings the bell Kevin Mask runs to Comrade Turbinski and begins pummeling the Commie with speedy slaps, knocking Turbinski to the ropes. Meat explains that Kevin has been sharpening his skills in every single match that he's had. Terry wonders why Flash is still hiding his identity, and Comrade Turbinski kicks Kevin's Mask, then goes down on one knee. Kevin then hurls Turbinski into the air and he plummets toward the ring... halting an inch above the top mat's surface, then he turns over smoothly. Kevin catches Comrade Turbinski in a suplex... that also is halted above the ring, reversing the suplex into a pile driver. Kevin kicks Comrade Turbinski out of the ring and over the edge... with Turbinski halting mid-fall in the middle of one of the side rings, laughing as he rights himself on the sideways ring. Terry says that Turbinski is up to something, as even he can't do those kinds of stunts in his crop-duster... "He's got strings tied to him! Kevin! Get some Scissors!!!" screams Kid Muscle. Turbinski tells that his flight plan, after finding out early about the upraised ring, now includes an antigravity fulcrum thruster that allows him to break the laws of gravity... as he charges toward the peering-over-the-mat Kevin Mask and backdrops Kevin onto the side-mat... Kid gets excited as Terry points out that if Kevin catches Comrade Turbinski as he falls that both Kevin AND Turbinski lose. Kevin claws the ring's mat... then falls past the ring ropes-- catching the top rope at the very last second, or maybe even after it. "At least I can depend on someone, namely myself." Kevin comforts himself, then hurls himself at the sideways Comrade Turbinski. "With all that technology, I'm surprised he doesn't have rearview mirrors!" shouts Doc. Kevin and Turbinski again lock up, with Kevin ending it by picking up the Russian and slamming him to the canvas-- but then the Russian catches Kevin in a scissor hold, only to get pummeled again by Kevin's fast fists. "This is more like it! Carnage, Violence-- Everything a girl could want!" exclaims Jacqueline. Comrade Turbinski lays face down on the mat and Kevin puts him into a Sidewinder Sliverknot (according to Terry). Turbinski then breaks Kevin Mask's hold by transforming his arms into the Spitfire's wings. Meat points out that the animosity between Flash and Kevin may be Kevin's downfall. Turbinski jumps up and fully transforms into the Spitfire, charging Kevin Mask with his spinning blades. Kevin then puts the plane into the Big Ben Bash. Turbinski transforms back into his normal body and uses the change to shift his positioning and Big Ben Bashes Kevin instead! Kevin's head is stuck into the mat, making a huge hole. Kevin regains his feet, then gets knocked back down by Comrade Turbinski's knee, which gets many cheers from the Russian side of the crowd. Lord Flash mourns his hiding of his identity. The punks then begin deriding Meat for teaming up with Turbinski during the three-legged races, and Kid and Terry say it was like a blind date... The Punks simply say they all are swine, and Kid Muscle takes offense, as a pig gives bacon. Turbinski then takes flight once again, transforming into a Warhawk Helicopter and crashes its nose into the back of Kevin Mask, and as the chopper blades get close to Kevin...


Synopsis written by: TheOrgg

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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