Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 41

Air date: 09/14/2002


Kinniku Mantaro is back on Muscle Planet, enjoying the adoration of his fans, while he meanders aimlessly down the street on a parade float. It figures that his float is in the shape of a giant rice bowl. Meanwhile, back at the Seigi Chojins Headquarters (Muscle HQ), Harabote Muscle (Vance McMadd) is steaming at all the media coverage that Mantaro is getting. Sitting there in his panda pajamas, he has finally had it, and tosses his food at the screen of his TV. Suddenly, the power goes out and all is dark. His son Ikemen (pronounce "ich-EE-mon") tells him that the power bill hasn't been paid, and that he should retire. He is the head of the Seigi Chojins (Muscle League) and he can't even afford to pay his electric bill. Ikemen has a plan to raise some cash, but it would entail Harabote retiring and turning over the reigns to him! Back on Muscle Planet, Mantaro is putting his new lantern to good use. He is using it to pick up chicks. Meat find him and berates him for using the lantern for childish reasons, but just then there is a breaking news report of Harabote Muscle's retirement head of the Seiji Chojin Council (Muscle League). He explains that it has been an honor to serve as chairman, but that it is time to retire.

Mantaro and the guys celebrate and start popping those confetti bombs! They are jazzed that Harabote, and all his strictness are now retired. The next guy has to be more lenient. To their surprise, Harabote pegs Ikemen to replace him, and immediately he begins to tells about his first act as the new chairman. He is reinstating the Chojin Crown Tournament. And vainly he renames it after himself, calling it the "Ikemen Chojin Crown". He tells all the wrestlers to travel back to their home countries to compete in the preliminaries. Mantaro wonders what the prize will be, and when he finds out that it won't be cash, but rather a title and crown, as you already guessed, doesn't want to wrestle, but Terry, Checkmate, Gazelleman and Sieuchin leave him to go prepare for the preliminaries. Meat tries to educate Mantaro on the importance and history of the Chojin Crown competition, but Mantaro is too involved in picking up chicks to notice. "Wanna light my lantern?" he is saying as Meat screams at him. Meat tries to talk him into fighting, but Mantaro says it is not necessary. His dad, Kinnikuman Suguru (King Muscle) had already won twice, more than enough for any family, he exclaims. Meat falls to his knees in desperation, as Mantaro files off to find some Gyuudon (rice bowl). Tournament day arrives, and the preliminary matches are broadcast all around the world!

We see various wrestlers fighting in the preliminary match-ups, trying to garner a spot in the tournament. From South America, to Russia, and finally to England, where we catch a glimpse of Kevin Mask unloading the Big Ben bash on his opponent, to secure his spot as England's champion in the tournament. Meanwhile, Mantaro is busy playing video games and out of habit, looks around for the guys to show them his high score, but then remembers that they are all off fighting in the contest. Mantaro decides to take a stroll, but down the street, on a TV, he sees Sieuchin making his opponent give in, securing his spot as Ireland's champ. Cut to Terry the Kid in the USA where the crowd is going crazy, cheering him on, chanting "Terry, Terry". Mantaro is a little distraught that the cheers aren't for him. He wonders if a million cheers are worth more than a million dollars. Maybe that is a reason to wrestle. Time for the Japanese preliminaries. Mantaro strolls by the stadium and sees everyone holding newspapers, many with headlines reading, "Mantaro is a Chicken", or "Terry the Kid, abducted by Aliens!". On screen in the plaza, he sees Jade (Jaeger) winning his match, becoming Germany's champion! Rinko (Roxanne) is there with her mother Mari (Marie) and they are cheering on Jade. Mantaro is jealous, and hides in the bushes to eavesdrop on their conversation. Rinko explains how attractive it is for a man to wrestle and compete for honor and a championship.

Mantaro is starting to catch on. Rinko and Mari agree that girls just can't resist a man who will wrestle for glory and honor, and a championship belt just drives them wild! Over the televisions in the plaza, it is announce that they are at the final match up, to secure the last spot in the tournament. Mantaro rushes off to compete to save himself in Rinko's eyes. After he bolts, the girls start to giggle hysterically. It was a set up arranged by Meat, who comes out of hiding. The ladies wonder how Mantaro will be able to compete, as the 2 slots are already filled, but Meat talks about the "Wind of Miracles" that is always present in the Kinnikuman family. In the arena, Nomuraman (El Nino) is warming up in the ring. Mantaro goes ringside, but Ikemen won't let him compete. He didn't register, and now there is no more room in the preliminaries for him. One of Ikemen's lackeys explains that there is room. Nomuraman's challenger was mysterious injured by falling driftwood, and can't compete. What about the 3rd and 4th place competitors, he asks. But they too, were struck by the mysterious driftwood. Nomuraman (El Nino) says that it is ok. He wants to wrestle Mantaro. It would be an honor for him. Ikemen is adamant, he WILL NOT let Mantaro compete. But the crowd is pissed and starts to hurl cans, bottles and other trash at him until he relents. Mantaro enters the ring and starts to stretch, while Ikemen and Harabote take their seats, covered in garbage and food. Ikemen vows to get revenge on Mantaro for humiliating him like that.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 1

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