Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 33

Air date: 09/14/2002


Zooming into Kinniku (Muscle) Planet we get our first glimpse of the Tower of the Seigi Chojin's (Justice League's) High Council. The camera pans to show all the elders sitting in their council chairs. Minch (who looks strikingly like Yoda) introduces himself to Meat and Mantaro (Kid Muscle) as they come out of the elevator. Suguru (King Muscle) rushes to greet his son, and asks if there is anything he can do for him. Minch begins to speak parables about Mantaro, but the gist of them is, that he has too much weight to bear for his young age. Mantaro reiterates that he has won every match thus far, but he is admonished that it is too large a weight for him to bear. Mantaro thinks he will be booted from the Hercules Factory, but Minch affirms that he needs some hardening. Mantaro blabs when Minch instructs the guards to get him. They rush Mantaro and strip off his shirt, displaying numerous scars from his battles, and Minch tells him that he needs to harden his body, so that he can battle for years to come. Minch taps the floor with his cane and up comes a lantern. It is explained that the lantern is a gauge for the Ultimate Muscle power. Minch tells Mantaro to grab the handle and power up. He does and a small flame emits inside the lantern. Mayumi and the others laugh at how small the flame is. Minch tells Mantaro that he need to learn how to harness the power of Ultimate Muscle. He calls on Suguru to give him an example. Suguru grabs the handle, and strains his withered body to power up. The lantern begins to radiate powerfully, and Suguru's body is transformed into a solidly built muscular frame. As the lantern rages, Meat is impressed at the fact that Suguru still has it! Minch tells Mantaro that to teach him how too harness his powers, he will have to fight the three worst criminals in Kinnikuman history. Fork the Giant (Forkolossus), Hanzou and Bone Cold. Also known as No Respect (the Gruesome Threesome). Mantaro declines and starts to walk out, when one of the council members, who visage has been hidden thus far by a cape and hood, tells him to stay where he is. That he is going to take the training whether he likes it or not. Mantaro remarks, "Oh yeah, how are you going to stop me?", and the cloaked figure shows him. He grabs the lantern and sets it ablaze even more so than Suguru did. Meat is in awe, wondering who this could be, until the caped council member lifts the lantern to reveal the face under the mask. Meat kneels on one knee as Ataru removes his cape and hood to reveal himself. He introduces himself as Ataru, Kinnikuman Soldier (Sergeant Muscle), Mantaro's uncle.

Suguru introduces Ataru to Mantaro, and Ataru shows preview of No Respect to him. Mantaro complains because he is scared, and wonders why he has to fight them, when they have already been captured. Minch says that he must learn how to harness the full power of Ultimate Muscle if he is to survive to old age. Three portals appear, and Mantaro is forced to choose one. Mantaro freaks out and grabs his dad to protect him, acing like a little child. Suguru slaps Mantaro across the face, stunning him, as he has never been slapped by his dad before. Suguru tells him to be strong, he believes in him, and hands him the lantern. Mayumi comes up with a baseball bats and knock the hesitant Mantaro into a portal. Meat follows after. They slip and slide, screaming through the portal, until they land on a beach on a remote island somewhere. A young boy approaches, asking Mantaro if he is the hero that was to come?

He introduces himself as Tuporu and tells them that they are on Shogun Isle, a prison island. Mantaro, seeing the ocean, gets hungry and does the seafood song and dance (like the one he did when Sunshine bought his dinner). Meat berates him and he stops. Tuporu explains that he was sent to help them get to the arena. When asked why him, he explains that he volunteered. His father was killed by Fork the Giant (Forkolossus) years ago when the Kinnikuman Guard captured him. Mantaro vows to Tuporu that he will beat Fork and avenge his father. They walk into the prison for the match. Inside, there is a ring, set amidst coliseum seating filled with inmates. Doc introduces Fork, who is brought out in chains by Sieuchin and family. Just before the ring, he grows impatient and fling the walrus family into the seats. He enters the ring, and is hit in the head by a flying 5-yen coin. He turns to see Mantaro's grand entrance. He is dressed as a shogun, riding atop a wood barge, carried by a dozen samurai. Meat is there also, dressed as a Geisha. As he approaches the ring, he leaps, flinging a handful of 5-yen coins at Fork. But Fork just brushes them off and knocks Mantaro to the ground. As Mantaro is getting up the ring is encircled in a steel cage, with the only exit above.

Mantaro is scared and pisses himself. Fork tells him to look up. Up above there is a little pod, suspending two lanterns. The Ultimate Muscle lantern and an icy lantern that belongs to No Respect. He explains that this is a ladder match, and whoever gets their lantern first wins the bout. Mantaro wonders how they got the lantern, but sees Minch at ringside and realizes how they did. Minch says to fight, and the bell is rung. Mantaro charges and gets kicked hard, into the cage. Fork charges, but Mantaro easily dodges. He grabs Forks waist and tries to suplex him backwards, but Fork is too heavy, and Mantaro falls backwards, pulling Fork and all his weight down onto him, smashing himself. Fork gets up and from the top of the corner post does a back flip, landing a big splash on Mantaro. He gets up and heads for the ladder, but Mantaro, like an angry dog, grabs hold of Fork's leg. Fork kicks him off easily, and prepares to charge him.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 1

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