Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 16

Air date: 09/14/2002


Mantaro is pounding away at Checkmate's abs with renewed fervor when Checkmate sends a nasty kick to his chin. Prepping for another assault, Checkmate's knee starts to knot up. He winces, showing the first signs of pain. Nanako San explains that Mantaro's holds did have an effect on Checkmate and that it appears that his knee cap is shattered. Checkmate steps forward and his knee gives out. It is broken. Checkmate is in denial and claims he is invincible. Sunshine explains that because of the training, his mind believes him to be unhurt, but that his body has taken the toll of the punishment that Mantaro has dished out. Checkmate still refutes this. He throws a chess piece at Sunshine and begins to berate him. Mantaro again comes to the aid of Sunshine and charges Checkmate. The two are locked in a test of strength, when Checkmate flips Mantaro over his head to the ropes. Mantaro uses the leverage to launch into the air for a flying attack. While Mantaro is airborne, Checkmate morphs into a never before seen shape. He is the Knight (horse), but his body is made of the Rook (castle - stone) and the head is half horse, half Checkmate (with a stone crown). He calls this the Grand Slam. He rears forward and bucks Mantaro with his rear legs as he comes down. He then locks Mantaro's arms and legs in the stone of his body, and slams him face first into the mat. Mantaro is out of it again. He picks up Mantaro and launches up for a pile drive Stallion Style. This time though he breaks through the ceiling and sets him up to come crashing down with all 50 tons of stone horse on Mantaro's neck. It looks like Mantaro is going to be finished, but Sunshine begins to cheer for Mantaro, getting the crowd going. Soon the whole arena is immersed in chants of "Mantaro, Mantaro" (the US version is "Kid Muscle, Kid Muscle"). Mantaro and Checkmate make their re-entry into the arena via the hole in the ceiling.
Mantaro awakens to the chants of the crowd, powers to Ultimate Muscle and head butts the bad knee of Checkmate. He sets him up for the Kinniku-driver and lands it with a bang in the center of the mat. Check falls lifeless to the floor. Mantaro is exhausted as usual. It appears Mantaro has won, when Checkmate gets up and attempts to assault Mantaro, but mid punch, he shatters, feeling all the pain of the match at once. He morph to his normal mode and falls again to the mat in serious pain. He is finished. Two workers come in to help Checkmate out of the ring, but Sunshine shoos them away, saying that he has always cared for Checkmate's well being and will continue to do so. Checkmate and Sunshine make some heartfelt amends, and Sunshine begins to help him up. He says that while he has al the physical abilities to be champion, he lacks the heart of a champion. Sunshine vows to instill that in him. Suddenly something hurtles through the hole in the dome and a fist with a harpoon on it drives through the midsection of Sunshine.

The two DMP leaders appear on screen and say that Sunshine has failed. They explain that because of his failure he will be banished and the Nightmares will be disbanded. Sunshine laughs at this. When questioned by the baddies why he is laughing, Sunshine produces a trigger switch and nukes them into oblivion. The hand in the side of the mountain is obliterated. Everyone celebrates, but when Mantaro turns to see Sunshine, he notices him and Checkmate gone. Sunshine is shown carrying Checkmate's limp form out of the corridors and onto a balcony, where they leave for another planet to recuperate.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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