Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 61

Air date: 09/14/2002


We find Kevin Mask as we had previously left him, about to be slammed inside Blox's (LegoX) massive Book transformation.  This technique, known as the Hard Back Crash, is performed violently smashing Kevin in Blox's grasp.  While the crowd views such a gruesome display, Mac Metaphor and Doc Nakano recreate the scene with a giant book of their own (with a little help from the prop department, of course).  However, things go haywire, as this demonstration backfires, crushing Doc in the process.
Back ringside,  the slams get more painful and repetitive, allowing time for the old pain to dull just as the new slam is landed.  The spectacle seems to shock all the fans, except Jacqueline, who's just spitting out one liners.  Even the Kid seems frightened by the mammoth sized book, but possibly for all the large, scary words.  It looks like the dynasty of the Mask family warriors is at an end.  Things look worse as Kevin uses his last ounce of strength to force the book open only to have it violently slammed shut once again.  Even Blox feels Kevin getting weaker, and assures him it won't be a happy ending.
However, Kevin doesn't believe in happy endings, just himself and leaps out of the massive walls.  Blox is now pounded by Kevin's fast and furious "Shockwave Stomps"  It appears the fight will be over, but Jacqueline knows better.  The footwork earns Kevin the demeaning nickname, "Prancer," as Blox deconstructs himself and reassembles arms and legs to counter the move.  Blox is about to execute the "sonic Crush,"  But ol' Kevin knows what's what and counters it with a Frankensteiner.  Kevin then performs more fancy footwork as he bounds over to the turnbuckle and launches off the ropes.  Blox is pinned by the move, but not for long.  He expands his chest, hurtling  Kevin out of the pin.  Kevin tries to use this to his advantage, attempting to elbow Blox on re-entry.  Blox once again disassembles just as Kevin lands, breaking his own arm in the process.
At which point, Blox transforms into something quite non-sequitur looking, a 60 story high ramp, complete with a "Loop-de-loop."  It is made with a purpose, unbeknownst to anyone else.  Blox sends his head careening down the slide, gaining momentum, hammering Kevin in the chest on the way down.  But Kevin is able to take the blow, and stands in anticipation of Blox's next trick.
Blox gives new meaning to the old adage, "If you can't beat them, join them," to a new meaning.  He disconnects yet again, and his pieces attach like leaches to Kevin's body and armor.  Engulfed in the barrage of building blocks, Kevin finds it harder and harder (and soon impossible) to move.  Lord Flash, Kevin's mysterious coach informs that there is a small opening in the back.  It's a matter of seconds as earsplitting pops and cracks are audible.  Truly a disgusting sight that causes Kid Muscle to grab on to Meat in fear.  Kevin has dislocated his joints so he could fit through the small opening.  After the escape, Kevin learns the startling discovery. Blox has assimilated his form.  Blox didn't want to suffocate him, there's no fun or challenge in that.
Kevin tries to attack, but he cannot even land a single blow of three.  Blox has cancelled them all out.  As Kevin falls to the matt after such fruitless efforts, Blox explains why it's not going to be easy to fell him now.  Kevin is victim to Blox's "Building Block Mocker,"  which not only copies the opponents looks, but also their attacks and knowledge of them.  Doc wrestles himself quite literally as he attempts to explain how it will lead to a deadlock.
Kevin comprehends the gravity of the situation.  He lunges toward Blox, about to perform a tackle, but swiftly changes it into a clothesline, finally knocking Blox off guard.  Just as it looks like Kevin has got Blox where he wants him, the toy menace wonders "What would Kevin Mask do?"  The Answer?  A Cleveland Clincher.  Kevin tries to sock it to Blox, but his fist is caught and squeezed hard.  A new wrinkle develops.  Blox may have Kevin's abilities, but Blox also has a higher Chojin power.  Even if it appears that any move results in a stalemate, Blox can break it, as he is stronger.
Blox then acts by performing Kevin's triangle hold.  Kevin seizes the opportunity to tuck and roll out of Blox's grasp.  At which point, Ikemen rejoins his father and younger, more beloved sibling in the McMadd family box.  Ikemen believes that Kevin's wrestling career is over, but Jacqueline knows otherwise.  Taking a cue from Kevin Mask, Kid Muscle seizes an opportunity of his own. on his beloved Jackie!  Once again, decked out in the finest wardrobe a split second could provide him, he shoves a rose in Jackie's face.  And like all his other romantic efforts, he is once again denied.  Jacqueline snips the bud off the rose, leaving the Kid with the pathetic stem and making him look like a loser once again. 
The opponents square each other off to a standstill, awaiting the other's next move.  Blox flips back into action, once again hacking off another one of Kevin's moves.  He pins Kevin to the ropes and performs the agonizing "Royal stretch."  Things look bleak, and the fans turn their backs and cheer for Blox, who would look to be the clear winner.  Kevin starts to cackle menacingly.  It seems he's finally lost it.  Kevin hasn't.  He knows  that true competition brings out the best in a person, especially when fighting oneself.  Kevin vows he's a better, improved fighter and concludes the episode warning Blox he's in for the fight of his life.


Synopsis written by: Dr.Tooth

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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