Kinnikuman Nisei Episode Synopses

Episode No: 12

Air date: 09/14/2002


Continuing where we left off, Terry has a flashback of himself as a kid in a sparring ring, suplexing a much bigger sparring partner, when his dad tells him to practice the small holds, instead of attempting the bigger moves. Terry Man's reasoning is that they are built for the small moves and not for the big moves. it is in the family genes, he says. Back to the match at hand, Terry the Kid, hating to be compared to anyone, especially his dad, he decides to do a big move. Sunshine's plan worked. Terry reverts his hold to a suplex and strains his shoulder on the way down, hurting himself more than Rex King. Rex King uses this to his advantage until Terry put him in the spinning toe hold. Sunshine taunts Terry again, but to no avail. Rex King however reverse the hold into a triangle hold, but Terry predicting this reverses it one more time into a a back wrenching submission hold. Mantaro asks Rex King if he wants to submit and Sunshine yells out NO! Rex King asks Sunshine if he can pass out then and Sunshine instructs him to use the secret plan. Rex King then whips his tail arm around as if to whack Terry, but instead pounds Mantaro in the face with it, causing a delay. Mantaro turns around crying with a lump on his face the size of a beef bowl and Terry accuses Rex of hitting Mantaro on purpose. The match is back on as Rex whips his tail arm at Terry, making him dance, and then wallops Mantaro again on the other cheek. Delaying the match again, Rex King has enough time to recuperate. He uses this advantage to get Terry the Kid in the same tear apart grapple that he did to the steel girder in Episode 10. With the T-Rex head pulling one way, and the tail arm pulling another, it looks as if Terry will soon be ripped in two. Rex King makes a sarcastic remark and Mantaro fires one back. Mantaro's remark is so cold that it makes Rex King drop Terry the Kid. It seems that Rex is weakened by cold, as he is cold blooded. Even cold remarks have the same effect as winter chill on Rex King. Terry encourages Mantaro to continue the remarks until Rex King is about half frozen. Sunshine then tosses Rex a couple of ear plugs which Rex puts in and begins to thaw out. Mantaro stops his slanders since Rex can't hear them anymore. Terry and Rex duke it out some more, but Rex gets the upper hand and bites Terry directly in the midsection and holds him high in the air. While in the air, Terry the Kid has a vision of his father riding home on horseback, and as he approaches the ranch gates, his horse is startled by a snake. But instead of being bucked off the horse, Terry Man balances on the back of the horse. He then dismounts and explains some more about the famous Terry Gene of incredibleness. Fade back to the match, Rex King chomps some more on Terry the Kid and tosses him far into the air. Expecting to rip him to shreds with the T-Rex head, he is surprised when Terry lands on the skull and does the balancing act similar to his dad on the horse. Not to be bothered with this, Rex hurtles Terry all the way to the top of the dome, but instead of falling down, he grasps a nearby ledge and hangs while he figures out a plan. He then sees the air conditioning vents high above and works out a scenario. As he release his grip on the ledge and falls to the ring below, he begins a spinning propeller type motion with his body. This causes him not only to hover all the way to the top of the dome, but to cause a funnel of cold air to reach the ring below, thus freezing Rex King into a solid ice statue. Terry falls to the earth below and lands on the T-Rex head, shattering it into pieces! Terry the Kid has won. As the Hercules Factory celebrates and Sunshine pouts, the other Nightmare member comes to the side of Sunshine and insists that they should destroy Mantaro now. Sunshine then morphs into sand and joins with the cloaked figures to reveal a large Sunshine with the other persona morphed into him. He calls out Mantaro and the episode ends.


Synopsis written by: Johnny

Japanese Season: 1

US Season: 1

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