Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 75

Air date: 09/14/2002


SMAASSSHH! Kevin Mask is bashed into a Meatlock Drop that takes him to the turnbuckles.

"The Kid's like a thoroughbred racehorse-- he comes from a long line of champions, so winnin's in his blood" Terry Kenyon says. Everyone cheers as Kevin Mask and Kid Muscle hang in midair, stuck in the turnbuckle by Kevin Mask's mask spike.

The nurse from the hospital walks into Meat's room, announcing the new bedpan is ready... but Meat is no longer in bed.
"Doctor! Doctor! The patient is missing!" the nurse exclaims.
"Impossible!" replies the doctor. He's broken nearly every bone in his body! He couldn't waltz out of here! Where could he be??"

"Checkmate!" we hear Meat exclaim as an equine form jumps past the camera, and we see Meat and Dik Dik van Dik on the back of Checkmate's Knight form. "Y'gotta go faster! He doesn't know it yet, but the Kid needs me!"

Kevin Mask's mask becomes unstuck in the turnbuckle, and he falls to the mat. Jacqueline gasps.
"What is the matter Jacqueline? Isn't this what you wished for, a brutal, bloody, Bone crushing match," Lord Flash asks, "Don't tell me of all the people that you're having a change of heart. I didn't even know that you had a heart."
"No, you're right. This is exactly what I wanted to see-- this is what everyone in the stadium secretly wanted to see-- pure excitement." replies Jacqueline.
"If that's what you really believe, why do you look so concerned? This is what happens in the Chojin Crown. The combatants are beaten, battered, and brused. Without this pain and suffering, there can be no Glory. I thought you'd celebrate this and not cringe and cower like some fainthearted schoolgirl. I had respect for you when you were as hard as nails, but I fear you've grown weak and soft."
Kevin Mask crawls to the ring ropes and rights himself by clinging to them. "Get that maddening McMadd out of my SIGHT!" Kevin sneers as he catches sight of Jacqueline.
"Hey, that's no way to talk to a lady! Besides, she's rooting for me, which makes her a fan... and we've got to respect our fans, for without them, this woudln't be a sport. This wouldn't be the Chojin Crown... this would just be a back-alley brawl!" Kid Muscle chides Kevin.
"Pathetic. You're just trying to get a date with her. Let's see you sweet talk her with your ankles in your mouth!" Kevin tosses Kid Muscle towards the outside of the ring, then grabs his arms in a leg-lock and his legs in an arm-lock. "Royal Stretch!"
"That's it, Kevin!" cheers Lord Flash as Kevin is engulfed with Maelstrom Power. "stretch him! stretch him to the breaking point!"
"Kid! Your mask! It's coming apart!" Roxanne yells to Kid Muscle. Kid Muscle yells in pain and anger, then flexes his muscles, breaking the ring ropes and Kevin Mask's hold. Kid grabs Kevin's ankles and begins pushing Kevin's feet away from each other, but Kevin Mask breaks the hold and each land facing each other, drawing comparisons to King Muscle vs. Robin Mask from the commentators. Both Kid and Kevin have their eerie power flowing off of them in billowing clouds, Kid's Ultimate Muscle glowing blue, and Kevin Mask glowing gold... but Kevin falls to his knees, his Maelstrom ebbing away. Lord Flash reminds Kevin of his father's defeat at the hands of King Muscle, encouraging Kevin to get up and win. Kid tackles Kevin, but Kevin grabs Kid Muscle in a Shoulder-lock, taking him up into the air for a Tornado Fisherman's Suplex. Kevin then gets on the shoulders of Kid Muscle and puts his head into a leg-lock.
"You're finished, Kid Muscle!" Kevin sneers.
"Good work, Kevin. Now switch to tactic ten, Storm Elbow. Your father's probably watching this match right now," Lord Flash says. "Show him how strong you really are."
"This is for you, father," Kevin says as he begins to pummel Kid Muscle's skull, with Kid trying to protect his head with his hands.
Terry Kenyon pipes up "The Kid's trying to protect himself with his hands, but hear that awful crunching noise? I think Kevin's so sure of himself that he's eatin' an' beatin' at the same time."

Meat clings with his legs to the back of Dik Dik and cradles a Laptop with T.V. connection in his broken arms. Dik Dik is running thru a forest, with Checkmate resting in the background. "I'm havin' Deja-Vu all over again!" Meat thinks. "That's the very same move that Warsman used to almost knock out King Muscle in the 21st Chojin Crown. He's the only Chojin who's ever done it! My suspicions about Flash were right!" Meat yells to Dik Dik as they pass a train. "Giddy up, Van Dik, we've gotta get there before it's too late!"

"That's it, Kevin." Lord Flash applauds. "Keep up a steady beat while beating! Excellent. Your form is perfect."
Kid Muscle looks to El-Nino, who is eating... but that gives Kid an idea... He raises his arms from his head, and then begins to attempt to punch Kevin Mask at the bottom of his armor.
El-Nino yells "Kid, No! Don't reach up, you idiot!"
"You sealed your own doom" Kevin says as he grabs Kid Muscle's arms in a standing triangle hold. "Strategic blunder, Muscle. My elbow storm must've scrambled what was left of your puny brain."
Jacqueline gasps as Kid Muscle takes to his knees.
"I'm not finished with you, yet. Your family is responsible for tarnishing the unsoiled reputation of my family. I won't be through with you until the Clensing Fire Of Revenge restores the Mask family to the glory that was once ours!"
"Don't just lay there and take it! Fight Back, Kid Muscle!" Roxanne calls.
"It's hard to fight back when you're fighting for consciousness!" replies Kid Muscle.
"Yes, this match does need something more. The Chojin Crown deserves a crowning achievement. So I will do something that no Chojin in the history of wrestling has ever done before-- I'll be the first and last to rip off the Mask of the Kinniku Kings and EXPOSE Kid Muscle's weak, defeated face to the world." Kevin says as he grips Kid Muscle's chin.
"Do it quickly, Kevin!" Lord Flash advises.
Roxanne yells encouragement "If you can't wrestle anymore, who'll protect us if the dMp comes back? You can't let this happen, Kid Muscle. You've got to win this for the honor of your family, you've got to win because we need you to keep the world safe, and you've got to win because deep down, you're not a quitter! I know you can do it, Kid. You won the Ultimate Muscle challenge by mastering the power of Ultimate Muscle. Where is it now?"

Kid Muscle flashes back in his mind to three of his previous opponents. "Look at you. Where's your power of Ultimate Muscle now? Has it abandoned you, or are you too weak to use it?" asks Hanzou.
"I'm Not Weak!" replies Kid Muscle. "No, you're a scurvy coward" chimes in Bone Cold, "They never should've wasted the power of Ultimate Muscle on a lily livered loser like you!"
"Watch it, Bone Cold!" snaps Kid Muscle.
"I don't know, fellas, remember that Kid kicked our cans pretty good, so I wouldn't count him out, today." Forkolossus tells his accompanyment.
"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Fork."
"If he beat us, he could beat anyone" Hanzou states.
"Only a fool would believe in Kid Coward now. Even if he had a power, it's gone now, and he's going to be the Ultimate Loser!" chides Bone Cold as the trio fades into the blue background of Kid's Mind.

"There can be only one mask in this ring, and it's Kevin Mask!" Kevin yells as he pulls up a portion of Kid Muscle's mask. Jacqueline looks away, only to be chided by her father for seeming to show favorites. Kid Muscle bites down hard on the edge of his mask, then loses his toothy grip, screaming in terror.
"He doesn't have fish lips!" exclaims Doc.
Kid then high kicks with a boot to Kevin Mask's cracked helm.
El-Nino yells "Don't just sit there! Thresh him!" Kid Muscle then puts Kevin into a Thresh Suplex, El-Nino's signature move. "I'm glad I made Kid practice that move. Nobody expected the son of a King to use the move of a peasant."
Kevin grabs Kid Muscle from behind in a German Suplex, only to have Kid slip out of it and put Kevin into a Reverse German Suplex.
"Kevin" calls Lord Flash.
"Lord Flash?" moans Kevin.
"Listen to me, Kevin. A long time ago, your father tried to teach me a few of his deadliest techniques. Unfortunately, one of them proved so unbelievably difficult that even I could not learn it; as you know, that's O.L.A.P. It's power is why I begged of you to learn it. The other secret technique, the one that Robin Mask helped me learn thirty eight years ago is in the pages of this book."
"LIAR! How DARE you claim my father taught you any of his secret techniques? It's Impossible! He never taught anyone outside of the family!"
"No, comrade, you're mistaken. He did teach someone outside of the family."
"You're right. My father did teach one other! He was a famous Chojin wrestler, and the closest thing to a friend my father ever had... but if you claim my father taught you, Lord Flash, you must be that famous wrester in Disguise!"
"Perhaps, Kevin, perhaps. But I will tell you this much: Your father's techniques made me much stronger than I would have been without them, and that's why I've insisted on you learning a technique I could never master-- O.L.A.P. Your father and I both believe in you, Kevin. you can do it!" Lord Flash tells Kevin. "You can do it, Kevin. You can do what your father and I failed to do-- you can defeat the Kinniku family with this technique-- the Secret of Secrets!"
"Lord Flash, thank you for believing in me!" Kevin Mask weeps at Lord Flash.
"No! Believe in Yourself, Kevin! Make our dreams come true!"
Kid sees the tears, and thinks that it's time for the Muscle Millennium, and asks El-Nino if it's Harvest Time.
"No it's not harvest time! It's time for patience!"
"What? I gotta wait? I hate waiting!"
Kevin charges towards Kid, then kicks Kid in the knee.
"That Doesn't Count!" Kid says as he hops around. "El-Nino distracted me!"
Kid Muscle uses a Clip-kick, knocking Kevin down, then begins kicking Kevin Mask right in the cranium. Stepping back, he gives a good kick to the head of Kevin's helm... and gets his foot stuck in the cracked "X" in the mask. Kid takes to the canvas.
"Ow, My Foot!"
"You will never shatter my dreams, Kid Muscle. It is you who will be destroyed, and I'll rebuild my family's glorious dynasty on the ruins of your defeat!" Kevin stands up, throwing Kid Muscle out of his mask, tackles Kid, and puts him into a shoulder-lock before launching Kid into the air in a suplex.
"I'm going to snap your string of championships as easy as a string of fake pearls!" The crowd begins cheering wildly.
"Kevin, you might've thought I was out cold, but I'm just getting warmed up." Kid tells Kevin as his Power of Ultimate Muscle blooms on his forehead.
"The Mark!" Kevin gasps.
Kid Muscle slides into Kevin's knees, and Kevin begins running away, but turns on Kid and kicks him into the ropes with a heel to the head. Kevin and Kid take turns pummeling each other. Kid wonders why El-Nino hasn't called for the Muscle Millennium, and decides that there is no way to counter his move... Kid grabs up Kevin Mask, tossing him up in the air, as El-Nino gasps "Kid! No!", Kid Muscle calls out "Muscle Millennium!!"

Synopsis written by: TheOrgg

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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