Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 14

Air date: 09/14/2002


Checkmate puts Mantaro into submission hold, but Mantaro quickly reverses it and farts in Checkmate's face. Mantaro is stunned that this has no effect on him. Sunshine gives a brief history on Checkmate, and why he feels no pain at all. Checkmate tosses Mantaro to the floor with ease.

Popularity update: Checkmate is still in 1st, but Mantaro is losing votes fast.

Encouraged by his need to be popular, Mantaro sends a flurry of fists to Checkmate's abs but Checkmate turns into the rook (castle). Mantaro goes for another flurry but this time hits rock hard abs (literally) and hurts his fist. Mantaro reverse kicks at Checkmate's abs, but Checkmate separates at the waist and comes back down crushing Mantaro's leg. Checkmate then hurls Mantaro into the air and morphs to the knight. He pile drives him (stallion style) into the canvas, al 2000 plus pounds. Any other wrestler would be finished, but Mantaro is saved by his thick neck.

Popularity update: Mantaro is sinking fast.

Again, encouraged by his vanity, Mantaro gets up and announces he knows a secret way to stop Checkmate from morphing. His popularity is o the rise again! He locks Checkmate (knight mode) into a four leg submission hold. He then grabs the chess piece from Checkmate's back, and puts it on his own shoulder. Mantaro then morphs to a pawn (armored suit with Mantaro's head on his shoulder, but no legs). He attempts to drop kick Checkmate twice, but each time only moves one space on the chess board. Terry explains that pawns can only move one space at a time. Checkmate then insults Mantaro's mom. Mantaro un-morphs from pawn mode, and Checkmate and Mantaro get into a "your mama" insult match. He then tosses the chess piece back at Checkmate. Checkmate morphs back to his regular form and Mantaro goes double knee to the face. Checkmate blocks it easily and uses the momentum to drive Mantaro into the corner post. Mantaro puts a from behind squeeze on Checkmate's midsection. Checkmate then morphs to the rook and falls back on Mantaro. As they fall back, Checkmate separates into three pieces, with the middle piece falling on top of Mantaro to pin him to the canvas. Checkmate then launches hi other two pieces into the air and comes crashing down with his lower section crushing Mantaro's thighs and his upper section landing a nasty elbow to Mantaro's face. Mantaro is laid out.

Sunshine begins another rant, while on the big screen, the big two DMP leaders (green dragon guy and blue Satan Cross looking guy) give him congratulations. Sunshine berates them. He notes how the DMP was supposed to be three separate but equal entities, but how they screwed him over. Sunshine notes that he made the best with nothing at al, and mentions that when Checkmate beats Mantaro, he will be supreme leader of the DMP. Checkmate moves in to finish Mantaro off. And the episode ends with Sunshine laughing maniacally.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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