Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 4

Air date: 09/14/2002


After it is revealed that Mantaro's opponent is his father, Mantaro goes berserk. Not out of fear, but because he thinks that his dad will be a piece of cake. The old wrestling was fake, he says and his dad was never a great fighter. It was all staged. This is debated among those present for a few minutes, and then Mantaro agrees to begin the match. Still thinking that it is all fun and games, Mantaro begins to tickle his dad, who in a burst of wild hysteria loses his shirt and mask. Shocked, the crowd goes silent. Suguru is revealed to be old and out of shape, with a beer gut like you wouldn't believe. When asked what happened to Suguru's muscles, the remark is made that he must have ate them, judging by the size of his gut. Mantaro and Suguru resume the match, with Mantaro devising a scheme to get them both out of this. Mantaro says that the match should end in a tie, so tat he can be disqualified from the tournament but not be branded a loser, and so that Suguru will keep his unbeaten record. Suguru says nothing but appears to be playing along. Until that is, he places Mantaro into a series of submission hold. The final being a leg hold in the Ropes. It is mention that no one has ever escaped from that hold, but Suguru taunts Mantaro to remember what he taught him. After making a few smart alec remarks, Mantaro flashes back to a memory in a bathroom of Suguru bent over, butt in the air, reaching back with his hand and asking Binbina to pull his finger because his hand is hurting. Suguru farts right in Bibinba's face and the memory ends. Mantaro uses this as inspiration and let's one rip in his dad's face, thus releasing him from the hold. Back in the ring the 2 of them have a nasty farting contest, which grosses out the crowd. Mantaro explains that his father just doesn't have it anymore, and Suguru places him in the Kinniku-buster move, but in mid air, Mantaro reverts it to a Kinniku Driver and pile drives his dad into the canvas. Mantaro has won the match.

Finally the actual graduation has come and awards are about to be handed out. Again, Mantaro is nowhere to be found. Just in time, Mantaro appears wearing this butt ugly flower print suit. He is expecting to get "Best Wrestler".

The awards are handed out in this order:

Best Use of Weight: Sieuchin

Best Technique: Terry the Kid

Best Wrestler: Gazelleman

Mantaro is bewildered by not receiving the award because he DID beat Suguru but Robinmask explains that it is for the best overall wrestler. Mantaro asks if he has won any award, and Robinmask gives him the "Best Dressed" award.

Commencing the ceremonies, the new champions are loaded onto the space ship and hurtled towards Earth.



Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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