Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 40

Air date: 09/14/2002


Bone Cold launches off the ropes again to kick the Jaw and chomp down on Mantaro! Terry and Checkmate rack their brains to try to help Mantaro. Terry has a flashback about his dad's lessons on friendship and teamwork. Cut to Meat and Kinkotsuman (Skullduggery) in the mortuary. Kinkotsuman urges Meat to go to the aid of Mantaro. Back ringside, Mantaro is depressed. He is going to fail his dad. The lantern flame is growing dim. Rinko climbs the ladder to try to fan the flame, but when Bone Colds ice lantern grows, Rinko falls back off the ladder. Mantaro says he failed his dad, and Bone Cold berates him and tells him some story about his dad being a villain and secretly conspiring to make him lose, etc. Mantaro won't believe it. Bone Cold launches off one set of ropes and ricochets off the opposite ropes, preparing to chomp down on Mantaro.

He kicks the jaw hard this time, causing Mantaro serious pain. Mantaro starts to pass out, but Checkmate and Terry cheer him on. They surmise that Mantaro can get out when the ropes stretch back, because the jaw opens! They continue to cheer on Mantaro, urging him to remember the inner fire. Bone goes back for another kick to the jaw, but this time Mantaro comes out, before the jaw closes on him. Bone charges him, but Mantaro launches off the rope and hits Bone with a vicious flying clothesline, sending him to the hard stone mat. Bone Cold arises and hears his name called out. He turns to see his father Kinkotsuman. He is enraged and takes it out on Mantaro with a flurry of punches. Mantaro starts to block and brings a kick around to the back of Bone Colds knee, buckling him. He does this a few times and then begins to pummel Bone Cold with a flurry of his own punches! Outside the ring, Meat and Kinkotsuman have a long conversation about teamwork, and how Minch has brought the new generation closer, even in death. Meat grieves fro his dead father. Back in the ring, Mantaro goes back into the rope, but Bone Cold is on him, straddling his shoulders, pinning him back and tying him up in the ropes!

Kinkotsuman cheers Mantaro on, much to the chagrin of his son, Bone Cold. Bone Cold uses the occasion to list all his grievances against his father, and then launches for the Riveter. This time, he spins twice as fast and it is called the Whirling Dervish. Mantaro comes free from the ropes, and launches up, spinning himself the opposite direction. Toe to to with Bone Cold, literally, he spins faster and destroys the Bone Cold drill. Bone falls to the ground and Mantaro comes down to land. Bone hails Mantaro with another flurry of punches, but this time, Mantaro catches his fists and begins a tirade about who's got the worst father experience. He talks about Meat, thinking his dad as dead, but then finding out he was alive and gave him up. Then finally forgiving him and reconciling before Minch dies. And he dealt with it, whereas Bone Cold is going ballistic over his dad. He then pummels Bone Cold, but stops suddenly as he realizes that Bone Cold, inches away, have the Bone Blade aimed at his heart. Bone launches the blade, but Mantaro safely dodges it. The blade then chases Mantaro around the ring, but he dodges around the posts, until the blade hits one and gets lodged. As Bone Cold tries to pull it free, Mantaro uses the lull to launch the Muscle Millennium!

Mantaro succeeds in hitting Bone Cold with the Muscle Millennium, more powerful then even the hit to Scar Face a few weeks back! Bone Cold is stuck on the ropes and catatonic. Mantaro goes for the Lantern. Bone starts to move, but passes out again, after pulling his blade fee from the post. Mantaro grabs his lantern and wins the match. He celebrates his victory for a minute, but is perplexed that the 3rd flame has not lit. Just then, the ropes snap and Bone Cold (who is still stuck on the ropes) starts to go over the edge. Seeing this, Mantaro falls off his ladder as Terry and Checkmate rush to the side of the ring to catch Bone Cold before he hits the pavement. They fumble him but he is safely recovered by Kinkotsuman (Skullduggery). Kinkotsuman apologizes and tries to reconcile with Bone Cold, but he won't have it. Seeing this, he pulls a money bag out of his pocket and gives it to Bone Cold. He wants to hire him to beat him up. Bone takes the money. Bone Cold is about to pummel his father, but decides against it. He says he won't forgive him, ever. As Bone Cold is walking away, he motions to Mantaro that he one upped him, with his friends. Mantaro thinks of his friends, as Terry and Checkmate approach with his lantern. The 3rd flame starts to glow, as Mantaro realizes the 3rd lesson was the power of friendship!


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 1

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