Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 60

Air date: 09/14/2002


We start off by seeing Comrade Turbinski and D-Struction in the ring. Jacqueline tells her father Vance McMadd that she is announcing the next match. Vance tells her that her brother might be jealous and wouldnt want to her to be too bossy about it. Jacqueline replies that she isnt bossy but she says this while squeezing her fathers head. Kid Muscle is ogling over Jacqueline and Rinko rips his ear hairs out because of her jealousy. D-Struction tosses bike up into the air and smashes it with his three pronged attack saying that he is an expert at taking out flying objects. Comrade Turbinski is in the corner of the ring, holding the turnbuckle as his warm up before the match. The bell rings and D-Struction just rams his horns strait into Comrade Turbinskis back while still preparing, not even giving him a chance to fight. Comrade Turbinski hits the mat, and D-Struction gets on top of him and slashes his horns at the seemingly defenseless Comrade Turbinski but he manages to get up his arms with each blow. Comrade Turbinski tosses off destruction and jumps to the turnbuckle and flies at him like the plane he is. D-Structions spiral horns fling Comrade Turbinski away and he flies in again with the same results. Suddenly Comrade Turbinski disappears. D-Struction uses his radar in the spikes to try and trace him but cannot detect him. He then starts to laugh thinking that Comrade Turbinski has flown away and has given up. Turbinski flies in unseen and hits D-Struction with his wing.
Everyone looks up wondering where Comrade Turbinski is. Wally talks about how D-Struction can slice onions with his horns and is so fast that you wont even cry when it happens. While this is being said, D-Struction then puts his radar on high. He STILL cannot detect Turbinski. Suddenly from behind, destruction has another devastating blow from Comrade Turbinskis wings. A few seconds later, he is hit again, this time the front of the knees, knocking him down on one leg. Jacqueline was saying, it looks like it was over. In a desperate attempt, D-Struction says he is going to do something done in his family. Use his inner strength to feed his power. He then proceeds to rip out one of his horns and takes a GIGANTIC bite out of it. (he did after all say he was going to extract the power within himself). He continues to take big chunks and chew on them. Next he spits it out leaving the black specks of residue from the spikes floating in the air leaving the crowd in more confusion then before. This act however causes D-Struction to see Turbinski. Everyone sees that Comrade Turbinski is in stealth bomber mode. Doc Nakano explains how stealth bombers are aircrafts that are not detected by radar which why it makes it hard for D-Struction to detect him. D-Struction then drills Turbo in the side with the remaining two horns and hits him with a Death Valley Bomb (also know as a Death Valley Driver or DVD for short). He follows this devastating move with a suplex onto the top rope thrusting Comrade Turbinski up into the air so he may use his finisher the Three Pronged Attack (well in this case 2 pronged attack) to finish off the match.
Comrade Turbinski falls down fast and transforms into an old plane and speeds up at him by spinning the propeller at full thrust. A flash comes over the whole screen. The two are in a stalemate, a deadlock. D-Struction thinks he has the upper hand in this and says his pincers will easily crush Comrade Turbinskis propellers but this causes Turbinski to laugh. He said normally yes, but informs him that he forgot one thing, that he is down to two horns which is not enough strength to stop him and he puts it on full throttle cutting off the remaining two horns. Comrade Turbinski then flies up to the sun like the Red Barron and swoops down picking up D-Struction flying up with him to do a Turbo Tail Spin. Destruction is knocked down and out and rolls out of the ring. Vance says to ring the bell, its obviously over and says that its time for his daughter to do her ring announcing for this next match. She walks toward Comrade Turbinski in the ring and kid muscle gets all lovey dovey seeing Jacqueline watching her. Roxanne gets extremely jealous and whacks him over the head saying she is fake. Her friends say not be so aggressive because that will cause him to become more that way towards other women if she continues to act jealous. They say its like tennis and to not give kid the advantage.
Jackie introduces mystery man #6 in a probably the worst rap expelled from what people would call a humans mouth. He unveils himself and we find out it is Blox, a man who is made of slabs of concrete. He is eating out of a bag of chips saying they are the source of his power and offers her some. Chips of concrete land in her hand and she brushes them off. Next she introduces Kevin Mask. Jackie says to start the bout and Blox eats part of the top of the turnbuckle. Kevin asks Lord Flash for his fathers armor. Kid Muscle who didnt know why he was wearing it asks meat about it and Meat explains that it was the same armor which got Robin Mask to the top when he entered this competition. The bell rings and they slowly inch their way to each other. They lock up and Blocks seems to have the advantage but Kevin attempt to twist Bloxs arm and seeing he cant twist it all the way back, he gives Blox a swift kick. Blox flies into the ropes and does a handspring. He jumps in the air and bites Kevin masks left shoulder. The camera zooms into Kevin Masks eyes and we see the same move he had with chijimiman and his inner light appears and does a swift Mongolian chop to Bloxs head. He follows this move with a German Suplex causing Blox to break up. Kid Muscle says that Blox is lame but meat tells the kid that Blocks can reassemble and that Kevin is in a bad situation. Mantaro starts to worry about Kevin Mask. Suddenly Blox reassembles into the intersection between two walls around Kevin mask and tries to crush him leaving Kevin in a tight squeeze.


Synopsis written by: Max Powerz

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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