Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 38

Air date: 09/14/2002


Hanzou warns Mantaro about his next opponent. Mantaro freaks out and starts groveling, when the portal opens and Bone Cold grabs him and pulls him in. Meat, Checkmate, Minch and Rinko all grab hold of Mantaro and trail into the portal, as does Rinko's two friends. Gazelleman tries to get there also, but slips on a banana peel and falls. Inside the wormhole (portal tunnel) they guys wonder where the next fight will take place? Will it be a ring surrounded by deadly spikes, or in someplace as frigid as an ice cave? Nope, it a beach, with lots of lovely ladies and...Terry the Kid? The guys are surprised to find Terry with a lady on each arm, and a hand groping, well, the backside of one of the ladies. They figure, while they wait, they will have some fun. Beach Party!!! Sun, sand, ocean, jet-skis! You name, they indulge in it. All except for Meat, who sits alone under the shade of an umbrella, wondering how they can be so light hearted at a time as this. Minch, in full tourist dress, meanders up to Meat, and a conversation ensues. Minch, who keeps calling Meat "son", and then "Meat", asks how things are going. Meat reminisces about Suguru and how he is so much like Mantaro. How disturbingly immature they are, but in the end, they always come through with the win. Minch mentions that he has something important to tell Meat, but just them Bone Cold appears, still cloaked.

Bone Cold tosses off his cloak to reveal himself, and grabs Minch. Meat panics and the group shows up to defend Minch. Bone Cold explains that stealing Minch is part of his plan to eliminate Mantaro. He says that there is a price on Minch's head, and that he will use the leverage of kidnapping Minch, to beat Mantaro, to earn his freedom, in order to deliver his hostage to his employer to gain his bounty. Why Minch? Because Meat is the key, or so the employer thinks, to the success of Suguru, Mantaro and the other Seigi Chojins (Muscle League). They are confused as to how kidnapping Minch will affect Meat (because they don't know the secret that Minch will reveal to Meat next week). Mantaro doesn't want to fight, but Bone Cold says if Mantaro backs out, then Minch becomes "Minch Meat". Terry and Checkmate rush Bone Cold, but he quickly knocks them down with a couple of well placed drop kicks. He then vanishes. Mantaro is on his way out, with his scarf pouched, and hanging on the end of a stick. Meat begs Mantaro to save Minch, and not be a coward and bolt. He wants to know the secret that Minch was going to tell him before Bone Cold arrived. The group all agree to help, as does Mantaro, who sits down and undoes his pouch, to reveal his lantern. He removes the lantern and wonders if the third flame is for courage, which he sorely needs.

As the group walks towards the venue, they notice a set of pads and a hospital gown hanging above the door of the first entrance. It is a sign from Bone Cold, "Fight or end up in the hospital anyway". As they walk into the inner area, they see the crowd and the ring, which is draped with a large cloth. They decide to split up and look for Minch. Meat will take the mezzanine, Terry the upper level, and Checkmate....the "Nacho Stand"? But just then, Meat spies Minch, tied up and laying prone in the jaws of a stone gargoyle. Bone Cold makes his taunts, then undraped the ring, showing a stone monolith in the form of a giant gargoyle head! Mantaro is still frightened. Meat asks why Bone Cold kidnapped Minch, and he starts to tell him, but Minch interrupts. Bone Cold makes a snide remark, and launches an elbow drop to silence Minch.

Bone Cold lands the elbow on the top of the gargoyle head, crushing the jaws on Minch, causing him injury. Bone tosses his lantern to the pod, suspended above the ring. Mantaro begins the ascent up the ladder to the ring, and his lantern begins to glow fiercely. He tosses it up to the pod and enters the ring. Inside, the gong sounds and the match begins with the two going at a test of strength. Bone reverses Mantaro into and arm lock, but Mantaro quickly reverses the reversal, applying the pressure to Bone Cold's arms. Checkmate senses that Bone Cold is feigning to gauge Mantaro's strength. Two more reversals and Mantaro tosses Bone into the air for some punishment. But it is Mantaro who ends up getting the pain. Bone Cold lands a vicious cartwheel kick to Mantaro, booting him into the air. He catches him in the air, slamming him down in a reverse suplex (Sistine Scalpel) onto the stone mat. He slams him a few more times, in various moves (Moaning Lisa, Gray matter). Meat tells Mantaro to use the "Break Fall" technique that he taught him. Bone makes a snide remark as he launches Mantaro into the air, but this time, when Mantaro comes down, he uses the technique to land safely without injury.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 2

US Season: 1

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