Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 22

Air date: 09/14/2002


While Dead Signal is giving him a beating with his saw, Mantaro manages to repell himself away. Dead Signal responds with a headlock and fires up his Sign Saw once again. Mantaro reverses with a back suplex, slamming Dead Signal hard to the canvas. He is about to hit him again, when Dead Signal morphs his head to a "Beware of Falling Rocks" sign. Mantaro then is tricked into thinking he is at the base of a cliff.

As large boulders begin to fall (in Mantaro's imagination) a large metal sign breaks free on a nearby building and comes at Mantaro. Mantaro thinks this is a large boulder and successfully deflects it, but is sent to the mat with the blow. Meat argues with Harabote about the use of a foreign object (weapon) but Harabote explains that it is legal, since Dead Signal never actually left the ring to get the objects. Dead Signal rants some more about how he obeys all the rules and attempts to hypnotize the crowd into supporting him. They begin to cheer him on. He grabs Mantaro and flings him into the air. Meat is screaming for Mantaro to wake up, and just before Mantaro falls prey to the Sign Saw again, Dead Signal suddenly veers to the left. Mantaro is puzzled and Meat explains that a spilled bucket of paint looks like a left turn only sign. Mantaro gets an idea and paints a "Slow for Children" sign on the mat. Dead Signal gripes that there are no children around but is still forced to moves in slow motion. He is about to punch, when Mantaro paints a no punching sign. Dead Signal tries a kick, and Mantaro paints again. Dead Signal, furious, charges Mantaro but is stopped in his tracks with a freshly painted crosswalk, complete with pedestrians. Mantaro does a nice leg drop on Dead Signal, followed by two powerful elbow drops. He then reaches for the paint bucket, only to realize that it is empty now. Dead Signal rages and begins to glow red.

Dead Signal rises up, bent and tattered, and Mantaro panics. Meat tells him to use the signs already on the canvas. They are foiled as Dead Signal covers the canvas with road tar. Dead Signal slices Mantaro with his saw, then he lifts him above his head, stretched out and cuts at his back. He then slams him to the ground and continues to saw at his back. Meat urges Mantaro to give 100% just like Sieuchin and Gazelleman, and this encourages Mantaro, who powers up and flexes a couple of back muscles to catch the blade in between them. He launches Dead Signal into the air and does a powerful side body slam. Dead Signal rises up and does his train crossing routine once more. Meat urges him to look away so as not to be hypnotized again, but Dead Signal grabs the puppy and drops it on the other side of the guard rails. Mantaro is forced to decide if he should step in front of the oncoming train to rescue the puppy, or not. Mantaro decide to jump the rail to save the dog.

HE scoops up the dog and jump kicks the train (billboard) and the illusion is broken again. Dead signal rants again about Mantaro breaking the rules and the crowd becomes incensed. Dead Signal explains that the greatest power a wrestler can have is the support and cheers of the crowd. He says that Mantaro can't win because he has neither. Mantaro explains that he doesn't need the crowds support, he has all the support he needs in the puppy that he is now comforting. He says he would do it again if necessary. It is noticed that the angry crowd isn't mad at Mantaro, but at Dead Signal for his treatment of the puppy. Dead Signal lands a vicious heel to the head of Mantaro, knocking the puppy into the air. Meat catches the dog, but Dead Signal grabs Mantaro and slams his face into his yellow and green signal lights. He does the same with the red light also. Mantaro is staggered, but with the crowd rooting for him, he finds the power to continue. Dead Signal starts the Sign Saw and Mantaro turns his back to him. As Dead Signal charges, Mantaro launches over top of him and lands behind him. He grasps him and does a reverse body stretch on him and then preps him for the Kinniku Buster. After landing the move, Dead Signal is out and Mantaro is the winner. As they leave the ring, Meat and Mantaro look at a video monitor to see how Terry is faring. It appears Terry is in BIG trouble.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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