Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 62

Air date: 09/14/2002


Doc and Mac wonder how he can laugh while in that move.  Doc can't laugh, but he sure can cut one (and you thought the Kinnikuman family had the monopoly on that stuff!).  Feeling Kevin has lost it, the fans change their tunes and cheer for Blox, telling him to finish Kevin off).  But Blox knows that you cannot laugh and scream at the same time.  Kid Muscle wonders that as well, and asks Meat to Tickle him.  Under the pressure of the hold, Kevin Mask's family Armor (worn by all the Masks) cracks.  Well that certainly stopped him from laughing.  Moving his feet out of the hold, Kevin Kicks at the sides of Blox's (or shall we say Clone Kevin's) head.  As Blox is weakened by the move, Kevin turns the hold into a Crab hold, finally getting the advantage of Blox..  Ax in the. well you get the idea. The fight has brought back Kevin Mask's evil side, not seen since he denounced the dMp (Demon manufacturing Plant) for lack of loyalty.  Once again he adopts the dMp ethic (or lack of it) and fights as dirty as possible.  Jacqueline is the only one who likes Kevin's dark side (even Doc and Mac are frightened).  Kevin lunges into his opponent, tackling him towards the ropes, and  punches him as he bounces back.  He then Grabs Blox and smashes him into the turnbuckle.  Kevin adds that if he needs to fight dirty to win the match, he will.
What's a sign of Brain Damage?  Why, Bizarre behavior of course.  That's about par when you dress up like geisha girls for no apparent reason.  But Meat acts like the Kid never dressed up in women's clothing before.  There truly are no rules in this fight.  It's war, settles, it's quite the opposite.  Not only is Kevin standing, but he has Blox where he wants him.  Kevin has stopped the steamroller with one bare hand.  He truly knows the secret weakness of Blox.  He could have stopped Blox sooner, but he was building suspense.  Every time Blox reassembled, one distinctive piece led all the other pieces, like a school of fish.  This Black piece isn't like the others.  It's Blox's heart and mind.  If it were lost or separated, the rest of the pieces would be useless. As Blox said earlier, blocks don't break, but the black one does.  So Kevin lands a swift punch, and Blox shouts in pain. Kevin Mask kicks the piece out, causing Blox to fall like a house of cards.  But he reassembles yet again into his former state.  In a desperate last ditch effort, Blox jumps off the ropes with a sonic body crash.  But Kevin leaps off the ropes as well with a leaping leg strike.  As the two collide, Kevin once again kicked the black piece out, which now hovers in midair.  Kevin's inner Chojin likes puppies, right?  Kid Muscle chases her and begs like a yappy little canine, but Jackie treats him more like a football, and kicks a field goal.  Kid Muscle lands in the water, on top of an octopus not seen since the battle between Kid Muscle and Hydrozoa.  Kevin Mask walks by, and Jackie interrupts him to congratulate his victory.  It was an entertaining fight, and even she was amused.  Kevin dumps a hand full of Blox's remains in her hands.  "How would you like to have the blood of a Chojin in your hands," he asks.  Clearly he isn't in on this to amuse anyone.  The Chojin Crown was a battle.  And it's become a war.


Synopsis written by: Dr.Tooth

Japanese Season: 3

US Season: 2

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