Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 71

Air date: 09/14/2002


"TAKE THAT!" Kid Muscle yells as we see Kevin Mask land hard upon the ring's floor. "This is no time for tangling with Kevin Mask! Meat needs help!" chides Roxanne. "Just a minute, Roxanne" Kid responds, turning back to the lying Kevin Mask "You called Meat STUPID! NOW TAKE IT BACK! He did what any one of us would've done-- save the life of a fellow Chojin! If his two-sized shoe was on the other foot, he would've saved you, too! least, from everything but a nagging backache." screams the furious Kid Muscle. "Don't worry, little boy." states the Emergency team. "...but I'm thirty-five..." groans Meat. "It's time for you to redefine your definition of Stupid, Kevin," Kid Muscle Continues "Because being stupid Meat was braver than just being smart." One of Comrade Turbinski's fans steps up and saying "Being stupit and savink Turbinski makes you a Hero!" "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!" the crowds begin chanting. "Kid, C'mere." Meat groans. "I've got something to give you, something that'll bring back memories. Remember This?" "Yea! The Lantern of Soul!" Kid exclaims. "The one and the same, Buddy Boy!" Meat responds as the lantern flares with a gigantic flame. Roxanne chirps in "Oh! Wow! It seems so long ago. That's the lantern that indicates the level of a Kinniku's Ultimate Muscle." "It's burning bright because you've come a long way, Kid." Meat groans. "just keep your sense of Justice and your Fighting Spirit... and go easy on the Stupid stuff, because not everyone's smart enough to get it."

"YAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I've had enough of this Melodrama! Dare I say it's getting... STUPID?" Kevin taunts from the floor before jumping to his feet. "The way I see it," begins Lord Flash, "Meat had to be out of his mind to try and catch Comrade Turbinski. There's no way he'd escape injury. It was a lapse in judgment that no trainer can afford to make-- not if he wants his wrestler to win the Chojin Crown!" "Where does that leave you, Kid? You have no trainer, no guidance, and therefore no idea how you are going to win this match." Kevin taunts. "You must feel very empty and frightened inside, knowing you must face Lord Flash and Me... ALONE." The lantern of soul's flame shrinks. Kid declares that any of his friends could substitute for his trainers... but Jacqueline pipes up and tells Kid Muscle that his Trainer can only be a Chojin-- but only one that has never had the opportunity to wrestler one of the potential opponents. The flame burns to its lowest ebb... and the Turbinski regains consciousness and moans pitifully in pain. "THIS IS A NIGHTMARE" Kid Muscle says. "It usually is, for the LOSERS!" Kevin Mask once again mentally abuses Kid, extinguishing the fire. "You must be getting chilly without that flame. Let me help." Kevin says, taking the Lantern of Soul from Kid Muscle, having it spring forth with an incredibly bright flame. "How's that possible? Kevin Mask lit the lantern of Soul?" Kid exclaims. "No Fair! I thought only a Kinniku could light the Lantern of Soul! Meat! Jaeger! Where are you when I need you?" Kevin offers his observation, "According to this lantern, you'll be soon joining them." Lord Flash states to Kid Muscle: "You could forfeit the match, but don't you think that Kevin has earned the right to seek revenge on the Kinniku dynasty, by mercilessly beating you ONCE AND FOR ALL?" "We'll try to send Meat flowers," Kevin says, leaving the ringside. "Without Meat by my side, there's no way to win the Chojin Crown. Kevin Mask is too tough. Can someone find my mommy, please? Nevermind! I'll find her myself!!" Kid wails, running out of the arena.

We see several stars in their downtime, and several of the older Chojins. Most still are working out, such as Buffalo Man, Geronimo, and Raman Man... but King Muscle has let himself go. "It seems that Kid Muscle and King Muscle are cut off the same cloth." states Mac Metaphore. "Let's hope that cloth is discontinued!" states Doc. "Yoohoo! King Muscle!" yells a voice. "My God! It's Marie! You know you could've been queen of Muscle Planet-- if you had been a better cook!" King Muscle tells to Marie. "I can see where your son gets his charm." sneers Roxanne. "You must be Marie's daughter Roxanne who I've heard so much about!" King Muscle says. "Let's cut the pleasantries and get to the point. Your son, Kid Coward, just ran away." "IMPOSSIBLE! Kid Muscle would NEVER do that!" King Muscle speaks up. "WHO ARE YOU KIDDING, KING? HE DOES IT ALL THE TIME!" shouts Roxanne "But where's Meat? He'd always talk him out of it!" enquires the King of Muscle Planet. "Not this time."

King Muscle is gushing over the kindergarten setup that Marie still has in her abode, and Kid Muscle in an alley hears him. King Muscle is gorging himself on Gyuudon and brings up how he wishes his son would get the wrestling recipe right. Marie tells him that he was a coward as much as Kid Muscle, and that if the cup of tea he was drinking knew a Full Nelson, he'd be out the door right now. King Muscle admits he was afraid, and that he always wrestled with the power of friendship-- not wanting to let his friends down, and them never letting him down. Kid Muscle takes heart from the story and decides that he cannot let Meat or Jaeger down.

"Hello, Fight Fans!" announced Mac Metaphor. "Welcome to an Open Training Session from the usually secretive Kevin Mask Camp!" Kevin Flash is on top of a building structure, and Lord Flash drives up a Wrecking Ball. Kevin Muscle jumps off the tower and gets hit square in the back with the Wrecking Ball, only injuring his leg. Lord Flash doctors him as Doc explains the Wrecking Ball represents Kid Muscle and his Muscle Millennium. Kevin flashes back to one time Lord Flash confronts Kevin about stripping off his mask and becoming the best wrestler he could possibly be.

We then see Kid Muscle attacking a straw dummy and reassuring himself that he can win the match as a shadowy figure enters his workout room. "The chojin prince goes at it alone. How Pathetic" the figure says. "Is that a scarecrow? Does that make you a farmer?" Kid replies "This is a 400 pound bag of rice that I'm using as a stand-in for Kevin Mask." "Ooh! You're making a Mincemeat out of that bag of rice as Kevin Mask uses a three-ton ball of steel. Who am I more afraid of now?" replies the shadowy figure. "You may be one of my fans, but you're really starting to bug me." Kid says as he launches himself at the figure the same way as the rice bag. "A bit different than a bag of rice, comprende." the shadowy figure states (or asks?). "You? El-Nino? Why are you hear, and why are you making fun of me?" Kid Muscle asks. "I Can't..." says El-Nino as he Flash Suplexes Kid Muscle, "...resist! Could you have gotten weaker since the last time we fought?" responds Kid Muscle "But I won, and I'm undefeated, and that's more than you can say, hombre." "That won't win you the Chojin Crown." "This move will! SLEEPERHOLD!" El tio! El tio! That's uncle, Kid! You won that round, but it still doesn't mean you'll win the crown. Next time, use Elbow Grease." El-Nino tells the Kid. "That's your Bicep." points out Kid Muscle. "More importantly, what are you doing here? You didn't qualify for this tournament." "Think, and you'll know who sent me-- It was MEAT." El-Nino tells Kid Muscle. "Meat? From this hospital?" asks Kid Muscle, surprised. Responds El-Nino, We've got a lot of work to do, Me Amigo"

Kevin Mask is getting hit over and over with the Wrecking Ball. As he lays on the ground, he exclaims "Yes! Yes! Pound me some more! This is the best workout I've ever had!" "As you wish, Kevin!" responds Lord Flash.

Kid and El-Nino are again sparring. "Check your flame!" cries El-Nino. "I'm O.K!" yells Kid Muscle, turning to see the Lantern of Soul extinguished. "Nada!" "Watch This!" Kid exclaims, racing toward the Lantern, causing a tiny spark of flame to arise.

Synopsis written by: TheOrgg

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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