Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 64

Air date: 09/14/2002


The match between Jaeger and Ricardo still is in high heat. Ricardo has
Jaeger in a leg lock. Vance McMadd states that Ricardo looks ugly and
Ikemen says you better not be talking about me. Vance informs his son
that your chin isn't that ugly, its just gruesome. Jacqueline comes in
thinking that Ricardo looks dreamy and would probably spice things up in
her life. Brocken Jr. tells her that he gets a bad feeling from Ricardo;
that it's some unique sort of evil he cannot put his finger on right now.
Ricardo tightens the Cross Clutch knee hold. Broken yells to Jaeger to get
out and do what they have practiced in that move. Jaeger pushes his arms
back causing Ricardo to flip behind him. Jaeger flies into the air and is
coming down with a smashing knee drop! Before he has a chance to plant the
move, Ricardo bites Jaeger's knee with a Jagged Jaw!
Doc figures out now why Ricardo doesn't move his mouth when he speaks. He
states that Ricardo saves all his energy for when he comes in to attack
his prey, just like a piranha.
Instantaneously, Ricardo grabs Jaeger, flies high into the air, and tosses
the helpless body down. Ricardo grabs his spike shackle and throws it
faster than Jaeger. Once it attached itself to the ring, he pulled up to
make the matt turn into a large spike for his victim to fall on. Jaeger
hits the canvas hard, ripping the back of his outfit. The ring then forms
back to its original shape as Ricardo lands back into the ring. Brocken Jr
looks over to Ricardo and sees the dMp logo appear on Ricardo's arm
causing him to shout out in question how could this be with the dMp wiped
out. The whole audience is shocked and Brocken continues saying it was
clear that Ricardo had evil running threw his veins and he could see it in
his stare. Its was a stare of evil. Jaeger is confused on how Ricardo
could be on the side of the dMp since all of his moves are like that of a
muscle leaguer. Ricardo explains that he is muscle league/dMp hybrid. He
was born into the dMp and since his parents wanted him to learn all the
strengths and weaknesses of the Muscle League, the brought him to an elder
muscle league trainer named Pa-Shango. At first Ricardo was turned away
but once he saw him dressed up as a good guy, Pa-Shango could not refuse.
Ricardo was trained 20 hours a day, 7 days a week with every move and hold
that Pa-shango knew. One day Ricardo just woke up forgetting all his roots
and thought he was a muscle leaguer. When he heard about the destruction
of the dMp headquarters, he started to remember it all again. He went back
to the lair and he was sure of who he was. He decided to keep his roots
hidden from everyone, including Master Pa-Shango so he could stay longer
but he realized later it was not meant to be.
Ikemen tells himself upon hearing this that this would be great for
ticket sales and ratings because having the arch rival to the muscle
league would draw in big interest.
Jaeger moans as he gets up that he must win this for the muscle league. He
then charges up for his specialty move, the "Red Rain of Pain". Jaeger
informs Ricardo that he does not care if he trained under the Muscle
League because deep down Ricardo is still dMp. Jaeger then goes with his
move and it is dodged quickly. Ricardo mocks the move saying it was not bad
because the color from the heat could do some good for him he then asks
for him to do it again. Jaeger does and Ricardo attempts to jump over it
but gets hit on the knee, knocking him on his back. Jaeger quickly jumps
on top of him and is about to lay a blow that could possibly take him out
but Brocken yells out to his son to remember what he was taught and to
stick to his game plan. Jaeger remembers that when an opponent is down,
they are the most dangerous. Jaeger feels overly confident and goes for
the move anyway. Ricardo blocks the move with his chain following it by
flipping Jaeger into the air for the "sand trap suplex". Jaeger holds his
neck trying to breath. Ricardo suddenly remembers the same thing
happening with Pa-Shango. In this flash-back, his master sees half of
Ricardo's mask off and tells him "I see what you are, a spawn of the dMp".
Ricardo looks at his master unknowing and cannot understand how and why he
could be evil. Pa-shango says that he has to destroy him and goes in for a
kick, knocking off the other part of his mask. Ricardo grabs his master
and places him into the "Brazilian Nut Cracker". Ricardo realizes what he
has done and apologizes but he is too late as his move knocked him out.
The flashback fades out as we see Ricardo crying out for help for his
fallen master.
We come back to Ricardo coming back into the match realizing where he is
and he jumps to the turnbuckle. Brocken is yelling at Jaeger to get up and
to think of all the blood and sweat he has put into his training to get
here. The crowd starts chanting for Jaeger causing him to realize that he
must find strength through his friends and fans. Ricardo retorts that he
doesn't need help from them except to carry him out on a stretcher.
Ricardo then jumps off the ropes for another Jagged Jaw attack but it is
countered by by a drop kick followed by a pile driver. Ricardo laughs it
off and says that he cannot do a thing by himself and everyone gives him
his strength so without them, he is nothing. In anger, Jaeger pulls off
the neck guard on the back of his helmet and throws it at his father.
Jaeger says he doesn't want any help and can do this all on his own
without any support. Jaeger then kicks Ricardo with great speed  but each
kick looks as though it is blocked by Ricardo's knees. Jaeger jumps up to
do the hammer heal shoe stomp but its reversed by a dragon claw throw.
Ricardo then jumps atop Jaeger and lays fist after fist on him. Roxanne
pleads with broken to help but is told some things you have to learn on
your own. Jaeger then tries his red rain of pain again but Ricardo dodges
it locking Jaeger's arms so he is immobile. Ricardo does his shackle spike
move to the ropes which cuts the outer layer of them off. Next, he uses
his cable coil attack which makes the ropes twist into a gigantic spring.
Ricardo picks Jaeger up and suplexes him right on the oversized spring and
he himself jumps on it too following him. In mid air Ricardo locks in his
finishing move the "Brazilian nut cracker" and Roxanne yells at Brocken to
do something before Jaeger gets seriously hurt. Brocken lets her know that
all he can do is throw in the towel but its not his place to do that now.
Kid muscle is getting very worried by the speed that Ricardo and Jaeger
are coming down and Terry Kenyon says that it looks as though Jaeger is
about to pass out. We see a shot of the ring and Jaeger's towel is thrown
in. Ricardo stops suddenly in the air. The camera slowly turns to the
corner of the ring and we see that it was Roxanne who has thrown in the
towel. She cries that she had no choice. Ricardo yells that he has to get
down somehow so continues the move on Jaeger. The crowd is in awe. Roxanne
tears up crying "LEAVE HIM ALONE!" The two hit the matt. Jaegers helmet
smashes into pieces as Jaeger flops to the ground. Everyone is even more
shocked.  The crowd starts yelling how unfair it was and its against the
rules to attack someone after the towel has been thrown in. two wrestlers
in the front row who look like they would have been on the dMp yelled that
Ricardo did win because the towel was thrown. Vance and Ikemen looked at
each other confused and Jacqueline told everyone to read the rules because she
knows that once a wrestler has thrown the towel in, it is illegal to
continue to attack but since the towel was thrown in during the middle of
a move already in process, it is perfectly legal making Ricardo the
official winner. This means that the final match of the Chojin crown is
going to be Ricardo vs. Kid Muscle. Everyone noticed that Kid Muscle is
nowhere to be found and the all figure he ran away in fear. Trixie and
Kiki say its unfair because Ricardo stopped in the air and did not have to
finish the move, Roxanne yells out who cares and runs to Jaeger's aid.
Ricardo cannot believe what he has done but is not surprised because he
remembers doing it before. He suddenly gives a cry of pain.
We jump to outside the arena where we see the kid looking at a shop that
has cow and rice in the rain. Mantaro turns around and sees Jaeger being
held in a stretcher being placed into an ambulance. Kid Muscle runs to see
what's happening and the E.M.T. workers say its going to be tough for Jaeger
and to not get your hopes up. The Kid tells Jaeger "cow and rice". Jaeger
miraculously wakes up saying he wants to try his moms as he promised and
asked the kid to promise to beat Ricardo. The kid promises he can. Broken
Jr in the distance proudly states that Jaeger may have lost the match, but
has gained independence which is greater. The kid wishes Jaeger a good
recovery as he is taken away into the ambulance. Roxanne informs the kid
that he gave Jaeger a very serious promise but the kid answers that its
one he's going to keep. The rain stops and Roxanne asks the kid if he think
that the storm is over. The kid says "no".


Synopsis written by: MaxPowerz

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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