Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 44

Air date: 09/14/2002


Terry the Kid vs. Jade vs. Bandolis(?). Terry and Jade are wishing each other luck, and Bandolis complains that it is a THREE man race, not two. Off to the side, Jade gets advice from Brocken and Bandolis from his trainer, but Terry has no one. He glance around and thinks he sees his dad, Terry Man, but looks again and sees nothing. He says he must be imagining things, since his dad was never around when he was a kid, as he was always off wrestling along side of Kinnikuman Suguru. He never made time before, why would he now? Off to a quick start, Terry and Jade are far ahead of Bandolis, who kicks his heels into the sand, causing it to send steams up past Terry and Jade, and forming a sand pillar in front of them, knocking them down. Bandolis passes them. They gain and Bandolis tries to do a split kick to the two gaining on him, but they dodge his kicks and return with reverse spin kicks of their own. Bandolis is double whacked and is out. Terry and Jade are neck and neck when Terry hears cries for help from a mother who's young child has wandered to far into the water. Terry the Kid, who is ahead by a foot or two now, has a dilemma. There seems to be no one else that hears the kid, as they are intently fixed on the race. He can continue and win the race, and if he continues on to win the Chojin Crown, his dad will be proud of him, like he was Suguru, but then the kid will drown. Terry chooses the kid and detours to the sea. Nakano San (Doc Nakano) is curious as to why Terry is choosing now for a swim. Jade wins, saving the damsel, while Terry the Kid saves the drowning boy. Mantaro and the rest of the spectators see why Terry detoured, and recognize him as a true hero. Jade notices him too, and rushes to greet Terry, but depressed, he shrugs him off. Walking alone down the exit corridor, he wonder why if he did the right thing, why he feels bummed out. He's glad that his dad wasn't there to see him lose, but around the corner in the hall, Terry Man leans against the wall. Terry man tells his son that he saw what he did, in choosing to save that kid, and in his book, that makes him the real winner. Terry Sr. puts his arm around Terry Jr. and his son starts to get teary-eyed. They walk off together, down the corridor.

As the show returns, we find our heroes just minutes away from the third and final round. This is the last round before the finals. Ikemen announces that it will be a third leg race. The top twelve teams will move on, while the rest are out. There is a twist. Each Chojin is matched up with a non-Chojin. Mantaro is paired off with a fat sumo guy names Sasaki. He complains, but Ikemen says that he picked hi partner by randomly drawing his name out of a hat (but thinks to himself that there were only two names in the hat - insert maniacal laughter here). The other teams are shown. Jade is paired off with Rinko, and Mantaro is INCENSED! Comrade Turbinski (the airplane guy from Russia) is paired with Meat. Rinko's friends, Trixie and Kiki are paired off with Chojins also. The shot rings out and the contestants begin. As they race along the track Mantaro and Sasaki falls down numerous times. Ikemen and Harabote rejoice in their cunning. The teams all come to a dead stop. In front of them, the road rises steeply, almost straight up. They will have to somehow get over this giant incline. It is here that Meat notices that Kevin Mask's partner doesn't look like an ordinary person, but more like a Chojin. The first team tries to scale the rise, but about 3/4 the way up, tires and falls, bouncing off the pavement and landing in the sea. Meat tells Turbinski that they should go somewhat sideways up the wall, giving them a longer route, but an easier run. They zigzag up the incline and they succeed! Others, encouraged, proceed to attempt the climb. Mantaro and Sasaki are dead last.

Mantaro is running, but when he sees the wall and the teams laying prostrate on the ground who have failed, he thinks it hopeless. Sasaki tells him to hold on tight, and leaps to the center of the incline. As Sasaki lands mid wall, Mantaro falls, but is suspended by the ankle strap. Sasaki explains that his sweat is really stick and he can adhere to any surface that way. Sasaki slithers the rest of the way up, like a snail, with Mantaro in tow! At the top, the contestant are require to cross a spinning poll, spanning the distance. Kevin Mask and his partner run sideways, running against the spin, and make it across safely. Jade and Rinko do hand-flips across. The rest of the competitors are pounding each other, jockeying for position, while Mantaro and Sasaki slither across the pole. After crossing the log, they start to catch up to Checkmate, who is hindered by his fatigued partner. He tells Checkmate that he is sorry for slowing him down, but he is honored to race with him as he is Checkmate's biggest fan. Ahead, Dispenser Man, seeing the teams approaching, releases what look to be hundreds of half blue / half white gumballs on to the track. causing everyone to fall down. This doesn't phase Checkmate, who morphs into the Knight (horse) and dodges the incoming balls. Dispenser sees this and launches a few aerially. Checkmate dodges these with ease, but his partner is hit hard. Checkmate decides to get his partner help, instead of proceeding on and possibly injuring his fan more. He breaks the leg strap, forfeiting his chance to win, and carries hi partner off. Dispenser Man proclaims that nice guys really DO finish last. This pisses off Mantaro, who, with Sasaki, launches towards Dispenser Man, body surfing over the tops of the balls.

He whacks Dispenser Man with such force that he crashes to the ground. He then goes back to see about Checkmate and his partner, but Checkmate tells him to hurry on and win a spot in the finals. Mantaro and Sasaki devise a new plane, the stand atop the dispensed balls and rolls on. Kevin and his partner are in the lead, Turbinski and Meat second. Jade and Rinko finish third, and Rinko is noticeably fatigued. The remaining teams cross the line, until there is one spot left. The next group of runners approaches, but Mantaro is no where to be seen. It appears that he will not progress. Ikemen and Harabote are overjoyed, until they see Mantaro and Sasaki rolling along. As they roll between the front two teams, the other teams kick the balls out from under Mantaro and Sasaki, launching the balls towards the goal, and Mantaro and partner into the air. Bad move. The balls ricochet off the finish line polls and knock out the other two teams, as Mantaro and Sasaki land on their heads across the finish line, thus securing the twelfth slot!


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 1

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