Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 30

Air date: 09/14/2002


Mantaro (Kid Muscle) is rolling around in the fetal position crying and whimpering, while Scar Face(Eskara) stands triumphantly. Some banter follows and Mantaro bursts out laughing. He tells Scar Face to go ahead and finish him off, so the match can be done with, and Scar Face obliges and launches into the air. From the crown, Kevin Mask yells at Mantaro to get up and fight, but Brocken Jr. admonishes him to sit down and be quiet. He says that Mantaro may have a sneaky move up his sleeve. Coming down, Scar Face positions himself for a huge belly flop on Mantaro, but Mantaro leaps into the air to catch him in the Kinniku-Buster. Scar Face says he was expecting that, and slips his head free from Mantaro, reversing it into a falling pedigree. He slams Mantaro's back, neck and shoulders violently into the canvas. Mantaro is down.

Scar Face rants and raves about the flaws of the Kinniku-Buster and how he perfected the move by adding the triangle leg lock over the opponents head, and renamed it the Ultimate Scar Buster. Mantaro gets up, pissed that he is insulting his move. Scar Face insists that it is outdated, and Mantaro locks him into another Kinniku-Buster and launches up. The debate continues in the air, and Scar Face once again roves his point, but this time, he does the "Number Crunch" and reverses their positions by spinning clockwise, with Mantaro now locked in the Kinniku-Buster. He lands, and before Mantaro passes out, he pleads with Meat to tell him that the Kinniku-Buster is not flawed, but that somehow, he screwed it up. Meat shakes his head, and admits that the Kinniku-Buster isn't perfect, and Mantaro falls to the canvas, out like a light. Scar Face boasts that the Number Crunch is old also. Buffalo Man confirms this, as he was the one to do it on Kinnikuman Suguru in their youth. But how does Scar Face know of this only the Seigi Chojins (Muscle Leaguers) are supposed to know about this. Scar Face starts to stomp Mantaro, while he is out, taunting him to get up. Kevin gets up to stop him, but Brocken says that the damage is already done. Kevin explains that Scar Face is just getting started.

Rikishiman yells at Scar Face to stop stomping his unconscious opponent, that is is not becoming of a Hercules Factory Graduate. Scar Face ignores him. Kevin and Brocken Man continue their conversation, and Brocken coaxes him into telling what he knows about Scar Face. Buffalo Man and Rikishiman approach the ring to pull Scar Face off, but just them Kevin Mask runs up to ringside to confess his secrets. Scar Face seeming a bit worried, tells Kevin to butt out. Kevin starts to speak, and he flashes back to the deal he made on the log when Scar Face saved his life in return for the secrets about his father. Scar Face warns Kevin to shut up, but Kevin continues, explaining that Scar Face knows about the Kinniku-Buster weaknesses because he told him about them. Kevin knew because his father had broken confidence and told him. He also explains that his true name isn't Scar Face, but rather Malice (Mars), and that he is pure evil. Scar Face tells Kevin that he is shamed, now that the secret is out that he betrayed his father, and his father, the Seigi Chojins (Muscle League). Brocken tries to console him, explaining that everyone makes mistakes, but Scar Face says that Kevin has hidden an even greater secret. Scar Face is DMP.

Scar Face shows his DMP insignia and explains that when Sunshine blew up the DMP headquarters, he emerged unscathed and highly pissed. He decided he would dismantle the Hercules Factory from within, and then demolish their best wrestler to prove himself as the new leader of the DMP! There are calls for Harabote (Vance McMadd) to disqualify Scar Face because he is DMP, and has no place in the tournament. Scar Face says he has already accomplished what he came for, and points to the prone body of Mantaro, and says it doesn't matter if he is disqualified. Scar Face leaves the ring and begins to walk away, when Harabote yells for him to stop. He says that Scar Face graduated the Hercules Factory and therefore has every right to be in the tournament. As Scar Face returns to the mat, Brocken says that he will avenge Jade. He calls out to Jade, and we see Jade stirring in the ICU of a hospital. He awakens and screams. Scar Face launches to finish off Mantaro, and while falling down, prepares for a Swallow Tail Attack, and converts his feathers into blades. While Scar Face is coming down, the Skull on Mantaro's neck begins to glow. Scar Face lands his attack, but is surprised to find himself stuck in the canvas, and Mantaro up and standing. It is noticed that Mantaro may be up, but he still has the blank eyes, as if he is still out of it. AS the Skull begins to glow again, Mantaro raises his arms and shouts (similar to Jade), and we see the face of Jade superimposed in the background.

Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 1

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