Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 50

Air date: 09/14/2002


Inside the crater of Mt. Fuji, Mantaro (Kid Muscle) and Baron Maximillion square off. The Baron tells Mantaro that he has been looking forward to this match, but Mantaro thinks to himself that it's going to be easy knocking off this skinny old man. Meat tells Mantaro not to get over confident, and the sentiment is echoed by Sieuchin (Wally Tusket). Mantaro is confident in his over confidence but is lectured by the waif that there is more to wrestling than sheer brawn. Mantaro laughs it off and charges the Baron, only to pass through him as Baron Maximillion fades out and back in. Mantaro trips from his momentum and hits the canvas. He attempts a spinning kick and again falls to the mat, as his leg passes clean through as Maximillion phases out and back in again. Everyone is perplexed and thinks that Mantaro is goofing around. Meat explains that Mantaro is being fooled by a trick of the Baron. Mantaro charges again for a hammer hold, but again, passes right through. A frustrated Mantaro asks for advice from his friends but is met with empty answers, until Meat realizes what is going on. He notes that the Baron is moving out of the way so fast, that he can dodge Mantaro and reposition himself so quick that he is not seen by the naked eye. Nakano San (Doc Nakano) goes into a discussion of the persistence of vision to explain it better. Mantaro charges again, but this time the Baron disappears in a flash, reappearing in the air behind Mantaro.

Diving headfirst, he nails Mantaro right in the mid-section and knocks him to the canvas. He taunts Mantaro and again dis-apperates, re-appearing in a pink flash with another head to Mantaro's gut. Again, but this time with two solid heels to Mantaro's chin. Mantaro rises, only to be hit with two feet to the chest and knocked back down. Meat yells out to Kinniku Mantaro to look for the pink flash, which precedes each hit. But no sooner than the words leave his lips, does Mantaro get nailed again, this time knocked into the ropes. Mantaro acknowledges, and manages to grab Maximillion's ankle the next time he strikes. With this, Baron Maximillion transforms from a scrawny magician looking fellow, to a glossy black armored fighter with a purple hair. He calls this Maximum Maximillion. Max grabs Mantaro by the neck and puts him into the Tower Bridge. Mantaro agonizes until the Baron tosses him to the canvas. The crown shouts their dis-approval of Mantaro and their admiration for Max. Mantaro charges him, but is stopped cold with a hard elbow to the back and then picked up and slammed head first into the canvas in a reverse pile driver. Mantaro lies dormant on the mat, as Maximum Maximillion leaps into the air, landing one of his large knee spikes directly in the center of Mantaro's back. Mantaro winces in pain as the spike is driven into his spinal area. Max gloats but is rendered speechless as Kinnikuman Suguru (King Muscle) enters the arena, walking down the aisle to the ring.

Dressed as he was during his bout with Mantaro at the Hercules Factory, he approaches ringside. He asks the black behemoth why he is tormenting Mantaro, and Maximillion makes reference to a slight that he was given by Suguru years ago. Suguru recalls that it was Buffaloman that insulted him, but Max doesn't care. He is enjoying himself. Suguru urges Mantaro to rise up and goes through a myriad of reasons why, such as the power of friendship, never giving up, etc. Mid explanation, he loses composure and we are treated to the actual "old, out of shape" Suguru that we have come to recognize. Maximillion finds this hilarious, as does the crowd, who were only moments before, in awe of the legend. Even Nakano and Yoshigai (Mac Metaphor) get into the act. Suguru is un-phased and continues trying to revive Mantaro. He even pulls out the home made rice bowl, made with love from Bibinba (Mantaro's mother), and does a cow song. Mantaro doesn't budge. Next he decides to use Rinko (Roxanne) as motivation. Suguru mentions Rinko as Mantaro's fiancé. Overhearing this, she adamantly denies it. Maximum Maximillion tells them to forget it, Mantaro will not recover. But Mantaro starts to stir, and Suguru starts to grin, knowingly. All the talk of friendship, food and Rinko gets him pumped and he gets back up fully restored. From the sidelines, Suguru is doing the happy dance, which is annoying the Baron to no end. Mantaro looks to Rinko and tells her not to worry. They'll be married after the match and she can start pumping out the babies from then on. Rinko gets majorly pissed at this and goes ballistic in her glass prison. Mantaro is oblivious to her fury, and thinks she is enjoying the wooing. Maximillion is disgusted at the absurdity of it all. From ringside, Suguru is still doing the happy dance, but takes a moment's break to hand a sticker to Mantaro. It is a sticker of a wedding cake with Mantaro and Rinko on it. Mantaro accepts it and places it on his forehead. He powers up to ultimate muscle as Suguru is overjoyed and the sticker is incinerated revealing the mark on his forehead.

Mantaro charges and suplexes Maximillion, head first over his shoulders. He goes to the corner post and leaps off with a big splash on the Baron. Meat warns against over confidence, as Mantaro ogles at Rinko. He sets up Maximillion for a figure 4 leg lock (Scorpion Pincher Lock), flipping him over and applying serious pressure to the lower back of the Baron. Maximillion is helpless while Mantaro adds in the pain. Everyone senses victory, but Mantaro decides to hot-dog around and drops the leg lock, in favor of a better finishing move. Mantaro's distraction gives the Baron a chance to get up, and he lands a hard kick to the back of Mantaro's shoulders, knocking him into the corner. He is visibly winded and Mantaro makes note of this. Maximum Maximillion morphs one more time into Maximillion Overdrive, a giant about 3 times as tall as Mantaro and buffed to the gills. Mantaro freaks out, as well as everyone else at the huge growth spurt. Un-phased, Mantaro charges him. After a little dodging, Max palms Mantaro's head, lifting him up and tossing him into the ropes. But before he can even rebound from the ropes, Maximillion lays a flurry of earth shaking kicks and punches on our hero. He continues to toss him around like a rag doll and eventually extends him over his head in a Tower Bridge. He calls for his finishing move, the Baron Wasteland, which is done as follows: He stretches Mantaro over his head in a back breaker, leaps up and begins to spin violently from left to right, becoming a blurring tornado. He then comes down head first, slamming Mantaro into the canvas and driving his armored head into Mantaro's mid-section. Mantaro is splayed out cold as Maximillion laughs heinously.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 2

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