Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 28

Air date: 09/14/2002


Scar Face is sending a flurry of attacks at Jade, and has been for the past 30 minutes, but Jade has avoided everyone. Jade lands a brutal kick to Scar Face's chest and is the process of another, when he gets knocked to the canvas by a solid punch. On the way down, he kicks at Scar Face and again, squeezes at Scar Face's midsection with his thighs. Scar Face escapes this hold by using his Swallow Tail hair to slash at Jades front torso, leaving deep gouges. Brocken yells at Jade and Scar Face taunts Jade more, saying that Brocken is a washed up has been. Jade is infuriated, but Scar Face again digs out a concrete divot and hurls it at Jade. Scar face is shocked as he sees the middle of the concrete begin to melt away, and the sky turns red, symbolizing the Baron's Red Rain (Red Rain of Pain).

Jade charges Scar Face, as he goes for the Red Rain, but Brocken tells him to calm down, it is not time. Scar Face catches his hand and while in the stand still, tells Jade that Brocken was the one who burned down his families house, in order to get this young apprentice to his side. He begins to try to twist everything around to make Brocken out to be some monster. Jade is infuriated and unleashes the Red Rain on Scar Face, sending him tot he concrete. Brocken worries about Jade's lack of control, and Jade turns on Brocken, chopping off part of the corner post and hurling it at him. Scar Face gets up behind Jade and Jade turns, charging him with his Red Rain again, but this time, Scar Face catches the hand with his foot (claw), but Jade sets him up for a Beef Cake hammer, which is reversed into a side slam by Scar Face. Jade is smashed into the concrete. Jade rises up and begins to yell at Brocken, telling him it is all his fault and that he should go away and leave him alone. Scar Face lowers his visor and as Jade again charges with the Baron's Red Rain, but Scar Face shoots a beam from his visor at him, and grabs his arn in a vicious arm lock. The hot dog lady berates Jade for acting like a spoiled brat. She explains that they were suspicious of Brocken at first, but one day they saw him kneeling at the graves of Jade's aunt and uncle, he was talking about how he appreciated them taking him in as their own when he left Jade with them, but that he was ready to be the father that he should. Jade is shocked to find out that Brocken is his dad. Meanwhile, Scar Face has managed to cut off all blood supply to Jade's hand, making it lame, and disabling his ability to use the Red Rain. He then sets him up for his modified version of the Kinniku-Buster, called the Ultimate Scar Buster. He lands, shattering the ring and sending concrete shards everywhere. As his limp body falls to the mat, Brocken recovers the Skull totem that Jade had. Scar Face, victorious talks about demolishing Mantaro next.

Scar Face is announced to be the winner, and lifts his Mask of Madness to power down. Jade hobbles to stand and congratulates Scar Face on his victory. Scar Face insults him as he crumbles back to the canvas, and Mantaro jumps into the ring to stick up for Jade and berate Scar Face for being a poor sport. They starts to go at it, but Harabote (Vance McMadd) steps in between them. Outside the ring, a teary eyed Brocken approaches Mantaro and gives him the Skull. Meat explains that the Skull is a powerful heirloom passed down from Brocken to Brocken, and explains that Brocken must have a great deal of respect for Mantaro to entrust him with the totem, as an aid to defeat Scar Face. Harabote announces the final match in 4 days, but that tonight it is going to be a gala event. Kevin Mask mumbles that he will make sure Mantaro wins by default. At the gala, there are lots of Chojins (Hercules Factory heroes) to be seen. Once again we see Mantaro shoveling down the Gyuudon. Meat razzes him again, and Mantaro breaks into his Cow Song routine. Scar Face, surrounded by the ladies, shows off by squeezing a pineapple and a apple into juice into a glass, and says that is what he will do to Mantaro's head. Mantaro tries to sow him up by doing the same with a watermelon, but only succeeds in juicing Rinko's (Rochelle's) new designer outfit. She get pissed and pummels him. Meanwhile a waiter purposely bumps into Scar Face, spilling drink all over him. He apologizes profusely and explains that if he will follow him, he will get him a fresh change of clothes. After a log hall trip, Scar Face gets suspicious and questions the waiter, who refers to him as "Mars". Scar Face/Mars is surprised and grabs at the waiters head to pull off a mask and reveal Kevin Mask. Kevin wastes no time in putting Scar Face/Mars into a Tower Bridge hold.

While he has him in the Tower Bridge, Kevin Mask berates Scar Face for his deception. He says he will reveal his identity to Harabote, but Scar Face says he won't, because he owes him his life. Flash back to Scar Face, Kevin Mask and others hanging on for dear life to a spiked log over a pit of molten lava. Kevin Mask slips and starts to fall, but Scar Face agrees to save him, if he will reveal his father's secret to him. Kevin agrees and is saved. Back to reality, Scar Face breaks free of the Tower Bridge and slams Kevin to the ground. He says that if he tells anyone, that Robin Mask will die. There is a crowd in the hall way who hears the commotion, and as they approach, Kevin flees. They get to Scar Face, who explains that he was ambushed, and the group starts to go looking for the perp, but Scar Face warns them off. Meanwhile the angry mob of Scar Face's lady fans thinks that Mantaro was the culprit and chases him up and down the halls.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 1

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