Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 77

Air date: 09/14/2002


"Kid Muscle is in a world of pain, now, Doc." Mac Metaphor narrates.

"You said it, Mac. Don't forget that Kevin's using a move from his father's playbook, that hard to master technique called O.L.A.P.." Doc responds.

"What does O.L.A.P. mean, Doc?" Mac Metaphor asks.

"I'm guessing that it stands for "Ole Lotta Pain."" The ring announcer narrates.

Kid Muscle pitifully cries as Kevin Mask continues glowing yellow and stretches Kid's pain tolerance to the breaking point with O.L.A.P.. Suddenly, Ramen Man stands up and points at the ring.

"Uh Oh. What's up with Raman Man? What's he doing?" Roxanne asks, as Buffaloman and Star Face follow Ramen Man's example.

"Now everybody's getting into the act." Kiki cuts in.

"Yea, didn't their mothers ever tell them that it's like totally impolite to point?" Trixie quips.

"It's the Shoot sign." Terry Kenyon tells Roxanne. "It's a signal to the crowd. It shows what the judges think about the move. I'm afraid they only use it when they think a move is practically perfect... when they think there's NO ESCAPE!"

The camera closes up on Kevin Mask and Kid Muscle as Roxanne and her friends gasp... Kevin is stretched in an arc, and Kid Muscle still is crying in ultimate torment. Suddenly, we see Lord Flash's clenched hand, and some drops of rain splatter upon it.

"Let it rain," Lord flash thinks to himself. "Even that can't put a damper on the pride I feel right now. My debt to your father is about to be repaid! I owe your father more than anyone will ever know. He saved me from a life of crime" Lord Flash flashes back to when Robin Mask found him in an alley while he beat two people up. "He trained me to be one of the most powerful Chojins ever." Lord Flash then flashes back to some of his training sessions, and Warsman's fight with King Muscle. "...but I failed him. King Muscle defeated me because I could never master your father's greatest technique." Lord Flash flashes back to Robin Mask carrying Warsman out of the arena on his shoulders. "...but you have mastered it today," The camera focuses on Lord Flash's hand, which is now becoming saturated, along with the ring mat around it, with rain. "and the heavens themselves weep tears of joy in your moment of triumph."

A deluge begins, covering all the spectators, the ring, Kid Muscle, and everything else-- other than Kevin Mask. The camera pans to Kevin Mask's armor, which is immediately evaporating the rain in huffs of steam as it hits, and we hear both Kid Muscle and Kevin Mask straining painfully and pitifully in the arrangement of O.L.A.P..

"Let me get this straight. Kid, according to you, Terry..." Starts Trixie. "'Fraid So. ...Is going to lose." finishes Terry Kenyon.

"No Wait!" Thinks Roxanne. "He's still got us!" Roxanne begins cheering, her cheers are followed by her friends, Terry and Wally, and finally the crowd at large, "Let's Go Kid! Kid Muscle! Kid Muscle!"

"That's Me." Kid Muscle says to himself, his Power of Ultimate Muscle blooming once again on his forehead with a great roar.

"Doc! The support of his friendship seems to be reviving Kid Muscle." Mac Metaphor says as Kid Muscle's Niku symbol blooms golden iridescence. "Yes, the power of friendship seems to be the strongest power of all."

"Sentimental Hogwash" Kevin says avertedly, straining Kid Muscle's arms further and causing once again Kid Muscle's power of Ultimate Muscle to fade once again. "Your puny powers pale in comparison to my Maelstrom Power!" Kevin yells as his entire body turns the glowing golden color of his full Maelstrom.

"Doc, why has Kevin Mask suddenly turned solid gold?" asks Mac Metaphor.

"It's not because he has a heart of gold, Mac. I'm afraid this is very bad news for the kid. Kevin Mask has obtained the near-impossible state of Peak Power." Doc responds.

"He's using it to twist the Kid's arms beyond what's necessary, beyond what's sporting." as Mac Metaphor pauses in his statements, Kid Muscle's sholders are closed up on, and each in turn cracks sickeningly as his suit parts from his shoulders. "...beyond the breaking point." Doc finishes.

"Ohh! That Noise! It sounded kinda like tree branches snapping!" Roxanne moans, her ears covered in horror.

"Those weren't tree branches, Roxanne." Terry Kenyon tells Roxanne.

"Yea." confirms Wally Tusket. "That was the sound of his arms snapping. They were wrenched from their sockets."

"It's Too Cruel!" Jacqueline gasps, as Kid Muscle screams, crosses his eyes, and passes out.

"Bulging Biceps!" exclaims Meat from the back of Checkmate, running down the hallway of the arena, attempting to make it to the arena outside. "I think that sound was from The Kid! Kid! I'm Coming!" Meat, Checkmate, and Dik Dik emerge from the entrance in time to see Kevin Mask let loose of O.L.A.P. and Kid Muscle collapse on the ring floor face down. "Oh No! Kid is ~HURT~!" Dik Dik exclaims. "We're Too Late." Checkmate states.

"Kevin Mask releases his grip and Kid Muscle collapses to the canvas!" Mac Metaphor narrates.

"Kid! You can't lose!" Roxanne yells.

"Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiddddddddd!!" Meat shouts. "It's Meat, Kid! Your old buddy Meat! I'm here for you now, Kid, and I'm not leaving your corner ever again!"

"Kevin!" Lord Flash gutturally hisses.

"What?" Kevin snaps at his corner man.

"Don't celebrate your victory until you've achieved it, Comrade." Kevin turns to look at Kid Muscle as Lord Flash continues. "As long as the mark on his forehead glows, Kid is still a dangerous enemy. Your father made the same mistake. He had beaten King Muscle, but instead of kicking him when he was down, he made the fatal error of showing him mercy." Lord Flash tells Kevin with a hybrid Russian/British accent. "This was all his enemy needed to recharge his power of Ultimate Muscle ant win the Chojin Crown. Comrade, don't make the same mistake. Show him No Mercy!"

"Yes, No Mercy." Kevin agrees as Kid Muscle starts to stumble up slightly. "My father was a fool, His preoccupation with what he calls 'good sportsmanship' was the obsession of a loser." Kid Muscle stumbles to his feet unsteadily, his eyes still blank. "Fear not, Lord Flash. I will never make the same mistake. I'm prepared to win at any cost!"

"Oh! What have I done?" Jacqueline wonders, rainwater or tears running down her eyes. "Please don't let him lose the match or his limbs."

"Are you o.k.?" Ikemen asks his sister.

"Stay down, Kid." Wally mumbles, rain affecting him similar to Jacqueline.

"His favorite techniques have all failed him, and now he's lost both of his arms." Terry tells the group, rainwater masking what could be tears. "I'm afraid that boy's a sitting duck."

"You should never lose hope," Roxanne says. "even when it seems like you don't have a chance."

"Yea, that's right." Jaeger says from the stands. "He's no Liar Liar Pants on Fire. He made a promise to win!"

"Kid Muscle is a TRUE Muscle Leaguer" Ricardo seemingly weeps, affected by the rain similarly to the others. "It isn't enuff to break both of his arms. If Kevin Mask wants to keep Kid Muscle down, he's going to have to break both of his legs, too!"

"Kid Muscle!" calls Barrier Freeman, again affected by the rainwater in a possibly misleading way. "I'm not just a weirdo with an old man for an arm. I belive in you, Kid!"

"If you lose, Kid," starts Hollywood Bowl, another affected by the rainwater. "My reputation gets flushed down the toilet."

"He's no loser!" Cries Meat, yet another person affected by the rain.

"Meat?" El-Niño asks dumbfoundedly.

"It ain't the mummy." Meat quips. "Now Kid, Kid! Listen. You've got two dislocated arms. They're as limp and useless as two wet noodles... but that's no reason to quit! You've gotta find a way to keep on fighting, Kid!"

"How can he fight with Noodlearms?" Dik Dik Van Dik inquires.

"Ayes, Methinks Sir Meat needeths to take his pain medication." Checkmate says.

"Look, I'm not going bonkers. I can see that while the Kid's body has been laid low, his spirit is still riding high!" Meat responds.

"But Meat..." starts Dik Dik.

"No Buts. If I hear one more 'but' I'm gonna have to kick me a few. The kid's got the heart of a champion. He'll figure out somethin'. He'll fight him with his feet. He'll knock him with his knees. He'll hit 'em with his head. He'll tear him with his teeth! I'm gonna help him find a way to win if I have to give him my own arms!" Meat tells his council.

"They're broken, too." Dik Dik chimes in.

"WE CAN DO ANYTHING IF WE JUST BELIEVE! IF HIS SPIRIT IS STRONG, IF HIS HEART IS PURE," Meat yells with conviction as Kid Muscle's Niku symbol again lights up and connects back together, "AN' IF WE ALL STILL JUST BELIEVE IN HIM, HE CAN KEEP ON FIGHTING!"

"Meat's Right! I can do it!" Kid Muscle thinks. "I can still win!"

"So what's it going to be, Muscle? Are you just going to stand there swinging your arms like a lobotomized baboon, or are you going to fight?" Kevin accurately summarizes.

"Hey, Meat? I need your help." Kid tells to Meat.

"He Needs Me!" Meat says tearily, quickly wiping out his eyes. "Alright. Use those massive muscles to pull those arm bones... right back into their sockets."

"Meat, it sounds crazy to me, but I'm going to trust you." Kid Muscle says to Meat, swinging his arms around and having them swing into place. "Wooohoooo! It Worked!"

"It Worked! But How!" exclaim the McMadd family from their thrones.

"It's Most Miraculous!" Checkmate chirps.

"The muscles of the Kinniku Royals can do things normal muscles can't." Dik Dik explains.

"Now I've seen EVERY thing!" El-Niño knows.

"Quiet!" Meat silences the Kid's and the spectators' rejoicing.

"Huh?" Kid Muscle says, starting to turn towards Meat at the ropes, but tripping over his own feet and falling to the floor facing Meat.

"Still a klutz." Dik Dik verbally rolls his eyes.

"We've got your arms working... Now if we can get your legs working before Mask makes his next move... and I'm betting that his next move just might be his last move." Meat tells to Kid Muscle.

"Last Move? What do you mean?" Kid exclaims, confused.

"Final. Clincher. Here's a hint: Ding Dong." Meat berates the Kid. "I'm talking famous finishing move, here."

"You mean Big Ben Bash??!" Kid exclaims.

"'Fraid so, but don't worry, Kid. Remember, It's darkest before the dawn, and every cloud has a silver lining, and when life hands you lemons, it's time to make lemonade, and don't forget that necessity is the mother of all invention." Meat preaches. "Y'got all that? Kid? I'm talkin' to ya!"

"Uhhhh..." Kid stammers.

"I'm going to keep it simple for you, Kid." Meat clarifies. "Every problem has a solution, so never give up. There's always hope."

"Oh. That makes a lot more sense than clouds or lemons." Kid Muscle stands up. "Now I've got something to say to you. Now this is going to sound a little mushy, but I just wanted you to know that you're the best friend I've ever had, and I'm glad you're in my corner."

"Gee, Thanks." Meat replies, choked up and obviously crying-- the rain not simply making it seem as so.

"...but enough talk. It's not time for words, it's time for action." Kid continues. "It's time to win this match for all my friends."

"The Kid has finally become a man." Meat thinks to himself. "We should start calling him Man Muscle, now!"

"Meat is a great corner man. There is still much wisdom I must learn from him." El-Niño says to himself. "Now, Kid Muscle! I'm giving you the signal you've been waiting for! The corn is ripe! Let the harvest begin!"

"Listen, Mask, I'm not leaving here without the Chojin Crown." Kid Muscle tells Kevin.

"No, you're leaving empty handed... on a stretcher!" Kevin Mask retorts.

"We'll see who's right!" Kid Muscle responds.

"I already know ~I'M~ right, but it'll be my pleasure to PROVE it to you!" Kevin Mask states.

"Dyis match has drakt on lyong enuff. It's tyme for tee fiynal blow!" Lord Flash says, eyes wide and gaping red grin plastered on his face and with his british accent heavily obsquired by Russian twang. "Sweech to Termeenal Tacteeks and put an eyend to Kyid Muscle Das Vidanya!"

Kevin and Kid Muscle lock up in a simple test of strength.

"This is the ultimate power struggle, Mac!" Doc says.

"Yes, but who's power will prove to be more powerful?" Mac Metaphor speculates.

Kevin Mask pushes Kid Muscle to the mat and begins again to glow. "You're going DOWN, Kid MUSCLE!"

"Uh Oh," Doc comments "It looks like Kevin Mask is getting the upper hand!"

"He's going for the gold! He's ~going~ gold!" Mac Metaphor states the obvious.

"Yes! Once again Kevin's Maelstrom power has obtained its peak potential! It's almost certain that he'll be able to pin Kid Muscle any moment now!" Doc tells Mac.

"Stop the presses, Doc! Kid Muscle's mark has flared up, and now he's standing up!" Mac Metaphor says as Kid Muscle fights back against Kevin Mask, righting himself.

"You've made your point, Kid Muscle." Kevin Mask says to Kid Muscle. "You're stronger than I thought... but here's my point, a DEADLY point!" Kevin says as he throws Kid Muscle upwards and aims the spike of his helmet towards the falling form of Kid Muscle.

"Look Out, Kid!" Meat exclaims.

"Don't Worry!" Kid Muscle yells back, turning a glistening blue and charging his Mohawk right towards Kevin Mask's spike. "Kinniku Cutter!"

"Good Job!" Meat exclaims.

"Gosh! He's bluer than a berry!" Wally says to Terry.

"An' he's brighter than a Will-O-The-Wisp, Just like Kevin Mask!" Terry responds to Wally.

"Why does he look thusly?" Checkmate inquires to Meat.

"I'm not sure." Meat responds. "I've never seen anything like this. His body is practically pure energy-- maybe he's reached a higher level of Muscle Power-- Maybe the Ultimate Level!!"

The camera shows King Muscle and Robin Mask staring from the shelter of an arena door.

"I hope your son does well." King Muscle says to Robin Mask.

"I wissh your shun only the besht." Robin Mask replies.

"Robin, let's drop this fake polite act." King Muscle replies.

"Gladly." agrees Robin Mask.

"Kid Muscle! Knock out that Knight Nincompoop!" King Muscle yells to his son.

"Kevin Mashk! Crush Kid Coward!" Robin yells to his son.

Kevin Mask kicks Kid Muscle's shoulders, following with two dozen Karate chops to the same area.

"Kevin Mask is concentrating all his blows on Kid Muscle's injured shoulders. I think he's trying to dislocate his arms again!" Doc yells.

"I haven't seen anything this cruel since my sister use to poke my sunburn and say 'ooh! Does that hurt?' " Mac tells Doc.

Kevin Mask grabs kid in a shoulder lock and forces him to the ground.

"Cruel Indeed, Mac." Doc responds.

"Brutal!" Meat says.

"Yes, his attacking is most fiendish." agrees Checkmate.

"Attacking the weakest point isn't very noble, but it is effective." Dik Dik tells them.

"Kevin! You should be ashamed of winning like this!" El-Niño chides Kevin.

"Why? I've broken no rules... though I intend to break some bones!" Kevin Mask says as Kid Muscle's blue glow fades.

"Get up, Kid!" Roxanne yells.

"Let me help you up." Kevin tells Kid Muscle, grabbing the tuft of hair extruded from Kid Muscle's mask and pulling him to his feet.

"Ouch! Hair pulling! He's reminding me more of my sister every minute!" Mac Metaphor reflects.

Kevin Mask twists Kid's arms together and begins forcefully rubbing them.

"Mean Hombre!" Terry says.

"If he doesn't stop that, he's going to twist the Kid's arms right off of him!" Wally replies.

"Van Dik," Meat inquires, "Isn't that the same move Kevin used on you?"

"That's exactly the same move he used on me..." Van Dik replies. "and he used it right before his final move!"

"The Big Ben Bash! Kid Look Out! He's getting ready to use his Finishing Move!" Meat cries.

"This match has to end sometime." Kevin says, throwing Kid Muscle into the air. "Let It BE NOW!"

"Kid Muscle!" Jaeger yells in surprise.

"It's Over!" Ricardo states.

"No!" exclaims Barrier Freeman.

"The Final Flush!" Hollywood Bowl gushes.

"This is it" Dik Dik predicts.

"He's Finished!" Checkmate agrees.

"There's gotta be somethin' we can do!" Terry yells, searching for some way to help Kid Muscle.

"Gotta Believe." Wally Tusket tells him.

"We Believe! Kid! We Believe In You!" Roxanne calls out encouragingly.

Kevin Mask leaps up, grabbing Kid Muscle's head in a scissor lock, his arm in a shoulder lock, and balancing the whole move by grabbing one of Kid Muscle's legs.

"It looks like Meat was right. Kevin Mask is executing the Big Ben Bash!" Doc calls out.

"Has anyone ever escaped this hold?" Mac Metaphor asks.

"Not a single soul, Mac" Doc tells Mac Metaphor.

"With this one move, I will end the Kinniku Dynasty, and all shame and dishonor will crash down upon your head. Your arms have suffered too much damage. There is no escape." Kevin gloats.

"I hate it when a bad guy makes a good point." Kid thinks to himself.

"Kid Muscle's about to experience the Bash part of the Big Ben Bash!" Mac Metaphor calls out.

"Oh, it's hopeless!" Kid Muscle thinks. "Wait, didn't Meat say something about it being Darkest before the Dawn? Sure is dark, so maybe it isn't hopeless... Oh, what else did Meat say?" Kid flashes back to Meat telling him when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. "Hey, maybe that's not as stupid as it sounds. Maybe I even know what it means!" Kid finishes his thought.

Kid yells to Kevin. "I gotta turn my weaknesses into strengths! My shoulders! You think they're my weak point, that you've turned my shoulders into lemons!"

"What Lemons?" Kevin says, confused.

"Well, get ready, because I'm about to turn these lemons into SWEET LEMONADE!" Kid Muscle calls out.

"What are you talking about?" Kevin inquires. "The only aid you're going to taste is First Aid. Have you lost your grip on reality?"

"No, but you've lost your grip..." Kid Muscle says as he pops the arm Kevin was gripping out of place, removing it from Kevin's grasp. "...ON ME!"

"Doc! The Kid escaped by dislocating his own shoulder!" Mac Metaphor narrates.

"Your attacks loosened it up, so I made Lemonade in the Shade!" Kid tells Kevin Mask.

"Fool! How are you going to try and win now without the use of your arm?" Kevin inquires bemusedly, launching a lazy dropkick at Kid Muscle.

Kid Muscle snaps his arm thrice and relocates it in his shoulder's socket. "Who said I can't use it?"

Kid Muscle then begins glowing blue once again and pounds with his fists and feet on an amazed Kevin Mask as both fall towards the canvas, then sets up for the Kinnikubuster.

"You're wasting your time. We've already disabled this technique!" Kevin reminds Kid.

"But I don't know another one! Wait... Meat said something about this!" Kid Muscle says as he flashes back to Meat. Necessity is the Mother of all Invention... Necessity...the Mother of all Invention. Necessity... Invention. "Well, there's plenty of necessity. I guess I better invent something. This is for my family and all of my fans. This is for everyone who believed in me! Help me find a new way!" Kid Muscle speeds up as the sun comes out from behind the clouds. Kid Muscle grabs each of Kevin Mask's feet and leg locks Kevin's arms... resting Kevin's recumbent and no longer glowing head on his shoulder. "MUSCLE GRAVITY!"

"Doc! What's the kid doing?" "I don't know, Mac. This is something totally new!"

"Sweet Mackerel!" Wally Tusket mumbles.

"Sweet Mercy!" Terry the Kid exclaims.

"Careful, Kid!" Roxanne and her friends squeal.

"It's Harvest Time, Kid! Harvest Time!" El-Niño yells excitedly.

Kid Muscle lands in a large cloud of dust. Kevin Mask slowly frees his head and Kid Muscle releases his grip. As Kevin Mask falls, he says "I have been a lone wolf for far too long. My powers were fueled by anger and rage... but your power was fueled by something greater... the power of friendship."

"Kevin!" Lord Flash hisses as the audience and spectators sit dumbfoundedly. "I don't believe it!"

"The audience is completely frozen in disbelief." Doc diagnoses.

"The magnitude of the move is still sinking in!" replies Mac Metaphor.

Ramen Man, Buffaloman, and Star Face wave their hands in front of their faces. "Now the judges make it official!" Mac Metaphor clarifies. Ikemen hefts the wooden hammer and strikes the bell three times.

The audience goes wild.

Kid Muscle rises up and celebrates.

"After what seems like an eternity of fighting," Mac Metaphor narrates, "this marathon match has officially come to an end, and Kid Muscle is victorious. He is the new Chojin Crown Champion!"

"Kid Muscle," Kevin strains, righting himself on the ring ropes. "I used my deadliest move, but your moves were deadlier. I used my mightiest powers, but your powers were mightier. You have defeated me, Kid Muscle, but this has been the greatest match of my career."

"I fell the same way. It was my greatest match, too. Strange as it seems, I think we bring out the best of each other." Kid Muscle offers his hand to Kevin Mask, who takes it in a handshake. "Let's do this again sometime."

"It'd be an honor" Kevin mask says, his helmet's doubled dints glowing red... before shrinking away to nonexistence. "to do this again some day."

"Look at his mask!" Roxanne exclaim.

"Those cracks in the mask have disappeared!" Wally exclaims.

"Y'know what that means. The feud between their families is finally over!"

Kevin Mask tries to stumble to the next set of ropes... which were broken earlier in the match.

"Comrade!" Lord Flash yells, before ejecting three foot-long spikes from his fist, thrusting them into the ground, and using the leverage to launch himself underneath Kevin and preventing a headfirst fall into the concrete. Kevin Mask bounces off of Lord Flash, of whom the impact cracks the whole of his body. As Lord Flash stands up, his carapace shatters, revealing the black form of Warsman. All spectators gasp, and Kid Muscle is shocked.

"Lord Flash is really... that Villain!? Lord Flash is that Russian Wrestler Warsman?" Kid exclaims, dumbfounded. "Half Man, Half Robot, all Villan?"

"Why did you deceive me?" Kevin asks Warsman.

"To Repay your father," Warsman responds, handing Kevin his father's book of techniques. "by teaching you hiss secret techniques... but I knew because of your hatred of him, you'd never have trusted me if you knew why I was here."

"Warsman, wait." Kevin calls out.

"You have become a great Wrestler. Perhaps even greater than your father. My work here is done."

"Warsman, WAIT!" Kevin calls to Warsman as he walks towards the exit.

"Warshman, you're a true friend!" Robin Mask calls out to the leaving Warsman.

"Maybe, but he's not very friendly." King Muscle says. "I mean, why is he leaving before the post-game party? I have it catered and everything!"

"Warshman was neither human nor Choshin. He was a fighting machine." Robin Mask says, reflecting on some of Warsman's previous matches. "and no matter how hard I tried to make him feel like he was one of ush, he alwaysh felt like an outshider. I shall missh him."

"Whatever." King Muscle cuts off Robin. "Enough about him. Frankly, that guy always gave me the creeps. How 'bout that match? It reminds me of the one that we had."

"Hishtory hash a nashty habit of repeating itshelf." Robin Mask replies.

"Don't be such a party pooper We can be proud of both of our boys." King Muscle replies.

Kid Muscle is getting his belt buckled on as Ikemen looks on in displeasure.. "The Chojin Crown, the symbol of Ultimate Achievement, adorns the Championship Belt." Mac Metaphor narrates once again.

"The same championship belt that was worn by his father when I had a full head of hair." Doc tells Mac Metaphor. "I think I'm getting a little verklempt."

Kid Muscle vaults up to the ropes, raising his arms, celebrating his victory.

"Doc, this is indeed a historical day. Kid Muscle is a most unlikely hero, but he's not only won this championship, but the hearts of an entire galaxy." Mac Metaphor yells, as Kid Muscle crouches down into a squat. "The intoxicating scent of his victory perfumes the air." Mac Metaphor finishes as Kid Muscle's head turns red.

Kid Muscle lets off a loud fart, and all present shield their nose in some way.

"Gross!" tosses Trixie

"Totally!" Kiki crows.

"You can forget about that Kiss!" Roxanne says.

"Ikemen, take that belt back!" McMadd exclaims to his son.

"Let sister do it!" Ikemen says.

"I'm not going near 'em!" interjects Jacqueline.

"This stinks worse than Cow Manure!" says El-Niño, fanning his nose against the odors.

"This stinks worse than fish heads!" Wally Tusket knowingly exclaims.

"I'll pay you a hundred bucks to cut off my nose!" Dik Dik Van Dik offers to Checkmate.

"It's a weapon of mass destruction!" Jaeger tells his doctor.

"Jaeger, what do you need?" asks his family.

"A Gas Mask!" Brocken Jr. says.

"Let's send him some of your adult diapers." Barrier Freeman says to himself.

"I think I'm going to be sick." Ricardo hurls.

"I've smelt some doozies in my time, but this is the worst." Hollywood Bowl complements.

"We know from whom he inherited thish dishgushting trait." Robin Mask says to King Muscle.

"Hey, it's just roughage!" King Muscle quips back.

"Haven't you heard the saying? You are what you eat." Kid Muscle jokes as the screen is enclosed by a bowl of Cow and Rice. "Hey! All I wanted was one more bowl!" The circle attempts to close, and Kid Muscle pushes it back. "I didn't say I wanted to BE a bowl!" Kid says as the circle closes up, leaving only the tuft of his hair in the middle of the bowl. The bowl sits onscreen for a few seconds before fading out.

Synopsis written by: TheOrgg

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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