Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 3

Air date: 09/14/2002


This episode begins with Robinmask, Geronimo and Rikishiman preparing to introduce the final graduates of the Hercules Factory, who will then travel on to face the DMP on Earth. The guests of honor for the ceremonies, seated on an elevated platform, include Mayumi (Mantaro's Grandfather) and Bibinba (Mantaro's mother). Amidst the pomp and pizzazz of the ceremony, Robinmask opens the Gates of the Hercules Factory to reveal the finalists. Mayumi and Bibinba lament that Mantaro is nowhere to be found among them. This continues until a masked rider gallops in on a horse. It is noticeably Mantaro, except for a different face mask, and Terry the Kid and the others speculate that is must be an evil combatant. Mantaro replies that it is just him, trying to make a surprise entrance, and that he is only wearing a silly mask, but the other are unconvinced. So Mantaro removes the mask to reveal another. The finalists agree that it is not Mantaro but and evil opponent and proceed to mob him. Mantaro tries unsuccessfully to remove his masks fast enough (he has numerous mask on over each other) to reveal his face to the crowd before they reach him. After being beat to a pulp, the final mask is removed and it is revealed to be Mantaro. After seeing this, the crowd is overcome with remorse for pounding on a friend like that, and Sieuchin makes the remark that Mantaro should have told them it was him in the first place and that he was going to make a surprise entrance. Mantaro says that it wouldn't have been a surprise them. All set to be given their rights of passage, Robin Mask explains that they have one more final task before them. They have one more opponent to face before their will be complete, and that this opponent will be their toughest yet! Murmurs arise from the crowd, who question why they have ANOTHER trial to pass. Robin Man presses a button on a wheeled box (similar to a car battery charger) and suddenly the ground begins to shake and crevices begin to form as if there were a large scale earthquake. And from the midst of the ground arises a gigantic hand, palm outstretched upward, to reveal a ring on each finger tip. Robinmask explains that once they are in the ring, their opponent will appear. Mantaro makes a lame excuse as to why he won't go first, and Terry the Kid and Samuu volunteer to be the first 2. Upon entering their respective rings, Terry on the thumb and Samuu on the index, Robinmask presses another 2 buttons on the box, and their opponents appear. For Terry the Kid, it is none other then Buffaloman. And for Samuu it is the great Ramen Man! All hope seems drained from the finalists as they see that they will have to defeat the former champions. It is impossible, they surmise, and begin to give up one by one, until Robin Mask explains that in order to defeat the DMP, they will have to beat the former champions,  who were demolished by the DMP. The reasoning being that if they couldn't beat the old timers than they wouldn't stand a chance against the DMP! The finalist see the logic behind this reasoning and agree to fight.

Buffaloman and Terry the Kid begin their match. Buffaloman feigns a handshake to start, but when Terry the Kid grabs his hand, Buffaloman knees him in the chest, sending Terry reeling. He then pins Terry to the mat and begins beating the holy terror out of him.

Cut to Samuu. When Ramen Man offers a handshake, Samuu rejects and immediately begins a barrage of blows to Ramen Mans face, all of which are easily blocked by the veteran wrestler. Ramen Man then begins his assault on Samuu, including a myriad of aerial tactics, and ending in a submission hold to which Samuu relents and subsequently fails his training.

Back to Buffaloman and Terry the Kid, Buffaloman is still wailing on Terry's now red and swollen face, but appears to be tiring. Terry the Kid explains to Buffaloman that he may be a daunting foe, but he is to old and out of shape to mess with this youth. Buffaloman, pissed off, hurls Terry the Kid into the air and does his bull charge (reminiscent of Bald Bull) and rams Terry with his horns a few times before Terry begins to taunt him again. This time saying that his horns aren't nearly as sharp as his spurs and have no chance of hurting him. This being said, Terry uses Buffaloman's horns as grips, and wrapping his legs around Buffaloman's neck, digs his spurs into his neck, bringing him down into several submission holds, until exhaustedly, Buffaloman gives in. Terry the Kid has passed.

Robinmask explains that Mantaro is next. Mantaro the coward that he is, begins to back away complaining about stomach problems, but inadvertently trips over the box that Robinmask was using and rolls all the way into the next ring, also accidentally pressing the button release his opponent. As the episode ends, Mantaro's opponent appears to be none other than Kinnikuman Suguru! Daunting, rock solid and in as good a shape as ever!



Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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