Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 15

Air date: 09/14/2002


This episode opens with Checkmate approaching Mantaro. Sunshine glories in the fact that once Mantaro is finished, the original DMP will be avenged, and Checkmate will have done what no other DMP member has ever been able to accomplish. The defeat of the Justice Chojins (Hercules Factory). Checkmate begins to wonder if this is what all his years of training was for. Meanwhile Meat has a scheme to put some gumption back into Mantaro's trampled frame. He sees some cuties in the audience and begins to imitate them, saying things like "Oh no, Mantaro is out, he won't get the special Beef Guidon I made him", and the such like. Mantaro jumps up, encouraged and sings his cow song. He then looks around and realizes it was Meat. Checkmate then makes fun of Mantaro and his cow song. This ticks off Mantaro and he charges Checkmate, who counters with a painful arm lock. Sunshine again praises Checkmate, who again wonders if all his training was for this challenger, and if so, why Mantaro doesn't present more of a challenge. He changes to a Rook and launches Mantaro into the air. He then separates in to two halves, upper and lower. The upper half, headfirst, drives Mantaro down onto his back into the post. The lower half then comes down to ad insult to injury. Mantaro again lays crumpled on the mat.

Sunshine rants some more about being so close to being head honcho at the DMP, which again makes Checkmate question if this is the pinnacle of his career, why is it so easy? He comes to the conclusion that Kinniku Suguru must have been as weak as Mantaro and that Sunshine's old DMP were a bunch of weakling losers. He slanders Sunshine and says he is a weak crybaby, just like Mantaro. Sunshine says that Checkmate is mistaken and that Suguru was the most powerful wrestler, and likens hi t a volcano, with all it's explosive power. Checkmate then kicks Sunshine in the chest, causing him to get tied up in the ropes. Sunshine begins to explain how he gave the best years of his life to train and develop Checkmate's skills and powers. Checkmate claims that Sunshine is a hypocrite who doesn't practice what he preaches, and that is why he is so soft. He then rips Sunshine's valued old DMP group photo in two. Sunshine, tangled in the ropes, begins to cry again.

While Sunshine continues to cry, Checkmate taunts and berates him some more, until Mantaro shouts for Checkmate to stop taunting Sunshine. Checkmate is astonished that Mantaro would stick up for Sunshine, and begins to stomp Mantaro, but Sunshine explains that though the DMP and the Justice Chojin were hated rivals, they always shared a mutual respect. Sunshine is helped out of the ring. Check mate continues to kick at Mantaro, while Meat and the gang urge Mantaro to defend his family honor against Checkmate's numerous insults. Encouraged some, Mantaro grabs the next stomp, and put Checkmate into a vicious leg lock. Checkmate reminds Mantaro that he feels no pain, and Mantaro grips tighter. Sunshine tells Checkmate to escape the hold and retreat, because this stalemate could last for a long time. Mantaro agrees that this is a good idea because he is hungry, but Checkmate says that only cowards retreat, and lifts Mantaro into the air and launches him out of the ring. Mantaro comes crashing down on the announcers table (WCW style!). Checkmate jumps into the air and lands with a tremendous belly flop onto Mantaro, causing the announcer's table to shatter.

He says that he will drop a vicious elbow to finish Mantaro, and a little kid from the crowd rushes in to help Mantaro. He starts to pound on Checkmate's back, (obviously doing no harm, as he is about 6 or so) but Checkmate hits him and sends him flying. Sunshine catches the kid and is immediately disgusted at the senseless act. The crowd become furious and begins to throw anything within reach at Checkmate, including the Checkmate action figure, sodas, pop corn, etc. Checkmate calls for them to stop and threatens that the next one to throw something will be decimated. He then begins his ascent for the elbow drop, but Sunshine catches him mid air with a powerful drop kick that sends him reeling. Astonished at the hit, Checkmate slams Sunshine to the concrete with a nasty clothesline. He begins to pummel Sunshine with kicks, until Mantaro sends a massive knee into the chest of Checkmate, sending him crashing to the ground. Sunshine asks why Mantaro helped him and Mantaro explains that it is mutual respect, and that he appreciated him sticking up for Suguru. Checkmate is utterly bewildered at Mantaro's act of kindness, and Mantaro explains that he will stay confused until he swaps on of his chess pieces for a heart.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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