Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 49

Air date: 09/14/2002


In the crater of Mt. Fuji, there has been a full stadium inserted. We are reminded of Rinko's (Roxanne's) fate, should Mantaro (Kid Muscle) and Kevin Mask lose the bout. The two teams square off, and the bell rings. Sai-Borg (Jagg-ed) asks Baron Maximillion if he can start first, and the Baron agrees. Now it's time to decide who will go first between Mantaro and Kevin. The tension is high, and as usual, Mantaro pisses himself. Kevin takes the initiative as Mantaro retreats to the corner, white surrender flags at the ready. Kevin and Sai-Borg grasp hands in a test of strength.

Still embattled in the test of strength, Kevin works Sai-Borg's arms into a submission bend and then attacks with a flurry of hits and kicks to the neck and side of the rhino. Sai-Borg takes the punishment and tries to return it. But when he makes his move, Kevin Mask topples him with a frankensteiner, landing him on his head. The Seigi Chojins (Muscle Leaguers) stand in awe at Kevin's techniques and wonder why he got paired with Mantaro, whom they refer to as the "lame cow". Mantaro overhears them and starts to agonize. But it turns out to be the word "cow" and he breaks into the cow song, in which he gets stomped by Terry, Meat and the others at the end. Kevin celebrates prematurely, challenging the Baron, who declines. Sai-Borg pops up and tells Kevin that his attacks had no effect on him, due to being heavily armored. Jade (Jaeger), Checkmate and Meat ensue in a conversation about armor, with Meat noting that Kevin is heavily armored also. Mantaro interjects wearing oven mitts, rubber ducky pool floaties, plungers and a garbage can. They tackle him for being stupid. Sai-Borg eggs Kevin on, who then rushes him. But the rhino has a trick up his sleeve. He spins head over heels at a dizzying pace, referred to as the Spike Cyclone, and charges at the now halted Kevin, looking to shred him to pieces. Kevin dodges multiple times, but Sai-Borg stops spinning on his last pass, landing behind Kevin, and jams a smashing kick to the nape of Kevin's skull. Kevin falls to the mat. The crowd looks on in horror, as Kevin tries to get up. But with a quickness, Sai-Borg leaps up and comes back down, using his Spike Cyclone moves to rip at the back of Kevin's prone body.

Kevin reaches in again as Sai-Borg continues to slice away at his back. After a long while, Sai-Borg jumps to his feet to savor his victory, but it is short lived, as Kevin rises slowly to his feet. The rhino is impressed, but he resumes his Cyclone and shreds every inch of Kevin. At the announcers table, Nakano San (Doc Nakano) and Yoshigai (Mac Metaphor) get into a discussion of why Sai-Borg's Cyclone is so deadly, noting that in his tucked form, it is the huge spikes on his armor, that form the edge of the Spiked Cyclone, ripping through anything in it's path. Mantaro is glad that he didn't go first, and Meat berates him, telling him to tag Kevin out. The group jeers him for being a coward, but Jade tells him to wait, Kevin seems to have it under control. Kevin takes some more punishment and falls on his knees to the mat. Sai-Borg swoops in from above but Kevin dodges with lightning fast speed. Hovering just inches above the mat, where Kevin was just seconds ago, Sai-Borg is puzzled at where Kevin went. Up in the sky, Kevin taunts the rhino, noting that he has found the weakness to the move. Just like a real cyclone, the center is the key. He flies to the ring below and lands a solid heel to the middle of the spinning Sai-Borg, who immediately ceases spinning and crumples to the canvas, grabbing at his gut violently. Kevin flips the rhino over and boots him into the air, letting him fall down and putting him into the Tower Bridge back breaker. Kevin taunts Sai-Borg telling him that his armor is useless against submission holds. Baron Maximillion agrees but tells Sai-Borg to "put his hands up". With that, Sai-Borg launches his fists off, like an old Gai-king robot, and they rocket off into the sky.

Homing in on Kevin's back, they land with enough force to cause Kevin to relinquish his hold and fall to the ground. They then each grab an arm and raise Kevin up into the air. Sai-Borg then rockets toward Kevin, skewering him with his rhino horn, and landing them both with great force, on the hard ground outside the ring. Sai-Borg gets up as the count begins. The rhino insults Kevin as he turns to re-enter the ring. But as he walks away, Kevin calls out to him and gets up. Sai-Borg turns, baffled that Kevin is still coherent. He launches his fists again to finish off the brit, but Kevin effortlessly swats them into the stadium supports, causing the fists to explode. He grabs the fistless Sai-Borg and heaves him in the direction of the ring. The count is at 17 when Kevin leaps after him. At 18 and 19, Kevin sets up the rhino for the Big Ben Bash, 20 sounds as the pair hurtle towards the mat, crashing into the canvas. Kevin arises victorious as Sai-Borg is out cold. Everyone celebrates, but Baron Maximillion calls for a confirmation of the count. It is shown that the count reached 21 before the pair touched down, thus disqualifying both Kevin Mask and Sai-Borg. Keiko (Kiki) and Tamaki (Trixie) protest, but Meat says that rules are rules. It will be Kinniku Mantaro and Baron Maximillion in the final round. Mantaro enters the ring and as he passes Kevin, Kevin tells him that victory depends on him. A battered Kevin Mask leaves the stadium as Mantaro squares off against the Baron. Mantaro looks to Rinko and vows that he will be victorious. We fade out as a swirling pink vortex appears behind the Baron, and Mantaro cowers in the distance.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 2

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