Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 24

Air date: 09/14/2002


We start off at a ceremony as Harabote (McMadd) introduces Crione Man (Hydrozoa) and Mantaro. Both fighters are lowered down to the stage in life size action figure packaging. Crione Man comes out of his packaging first and takes his seat. Mantaro can't seem to get his package to open and farts while he is attempting to escape. This creates panic as he fills the container with foul gasses. Meat comes to the rescue and releases the bubble, but the entire stage is stunk out. After Mantaro takes his seat, Scar face and Jade are introduced. As they are lowered, it is noticed that Jade is absent from his packaging. Scar Face sits in his chair, and someone from the audience exclaims that he is one of the good guys. Kevin says quietly that they don't know how wrong they are. Scar Face looks around for Jade, but finds Brocken Jr. instead.

Harabote is shocked to see Brocken, and they have a quick discussion about Brocken leaving the Hercules Factory, where he was the top trainer. Scar Face roughly grabs Brocken's shoulder and asks him where Jade is at. Brocken twists his arm into and excruciatingly painful hold and tells him never to touch him again. He says that Jade is training for the next days match. car Face belittles Jade, but Brocken Jr. tells him that he will be defeated at the hands of Jade. Harabote wants an explanation of how e knows jade, and Brocken tells the story of how, after they had defeated the original Demon Chojins, there was peace on Earth and that meant no more fighting. The fighting spirit was so much a art of the Brocken family make up that it drove him into depression not to be able to compete any more. One day he returned to his mother's house in Germany, and found a young Jade there. Jade was looking for him and wished to be trained by him. He explained the grueling training that he out jade through. One day while he was training Jade, he noticed that the boy was holding something back from him. He told him to come clean or else.

Jade explains that he was an orphan and that his aunt and uncle had cared for him. He returned home one day to find his house burnt down and his aunt in bad shape. Brocken tells him that his powers can only be used for good and not for vengeance, but Jade snaps back that he knows this. He wants to honor his fallen family by training under the great Brocken Jr. Back to the present. Scar face hurls more insults at Jade and Brocken Jr. Mantaro, being the coward that he is, tries to team up with one of the other fighters, but is quickly reminded that he will have to make it alone.

Fight day, Meat is looking for Mantaro, but it appears he tied up the fat guard and escaped out a window. He is strolling away, trying to convince himself that he doesn't want to stay on earth anyways and that the other guys can take care of themselves, but he is repeatedly reminded of his need to fight for them by numerous television news reports he passes by. Mantaro is overcome with shame and realizes that he will have to fight. As his match is being announced, Crione Man is introduced and he makes his appearance in a floating block of ice. He breaks free and lands in the ring. Mantaro is announced, but is conspicuously absent. Meat fears he will be disqualified. But suddenly they see Mantaro, swimming out the the ring to fight.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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