Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 19

Air date: 09/14/2002


As the episode begins, we are treated to an aerial view of a large football stadium. In the middle of the playing field sits the "Hand of Hercules", the same hand that Terry fought Buffaloman and Mantaro defeated Suguru. As the sold out crowd continues to buzz, Rinko calls her friend. It seems they both got tickets to this event, but it is held at two different venues. The sold out Gazelleman vs. Jade (Jaeger) match is being held on Hercules Hand at the Stadium, while the less than popular Sieuchin vs. Crione Man (Hydrozoa) is set up on a stone foot (Achilles' Heel) in the middle of a River. The bell is rung and Sieuchin and Crione Man are the first to start!

As Sieuchin and his opponent start with a test of strength, Mantaro cheers him on with a silly song. After Mantaro makes a fool of himself, Harabote (Vance McMadd) mentions to Meat that he should manage Dead Signal (Road Rage) instead, since Mantaro clearly is going to lose. Mantaro protests, much to the joy of Meat, until he realizes that Mantaro and Harabote are discussing his custody as if he were a child. As they bicker about who will get him on weekends, Sieuchin begins to overpower Crione Man, but Crione Man reverses the momentum and sends Sieuchin flying across the ring into the turnbuckle. He then charges, doing a series of quick flips, and lands the back of his heels against Sieuchin's skull. Flipping away, he charges in again.

AS Crione charges in, Sieuchin dodges, grabs him and slams him in a reverse pile driver. The bell rings again, as the Gazelleman vs. Jade match begins. As they are about to begin, we see a mysterious spectator appear in the stands, it is Brocken Jr. Jade charges Gazelleman, but Gazelleman blocks him, grapples him, and puts him into a locking hold. After some minor banter, Gazelleman begins to repeatedly knee Jade in the gut! He then kicks him, sending him sprawling across the ring. Back in the stands, Brocken silently urges him on. Terry the Kid shouts encouragements and cheers to Gazelleman, but it seems that Gazelleman is exhausted, even though he was the one dishing out the pain.

Gazelleman is puzzled why he is so beat, but Jade taunts him saying that he is out of shape. He insults him further and Gazelleman charges, only to be slammed with the Beefcake Hammer. Gazelleman escapes the hold, but Jade just stands there puzzled. He has lost the skull broche that Brocken had given him. Lying on the mat, Gazelleman spots it and taunts Jade with it. Jade says that it is important to him, because it was given him by the great Brocken Jr. Gazelleman laughs and tosses it at Jade, who loses all composure. Back in the stands, Brocken urges Jade not to reveal his finishing move yet. Jade powers up and charges Gazelleman, unleashing the "Red Rain of Baron" on him (a glowing super powerful karate chop across the chest). Gazelleman drops to the mat, helpless. Brocken is concerned that they have been revealed now. Mantaro yells for Gazelleman to get up, but Meat tells him it is useless, he recognizes that move, and Gazelleman is not going anywhere.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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